chocobo knights

Prompto’s original Versus design: Ignis and Gladio don’t like him, because he’s a bad influence for Noctis; a cocky playboy, The Bad Boy™ , probs takes Noctis to bars -> hangovers, most likely encourages him skips duties because “whatever, who cares, we ride and die yo!”

Prompto’s FFXV design: Ignis and Gladio don’t like him, because he’s a bad influence for Noctis; they idle playing King’s Knight, chocobos everywhere, probs makes Noctis eat too much fries and encourages him to ditch the beans, pillow fights and flirting, bro flirting everywhere, “let me take a photo of you!”


Here are some illustrations I’ve been posting up on my Instagram @artofsol.   This series is an homage to the countless hours I’ve spent playing Final Fantasy growing up.  This is in chronological order from the top down.  The very top Is the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy 1, Firion from FF2, Onion Knight FF3, Cecil FF4 and Bartz FF5.  I’m starting off with the protagonists first and then transition to the antagonists in chronological order.  

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For the prompt: Their little daughter can't sleep and is scared, and wants both her parents to perform a silly dance (hint the chocobo moogle carnival)

Luna sat on the edge of the small bed, her small daughter sitting up and curled against her side, tears streaming down her cheeks as her body was wracked with sobs. Noctis crouched nearby, rubbing the girl’s back and humming a random tune.

“Would you like to come to our bed, dear one?” Luna cooed, thinking on how upset she seemed with the strong storm outside.

“I want you to make the monsters go away!”

“Monsters?” Noctis asked with alarm, thinking daemons had gotten into the Citadel.

“Monsters, like the movie!” she cried, and pointed out the window where the rain fell heavy and the wind howled loud enough on its own, with thunder positively deafening as it crashed overhead. She had watched a movie, a cartoon with a happy ending, one which had scared her earlier that day. Alien malboros had invaded during a hurricane.

Noctis bit back the groan at the realization of what that meant, and Luna asked in a tender and curious voice, “How do we make the monsters go away?”

“Remember? Like Chocobo Knight and Moogle Wizard! Remember how they did it?”

“…With a song and dance,” Noctis answered, making Luna laugh quietly.

“Of course, that’s right…! That’s such a wonderful way to fight back, isn’t it?”


“Well, Daddy, would you get the music?”

He hung his head in defeat and laughed, rubbing his daughter’s shoulders and patting Luna’s leg. “Yeah, I’ll be right back with it. Mommy will keep you safe until we have everything, okay?”

“Thank you…”

Luna rocked them as she sang until Noctis came back at last. He had made sure to prepare for all the follow-up requests he could predict, having brought with him some hats they had bought when they had gone to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival some months earlier.

Cheerful music played loudly in the room to be heard above the storm, and Noctis donned a Chocobo hat while Luna pulled on the Moogle one. They shared a look and summoned weapons into their hands to finish off the props, much to their child’s delight. Noctis held a shield and sword while Luna had a scepter Noctis had bound to her a long time ago.

They danced along to the music, and Noctis almost stopped when he saw the door open from the corner of his eye. He just mentally crossed his fingers that Ignis would keep this a secret as he continued dancing the monsters away while his child clapped in between lingering hiccuping sobs.

thank heavensturn for you;

By anonymous request, here are translations from “Thank Heavensturn for You,” the 2014 Heavensturn event featuring Haurchefant. 

As a disclaimer, I do not know the context of this scene, and I am unaccustomed to reading the uma bugyo’s manner of speech, so there may be some inaccuracies in the translation.

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  • gelmorra: fat chocobos
  • gelmorra: they should come from ishgard
  • amaljaas: they are protected from the cold
  • gelmorra: really spoiled chocobos belonging to retired knights
  • gelmorra: don't need to be in good shape to ride into battle, are considered part of old knight family
  • gelmorra: sleep most of day and play with children
  • zodiarch: old knight's bones too tired to be jostled by the bouncing, so let young whippersnappers exercise the birds
  • gelmorra: babby elfs climbing all over fat chocobo
  • gelmorra: waking it up just to give it greens
  • zodiarch: omg
  • gelmorra: sleeping in elfpile with chocobo pillow
  • gelmorra: imagine it
  • zodiarch: I AM
  • zodiarch: ; ;
  • gelmorra: pretending is dragon and 'fighting' it
  • gelmorra: by climbing up and sitting on top