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Ello :3 How are you?? :D It was my birthday yesterday and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to write a little ficlet for me? Something like it's Eggsy's first birthday that they're together? :3

hello dear. Happy belated birthday! 

As it was your birthday I don’t feel guilty about skipping all the other prompts I have lol.

Harry had never been one to celebrate birthdays. When he was a child, the parties that they threw were always either too big or too proper for his taste. When he was a teenager, he was too engrossed with understanding how animals - and people - worked to pay much attention to trivial things such as his birthday. When he became a Kingsman there was really never time to celebrate his birthday other than the occasional meeting with Merlin after work where they would both get drunk enough to pass out on Harry’s living room floor or in some godforsaken part of town such as a park. Not to mention, the older he got, the less willing he was to celebrate his birthday, especially now that he was with Eggsy. It was a reminder of the fact that he would eventually die and leave Eggsy on his own. And, while he knew the boy would be able to find someone again, someone young and vibrant, it still pained him to know he wouldn’t be there to walk with Eggsy into death’s welcoming arms.

Still, when it came to Eggsy’s birthday, Harry wanted to do things right. The boy had never been one for birthdays either, but not by choice. Living with Dean had meant never actually celebrating a birthday; it had meant not getting beaten on his birthday as a present. 

So, Harry decided, when Eggsy’s birthday started to draw near, that he would have Eggsy finally enjoy his birthday. Eggsy would love birthdays by the time Harry was done with him. 


It started with a simple kiss in the morning accompanied by breakfast in bed. Harry had asked Merlin to do him a solid and let both him and Eggsy take a two day break from work. 

“What’s this for?” Eggsy murmured, his eyes soft and fond as Harry fed him a chocoalte covered strawberry. 

Harry kissed the young man, leaving a trail of open mouth kisses down to his neck. “Well it is your birthday after all, so I figured we could do something fun.” He bit down on Eggsy’s neck, making his point clear. 

Eggsy moaned, throwing his head back as he breathed out “fuck.”

Harry chuckled softly, pulling away slightly. “I’m afraid that comes later. You’re going to finish eating and then you’re going to take a bubble bath. We don’t have to leave until two so we still have three hours.” 

Eggsy held back a whine as Harry stood up. He would much rather Harry fuck him now instead of later. It wasn’t like he needed a bubble bath, but it was obvious that the man was excited about the things he had planned for the day, so Eggsy remained silent, watching as Harry made his way to the bathroom, his hips swaying softly, enticing Eggsy into madness.

Fuck, he needed to eat fast so that he could join Harry in the bathroom.


Eggsy opened the door to the bathroom, holding back a gasp as he took in the beautiful picture. The bathroom’s lights were off as a myriad of candles covered the many different surfaces, making the room feel both more cozy and romantic. There was instrumental music playing in the background - sounded like Bach, but he couldn’t be sure - and Harry was near the tub closing the faucet, his shirt half opened, half revealing his mouthwatering chest. 

Eggsy stood by the door, too dumbfounded to move. Harry looked back at him, his intense gaze making Eggsy flush with desire.

“Come on in, darling,” Harry all but purred. “Take your clothes off and leave them by the counter.”

Eggsy scrambled to do as he was told, quickly shuffling to Harry’s side. The man hummed appreciatively, letting his fingers run down the length of Eggsy’s chest to settle at his hips. He kissed the younger man, licking his way into Eggsy’s mouth, devouring him as he squeezed him closer. Eggsy moaned, melting against Harry, feeling his knees go weak. 

The man pulled away softly, tracing his fingers down Eggsy’s necK. “Get into the tub,” the man murmured, his voice roughened by desire. 

Eggsy did as he was told, gasping as he saw Harry dip his hand into the water, taking a hold of Eggsy’s arm. He picked up the bar of soap, scrubbing Eggsy’s arm softly, almost methodically.  He placed it back on Eggsy’s lap, grabbing his other arm, repeating the same slow strokes. He scrubbed Eggsy’s chest, playing with the younger man’s nipples with his hands for a few moments, his lips twitching when he felt them perk up at the attention. 

He left his hands dip lowr, scrubbing Eggsy’s hips. The younger man arched his back, his eyes closed and his mouth dropped open as a small moan escaped him. Harry used the movement to his advantage, rubbing Eggsy’s lower back. 

He squeezed the man’s arse, making Eggsy yelp, his eyes dark with lust. 

“’arry, yeh fuckin’ tease,” he growled as Harry massaged his thoughs, feeling them quiver under his ministrations. “If yeh don’t follow through, ‘arry. I swear to-”

Harry silenced him with a soft kiss, biting the younger man’s lower lip. “Tonight,” he whispered before getting up without another glance. 

Eggsy was going to kill Harry.


Harry opened the door to Merlin’s house, guiding Eggsy to the dining room. Eggsy had only been here twice before, and he had no bloody clue why they were in the magician’s lair.  Harry winked at Eggsy as Merlin came in through the kitchen door, a massive cake in his hands. Roxy followed right behind him, carrying in her arms Eggsy’s little sister. 

The young girl gave a squeal as the three began singing Happy Birthday to Eggsy. They were soon joined by Michelle, who came in from the kitchen, carrying with her a roasted duck that looked fucking delicious. 

Eggsy looked back at Harry, his eyes watering as the older man draped an arm around his waist.

 “It wouldn’t have been much of a birthday without some family time,” he whispered, kissing Eggsy softly.

“Thank you,” Eggsy whispered back, trying to convey all his love in a single, melting kiss that earned them a few whistles from the women and and a stern “keep it in your pants, Harry for fuck’s sake” from Merlin. 

“C’mon it’s time to eat,” Michelle said, clasping her hands together as she gave her son a loving look.

God, Eggsy was loving this birthday.


Harry took Eggsy’s hand as he guided him through an endless maze of hallways, finally reaching their box as the lights went down. 

“I can’t believe we’s gonna watch the nutcracker,” Eggsy murmured, a hint of excitement in his voice. “This is insane, ‘arry.”

Harry gave him a small smile, squeezing his hand as they took their seats. 

Harry looked at Eggsy and then back at the stage. He was thankful that he had seen the show before, for he was sure he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of the radiant young man for the rest of the ballet. 


Eggsy looked back at Harry as the show ended, giving him a wanton look. Truth be told he had hardly been able to concentrate on the show, what with Harry looking at him for what felt like most of the show, and the small little caresses Harry had taken to placing here and there just to drive him mad. 

“Do I get my present now?” Eggsy said, his voice tight with desire.

Harry hummed, giving Eggsy a small kiss filled with promise. “I’d love to have you right here, right now, but I’m afraid the people in the other balconies wouldn’t appreciate that.”

Eggsy moaned as he dived in for Harry’s neck, biting the man’s neck savagely, smiling as he was sure he had just left a very visible mark.

Serves him right for teasing me

“Then take me home, ‘arry” Eggsy purred, fisting his hands on Harry’s shirt.

“With pleasure,” the man murmured, giving Eggsy one last kiss. It was going to be a fun night.