chocking vine

Tyrion style

I was DM and our druid had just restrained a drow assassin who was trying to kill the protectorate of a city. When all of a sudden our gnome barbarian nickle tries to intimidate drow the unexpected happens. This the dialogue that followed.

Me: so Leegon you have restrained the drow with ropes and various vines she is open to question

Druid(Leegon): Were you working alone (as he was chocking the drow with vines)

Drow: Fuck off nature boy!

Nickle: I would like to bring down my shield onto her face.

Me: roll intimidation
*Critical fails*

Me: as you go to hit her in the face you remember the bottom of your shield is sharp just as you cut her head clean off with it

The party starts yelling at nickle for about 5 minutes