chocho chip

  • Sarada: (frowning)
  • ChoCho: Sarada, do you want some chips?
  • Sarada: Not really, ChoCho, why do you ask?
  • ChoCho: Because you act too much like your dad when you're hungry.
  • Sarada: Oh. (eats a potato chip)
  • ChoCho: Better?
  • Sarada: (smiles brightly, like her mom) Better.
Boruto ep. 7 recap

“Love and Potato Chips!”

•Boruto’s drawings. Masterpieces! You girls could never!
•"Who cares about those losers?“ LMAO! I’m here for this narrative that the girls do their own thing & won’t be bothered by the boys shenanigans
•ChoCho is so pretty!!! 🗣
•When ChoCho yoked that boy up against the vending machine >>>
•She also understands why he would be enamored by her but she’s like a macaron & he’s natto. In different leagues, okay? 😹
•In the middle of all this confusion, my guy Shikadai, decided it was a perfect time for a soda.
•Boruto wrapped himself around that stalker like a spider monkey lmao
•If y'all go back & watch the part where stalker dude was confessing to Class Rep, Shikadai’s face is everything!
•Then Boruto’s over there burning up! “He really did it! Then back to Shikadai, “He got rejected!” HALP ME! Djcgvahajsoofk! The play by play commentary of this boy’s dismay was unnecessary!
•Bitch! When that stalker ran off! Omg! Does no one in this series know how to run properly?! 😭
•ChoCho caught that chip that was smacked outta her hand cause what? Letting food go to waste is a sin!
•Okay, when that message on the chalkboard appeared, I was like, this some real dark shit! Whew! Scary! Real life shit.
•Sumire’s lil bodyguards >>>
•Denki got his shit rocked & I’m not gonna lie, i laughed. 😩
•I almost lost IT when that fool cut off some hair off Boruto’s sunshine head!!!
•I love how Mitsuki is just there to make sure that nothing happens to Boruto. Other than that, that’s none of this is his business.
•C'mon ChoCho! Deliver this word!!! Let him know the trials and tribulations of love and life! Potato chips are like us! Tell him his entire truth! Let him sit in that!
•My girl didn’t have to lift one finger to bring him down.
•I want ChoCho to be my life coach. I live. I stan.
•The parallels. Shikadai & Boruto are investigating this blue monster puppy & so are their daddies.
•I want Mitsuki to relay a message to Orochimaru for me, that he can catch these hands and to leave his old bitch schemes away from my nieces and nephews.

Thoughts on next episode:
•YAAAAASSSSS! Uzumaki family interactions!!!!

“Unexpected Young Love” One shot

Ship: Borusumi from Boruto - Naruto Next Generations
Word Count: 3641

Sumire’s POV

“Stand!” I shouted as I stood up from my seat. Everyone followed me and I continued, “Bow!” We all then bowed our heads in front of Shino-sensei who’s only halfway from the exit of the classroom.

I took a deep breath as I put all of my things inside my purple bag. Class is finally over.

“Class prez, let’s go to the convenience store after this, okay? I ran out of chips.” Chocho, my orange haired chubby friend said sadly.

“That’s what you get for eating too much during classes.” The brunette haired girl said. She’s Sarada, a cool and a genius girl.

“Sure.” I said and grabbed my notebook inside my bag to check who are the people who’s scheduled to clean today. When I found out who they are, I looked around and found them about to exit the classroom.

“Boruto-kun, Shikadai-kun and Mitsuki-kun!” I shouted.

They stopped laughing and turned to me. I walked towards them and stopped in front of them with both of my hands near my chest. “You guys are the ones who are assigned to do the cleaning today. Please do your work.”

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