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Hey do you know any real good NaruHina fanfictions?


Here are most of the NH fan fiction that I absolutely love. In no particular order, I present to you my naruhina fanfic recommendation master post. Check under the cut!

(Side note: Still trying to edit it a bit more and have yet to add some fanfic writers and other fanfics here on tumblr. I might be adding summaries and what not some time soon!)

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adorable-avacado  asked:

psst i know this is a rlly weird out of context question, but i just got two rlly cute vintage ponies (Goldilocks and Beautybloom) and they are pink and they're gonna be cute gfs

It’s all good I’m glad I’m not the only person who acquires two toys at the same time and immediately thinks “they’re married” haha

Beautybloom is a chocalatier and Goldilocks restores antique teddy bears, as well as repairing well-loved bears for ponies who don’t want to say goodbye to them.

Full res version on my pony art blog