Orange County's Epilepsy Walk

Epilepsy Walk Orange County 2016 is the Epilepsy Support Network’s largest fundraising event of the year, supporting all of our programs and services.

This amazingly fun walk also serves as an outreach and educational event, educating the public about epilepsy and attracting those in need of our services. It is our best day, where we all gather, stand strong in unity and work together to decrease the threat of epilepsy. Please join our organization, families, medical professionals, volunteers and sponsors and help each individual with epilepsy have a chance at becoming seizure free. Bring your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues for a great day with a cause.

Hey everyone! My sister-in-law is participating in this year’s Orange County’s Epilepsy Walk (themed “Seizure Wars”) and will be representing CHOC Hospital’s pharmacy for the event. It would greatly help if you could donate to support her and the Epilepsy Support Network .

To donate please click the link above and immediately to the right should be a ‘give now’ button. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated. And don’t worry, you can donate anonymously. 

Even if you cannot donate, all I ask is if you can reblog this post to spread the word. Thank you.