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King Claw: Well General Bermond…are we clear to take off?

General Bermond: Yes. However, I would make a small suggestion. You and your people could use some freshening up. Go to this address and talk to Archer. He’ll not only give you guys a makeover but also ID’s and material to make your stay more accessible!

King Claw: Thank you General! Will you or your men still be here when we get back?

General Bermond: No…but we will have a individual person come from time to time to check up on you guys! But from now on, you and your people are free to live out your lives. Please let my personnel know if you need anything.


Zadra: Oh! Hello Lt. Nunez!

Lt. Nunez: H-H-Hello Zadra.

Zadra: Did you hear, we’re free to leave and do what we please!

Lt. Nunez: T-T-That’s wonderful Zadra!

Zadra: It is…I hope to see you out in the real world sometime!


The Claw family! Alien refugees, they lost their home to war and were forced to flee to Earth! A year has gone by and they have made arrangements with the government to live their lives! Conditions were, that they had to give most of their advanced tech and their ship up, and be monitored closely! Will they be able to adjust to a normal existence among the humans or will they combust!

Lead by King Claw, followed by his sister Zadra, his personal guard Knight. Next, are Zadra’s personal guard Nova and Advisor Thaddeus. Followed by Vinya and Tuzir Royal guards.


So I got the invitation for The Sims 4 Demo! Truly simple create a sim functions, hair is still bugging me, and its really weird not to have the swim suit option anymore!

I like it and plays beautifully on my PC, I just wish I knew how to take pics with it! I used my phone so the pictures look like crap! Had fun making my first guy too!