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[TRANS] 170313 Daesung Interview for BARKS

Translations by: mshinju

D-LITE, vocalist of BIGBANG known for his powerful vocals and his charismatic, warm smile that enwraps everyone around him in a calm, happy aura, releases his new mini album “D-Day” on April 12 (Wednesday).

Two and a half years have passed since his last solo release, and for his upcoming album D-LITE’s heart’s wish of a collaboration of Japan’s top creators Ayaka, Motohiro Hata, and Yoshiki Mizuno (Ikimono Gakari) whose songs he has covered in his first solo album, “D’scover” was realized. D-Day has turned into D-LITE’s most refreshing, energetic and dynamic work, a perfect fit for the upcoming spring.

D-LITE will hold his first solo dome tour starting on April 15 (Saturday). We have asked him questions about his solo work, back side stories about BIGBANG who celebrated their 10th anniversary last year, his relationship to T.O.P that attracts attention, and he has answered in below long interview all in Japanese without the assistance of an interpreter.

“I have never imagined that I would become a singer that’s loved by fans for 10 years and holds concerts all around the world.”

In the beginning, could you please tell us your impressions of the now finished BIGBANG 10th year anniversary project?
Of course. Looking back now it was really a lot of fun, and the feeling of being thankful is what remains most strongly in my memory. I felt just how much our fans have supported us all this time for 10 years, and I feel thankful to the staff who has been supporting us all this time as well. Lately, I feel full of thankfulness to the people around me.

If you hadn’t become a member of BIGBANG, what would you be doing now?
Now? I’d be playing games at home. Yes, I guess I’d be playing games and getting beaten for it by my mom. (laugh) Ah, I would probably have tried to become a security police officer. My dad and I have sports in common, so I think I would have focused on that.

So has your life changed from one moment to the other once you became a member of BIGBANG?
Of course it changed. I have worked very hard to become a singer, but I never thought I would become a singer that is loved by fans for over 10 years and holds concerts all around the world, I hadn’t even imagined it.

What are the moments when you realize just how big BIGBANG is?
When we hold a world tour and come to South America, for example, there are times where I realize that people in places so far from us are listening to our music. When we hold concerts in America, a lot of local people gather to see us, but if you think about it, we have aimed to become singers listening to music that’s from America. We still listen to American pop music now to get inspired, so it’s a very strange feeling.

So was it American music that inspired you to become a singer?
No, actually the reason why I came to like music is my family. Everyone in my family loves music, so we often used to got to karaoke all together. Also in middle school, there was a school festival and my class teacher nominated me after a secret audition. (laugh) So, I had no choice but to go out and sing at that festival. Singing on stage left such a huge impression on me, I just couldn’t forget it. Since then I started researching about ways to become a singer and began working towards that goal.

“I hadn’t planned to start a solo at all, I was seriously thinking about just secretly running off (laugh).”

So thankful to that class teacher! After that school festival stage, you took flight with BIGBANG to the whole world and are now even taking off on a dome tour as a solo artist.
Originally, I had never considered to have any solo activities (laugh). Personality-wise, I’m not the type of person who stands in the very front. With BIGBANG, I also tend to stand back and watch over the other members, so I never had any plans for solo activities myself. So rather than being my own wish, the very first time the conversation actually came up was thanks to the CEO of our Japanese company [YG Japan] who suggested a solo to me. “How about covering J-Pop songs?” That’s how my solo started.

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Omoi Tsunotte (Feelings Deepened) - D-LITE (ENG TRANS)

思い募って(Feelings Deepened) 

[Composed by:DEE.P・Sung Hwak Cho
Lyrics︰D-LITE・Sung Hwak Cho・Shoko Fujibayashi



bokutachiga aruita hodou Ima wa mou hitori arukuyo

僕たちが歩いた舗道 今はもうひとり歩くよ

(The street we walked together, now that I walk alone)

akane iro ochibamo kiete fuyuzora ni katao sukumeta

あかね色 落ち葉も消えて 冬空に肩をすくめた
(Red fallen leaves already disappeared and I shrug my shoulders in the winter sky)

Haya ashi de aruku machide Daremo mina kaeru basho e
早足で歩く街で 誰もみな帰る場所へ
(All people rush to their home)

Boku dakega ikibawo nakishite kokoromade korisousa
僕だけが行き場をなくして 心まで凍りそうさ
(But I’m here no where to go and my heart is about to freeze)

Dakishimeta ude no naka Tsumetai kazega fuite

抱きしめた腕の中 冷たい風が吹いて
(The cold wind pass through my locked arms)

bokuwa ima mo mada kimidake kimidake oikakete

僕は今もまだ 君だけ 君だけ追いかけて
(I still go chase you, only you) 

maiochiru yuki no youni tomedonaku itoshisa tsumoruyo
(Just like the falling snow
My love endlessly piles)

sukidatta kimino kaorimo kodomo mitaina waraikatamo

好きだった君の香りも 子供みたいな笑い方も
(The smell of yours I loved and your laughter like a child)

wasureru koto dekinaikara sabishisa wo kazoete itayo

忘れること出来ないから 寂しさを数えていたよ

(I can’t forget them so I count the loneliness)

dousureba yokatta nannte anohino kimi toikakete

「どうすれば良かった?」なんて あの日の君問いかけて
(“What should I have done?” I ask you who is still in the past)

bokuni tarinakatta nanikawo imamo sagashi tsuzuketeru

僕に足りなかった何かを 今も探し続けてる
(The thing that I was lacking, I still try to find out)

Dakishimeta udeno naka Tsumetai kazega fuite
抱きしめた腕の中 冷たい風が吹いて
(The cold wind pass through my locked arms)

bokuwa ima mo mada kimidake kimidake oikakete

僕は今もまだ 君だけ 君だけ追いかけて
(I still go chase you, only you) 

maiochiru yuki no youni tomedonaku itoshisa tsumoruyo
(Just like the falling snow
My love endlessly piles)

kyoumo nemurenakute kimidake wo omotte mayonakawo samayouyo

今日も眠れなくて 君だけを想って
(Can’t sleep again and I keep thinking about you. I just wander the midnight)

tada aitakute tada aitakute

ただ逢いたくて ただ逢いたくて
(I just want to see you I just want to see you)

kimiga kie satta kono machi

(This town that you disappeared from)

yukiga futte yukiga futte

雪が降って 雪が降って
(Snow falls Snow falls)

kimiga kiesatta kokoro ni

(On top of my heart where you disappeared from)

yukiga futte yuki ga tsumotte 

雪が降って 雪が積もって
(Snow falls, Snow piles)

omoi tsunotte

(My feeling deepens)