cho draws


Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other


Harry Potter x One Piece!

It’s Harry Potter 20th anniversary!

I’ve been wanting to draw Hogwarts AU ever since I saw artworks from @jijibaobao. You guys should check out her works! She’s a good artist and her works are all really cute!

I put effort into strange things…

But, anyway, I was thinking of doing a version where the Mew Mews dress like the Sanzo party…! Eventually. This took longer than I thought it would, geh.


@ukokuu: I’m surprised you knew that was the scene I screened…!  

But could you guess that I’d redraw their faces and tag you in it?!