chlz pietrzak

not so subliminal message

How am I supposed to know what I want when I’m just beginning to figure out who I am? Most people go their whole lives thinking their ego is who they are. Give me at least some slack for wanting to figure out what my soul craves and aid to it.

Soul mate doesn’t just specifically mean relationship and or significant other. Each soul has it’s own family, we’re all here to float in and out of each others lives when needed - we have a pull that one can’t replace or dismiss.

Why won’t you wake up? We destroy one another but we do it with the purest of love, that may not make sense to you but that’s what soul mates do. Regardless how much angst you hold toward me I will always be beside you. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself for nearly a year for you to understand what I’ve been saying is necessary for your betterment. No being knows you better than I. Please wake up, this doesn’t better me in any way - this is a consistent selfless act.

Now you’re looking for our other half? That’s your “twin soul” / “twin flame” - not your soul mate; good luck it’s a rare occurrence.