I couldn’t resist drawing some cute little Paras! And I couldn’t resist jumping on the Pokévariant bandwagon ;p It was a lot of fun to draw Paras with all these cool different mushrooms!

The text may be hard to read, so for those who are interested, they are, in order:

Phallus indusiatus - Veiled Lady

Geastrum corollinum - Weather Earthstar

Mycena haematopus - Bleeding Mycena

Mycena chlorophos - Luminous Mycena (normal and glowing)

Lactarius indigo - Indigo Milk Cap

I want to do more Pokévariants! It was a lot of fun! :D

Work by Starlight Froggy

Mycena chlorophos, in the subtropical forests of New South Wales
Photographed by Steve Axford, steveax1 on Flickr.
All Rights Reserved

Mycena chlorophos is a species of agaric fungus found on fallen woody debris such as dead twigs, branches, and logs in the forests of subtropical Asia.  Its fruit bodies (mushrooms) are bioluminescent and emit a pale green light.    [Wikipedia]

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Mind-boggling, Mysterious Fungi: Photos

Photographer Steve Axford of New South Wales, Australia, has a gift for capturing the hidden world of fungi, like the the bioluminescent mushroom Mycena chlorophos above. These organisms, like plants and animals, exist in their own kingdom. And while they might look plantlike, they’re actually more genetically similar to animals.

“Nothing exists in isolation and the more you look, the more connections you find,” Axford writes on his website.

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The Signs as Mushrooms

I like mycology.

Aries: Clathrus ruber

Taurus:  Aleuria Aurantia

Gemini:  Mycena chlorophos

Cancer: Leucocoprinus birnbaumii

Leo:  Hericium erinaceus

Virgo: Phallus indusiatus

Libra:  Leratiomyces

Scorpio: Amanita bisporigera

Sagittarius:  Trichoglossum hirsutum

Capricorn: Amanita muscaria

Aquarius: Lactarius indigo

Pisces: Entoloma hochstetteri