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you, or: all i might lose in the retaking // erwin smith and levi before the expedition to retake wall maria; knowing they may not come back, knowing they may come back alone.

i. the rules say our emotions don’t comply / but we’ll defy the rules until we die ii. even though it hurts, even though it scars / love me when it storms, love me when i fall iii. and i see war on the screen / and it is cruel and unclean / but i still worry more about you iv. i said i’d fix this, that i’d set things straight / you begged me not to but I couldn’t stay, couldn’t wait v. if this was how it was meant to fall, no / if this goes wrong again / will you pretend that you know / steady as the morning and just go vi. but in my cold arms / you don’t sleep / in my cold arms / your fear beats / in my cold arms / you stay vii. and the end is unknown  / but i think i’m ready / as long as you’re with me viii. if we’re gonna die, bury us alive / if they’re searching for us they’ll find us side by side

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INEVITABILITY // you hold him in your arms and your hands forget they are weapons

i. you’ve never lived enough of this hell / i’ve never lived enough for myself ii. i will not ask you where you came from / i will not ask and neither should you iii. i found love where it wasn’t supposed to be / right in front of me iv. show me your broken heart and all your scars / baby i’ll take you as you are v. show me where my armor ends / show me where my skin begins vi. you said / i am young and i am yours / i am free but i am flawed / i am here and your heart / was here from the start vii. just hold me together / tell me you’ll always want me to stay viii. i’ll be your eyes / i’ll be a lifeline / and if I can be / i’ll be your strength ix. 'cause I don’t wanna be alone when these bones decay x. if you must die, sweetheart / die knowing your life was my life’s best part xi. the things that scare us today / what if they happen someday / don’t let me out of your arms for now