chlorine is terrible

Oof! I got tagged by startenthousand to say 5 random things about myself and tag 10 followers.

1. When I was 12, I saved up my money and bought a cheap steel-string acoustic guitar. I never learned to play though. I tried taking lessons at one point and was informed that my guitar is garbage. I, uh, still have credit at that store for the prepaid lessons I never went back for. She lives in my bedroom and is named Lillian.

2. I hate the smell of coffee and flee the room when the container of grounds is opened.

3. I have never broken a bone, despite a childhood of doing things like: getting my foot caught in a roto harrow (it goes on a tractor, you don’t want feet in there); letting hyperactive golden retrievers pull me on rollerblades; and periodically falling off moving horses.

4. I used to swim competitively in the local youth circuit. Most of the pictures from ages six to thirteen are of me in a swimsuit looking chlorinated.

5. I’m terrible about throwing things away when they break. Frex, my keyboard is many years old, and the number 5 key has been broken for over a year. So every time I have to type a 5 (or a %), I have to either copy-paste it or use the onscreen keyboard feature. I keep a txt file on the desktop for handy copying. I’ll keep using it until it ceases to function at all.

Okay, normally I would bail out at this point with a sad excuse, but let’s try being brave! I tag labelleizzy, arsenicjade, primarybufferpanel, mortavita, annalibertas, sophielostandfound, carveus, fredgodof, lilacblossoms, and irionuib . Naturally, feel free to ignore. /o\ (Also, tumblr, why does your @ mention feature fail so often?)