chlorinated hydrocarbons


So. You’ve seen my work with Undertale and the Undertale graphic novel, and I thought it’d only be fair to show you some of my work for a potential story of my own.

All of this is rather old, but it’s all concept and doodle work from my favorite potential story of mine based around the elements and chemistry.

Do u liek chemistry, kids
Cuz I’m writing a thing about it
Like a million years from now but still

If for some reason someone gets in in their head to try and steal my work and my characters… BANISH THAT IDEA IMMEDIATELY. I worked very hard on these guys, did a lot of research and all that crap, and if someone comes along and tries to take that from me… I will not be very happy with them.
But! You guys are super nice and supportive and everything, so I’m not worried in the least.

So uhm, yeah! That’ll be a thing at some point. I’m excited to get to work with this and get to share more of it with you guys.
I’ll see you in the evening with some request responses.
Thanks guys!