(je suis un slave mais : soyez polie, correct, et je ne répond pas aux profils sans photo et sans description)

Bonjour de suis Slave FEN enregistré sous le numéro : 288-883-019

J'appartiens à « Sonypup » avec l'autorisation de son Mari/Maitre « BootBoyFist »

Actuellement sous contrat pour une durée d'essai déterminé.

Bien que déjà fetish et possédant quelque jouets, j'ai décidé de franchir le pas pour la première fois et de rencontrer Sony qui est aujourd'hui mon propriétaire. J'ai découvert un monde de servitude, de tendresse, de contrainte et de plaisir.

Je suis aujourd'hui prés à me lancer dans cet relation d'appartenance et la vivre à 100% selon les thermes de mon contrat. Je suis l'objet sexuel de mon maître et je n'ai que pour but de combler ses désires sexuels et fétichistes. En échange celui-ci m’éduque et me dresse pour devenir un bon slave autant sexuellement que mentalement.

Je ne suis pas autorisé à jouer ailleurs pendant notre période d'essai mais j'aurai plus tard la liberté de le faire avec l'accord de mon propriétaire. Je suis néanmoins ouvert à la discussion avec d'autres personnes partageant ma situation sexuel et/ou fetish.

Précisions très importantes :

Je ne fume pas, je ne bois pas, je ne me drogue pas, pas de plan chlora ou autres saloperies, pas de scat,  pas de sang,  pas de coups, pas d'insultes, pas de marques corporelles … CAPOTE OBLIGATOIRE !!!


(I am a slave but: be polite, correct, and I do not respond to profiles without photo and without description)

Hello from Am Slav FEN registered under the number: 288-883-019

I belong to “Sonypup” with the authorization of his Husband / Master “BootBoyFist”

Currently under contract for a specified test period.

Although already fetish and having some toys, I decided to take the first step and meet Sony who is my owner today. I discovered a world of servitude, tenderness, restraint and pleasure.

I am now ready to embark on this relationship of belonging and live it 100% according to the baths of my contract. I am the sexual object of my master and I only aim to fill his sexual desires and fetishism. In exchange he educates me and raises me to become a good slave both sexually and mentally.

I am not allowed to play anywhere else during our probationary period but I will have the freedom to do so with the agreement of my owner. I am nevertheless open to discussion with other people sharing my sexual and / or fetish situation.

Very important details:

I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not drugs, no chlora plan or other crap, no scat, no blood, no blows, no insults, no body marks … « Mandatory Condom » !!!

Chlora: The hunt for new dolls

The little green blood had left her cottage hours earlier, with the prospect of at least making ONE new friend that day. So far her luck in that department was failing her, as her self assurance was lacking in that matter. Which wasn’t entirely her fault. She had killed half the trolls she had ever met, or scared them to the point where they never wanted anything to do with her. Despite her adorable appearance, she was not one to be toyed with. Never the less, she was holding out hope that someone would turn up on her long walk.

Petblood ==> Awaken your Caretaker (@verdantreplica)

> It was just after sunset the next night, and the small whiteblood had moved around some in the night but was likely a bit moreso cuddled up against their new caretaker, and maybe even purring in their sleep as the moonlight begins to take over where the harsh alternian sun once was. The petblood was a fairly light sleeper however, and at the very first odd movement Chlora gave, was awakened, and after glancing about for a sign of it being already dark, nudged the greenblood gently, acting as a living breathing alarm clock and notifying them that it is time to get up.

( verdantreplica )

Chlora: A trip to the market

The chill had begun in the air. She had woken up that evening with her breathing fogging above her. Worried about some of her more frost vulnerable plants, she had set off to town to find some bigger posts to transplant them into. All bundled up in a thick sweater and her favorite poncho, she strode down the road, hoping nothing would trouble her.