Petblood ==> Awaken your Caretaker (@verdantreplica)

> It was just after sunset the next night, and the small whiteblood had moved around some in the night but was likely a bit moreso cuddled up against their new caretaker, and maybe even purring in their sleep as the moonlight begins to take over where the harsh alternian sun once was. The petblood was a fairly light sleeper however, and at the very first odd movement Chlora gave, was awakened, and after glancing about for a sign of it being already dark, nudged the greenblood gently, acting as a living breathing alarm clock and notifying them that it is time to get up.

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anonymous asked:

"C-Chlora? If y-you don't mind, I have an important question to ask.. D-do you know w-where I can find Soprano? ..I.. I just really n-need to see her again.. and the kids as well.." - Cinnamon

“ ‘Prano and the kids? They were moved to a safer place. I think they’re with Bolly…? You would have to talk to Goopster and Frisk, or Albatross, to get to where they are. Maybe might you take Dally with ya…? He’s been pretty upset over not being with 'Prano, I’m sure he would appreciate it…”

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I became a sheep when I saw cute Lil tas tas

Yep, he’s pretty adorable! Can’t exactly talk without a crystal from Chlora, but he’s still pretty cute! He’s a bit of a natural flirt, though he doesn’t realize when he’s flirting. To him it’s all just kind, sincere words and complements.