Speculation: Will Felicity be arrested at the end of the season 5 just as things are looking good for Olicity?

After watching Arrow’s latest episode and all the awesome Ghost Fox Goddess Goodness & Felicity going back to her hacking roots 

And then seeing this posted on Twitter today

It got me thinking & reminded me of the end of Smallville Season 7 and what happened to Chloe, Watchtower. 

Chloe is arrested by the Department of Domestic Security (DDS) and it happens right as Jimmy is proposing to her. (personally I did not mind that interruption because I loved her with Oliver Queen) But it comes right at a moment where everything seems to be perfect.  

We come to find out, at the beginning of Season 8, that it wasn’t the DDS that arrested her but it was actually LutherCorp, the bad guys.

With what I know right now, and that isn’t much, I can see this as a possible direction, hence my speculation that as it gets closer to the end of the season, Oliver finds out what’s been going on and knows all that Felicity has been doing. They hash it out. They work through it. 

So when they get to the last episode of the season, things are looking pretty good. They have dealt with the big bad and they are in the middle of a perfect and classic “Olicity” moment.  They are vulnerable and intimate. Then all of a sudden…BOOM!  She is arrested.  We get a moment something like this. 

Then we find out in Season 6 that Oliver & Diggle have been looking for Felicity this whole time.  They don’t know who has her. Dun Dun Dun Duuuun.

But this is only speculation and since it’s me doing it, it will most likely not happen & not sure if I even make sense. lol Enough of my rambling.  Time to get some work done.  


Just going to add this to this spec. @meandmynerd reminded me that Felicity Smoak was arrested in the comics, Green Arrow #39. I have this comic and I forgot about this. It would be great to see this play out on Arrow. 

My #1 Olicity/Chlollie Parallel!!

 Anyone who’s read/followed my blog knows I am a big Chlollie shipper. Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan of Smallville are my OTP. I loved Justin Hartley in Smallville and he is why I was so excited for a Green Arrow series even if I was a little bummed Justin Hartley wasn’t cast (Stephen Amell quickly squashed that feeling).

Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan became my OTP during this scene in 9x12, Warrior:

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It is my favorite scene of theirs. The chemistry and sexual tension was off the charts. It was (in my opinion) one of the hottest scenes in the whole series.

I started watching Arrow with no expectations (good or bad). I knew the basis of the Green Arrow comics by then, even though I had never read any, and I knew where the writers were going with the love interest angle (I never really got on board with this “intended” love interest).

I started shipping Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak during this scene:

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They became my OTP in this scene:

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Ever since then I have been hoping against hope that Arrow would do a Chlollie “learn how to shoot a bow scene” with Olicity. I knew the chances of a scene like that were pretty damn slim, but it was still one of my top Olicity wishes. Then I watched 5x20 and we got this:


The scene is the Olicity equivalent to this:

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I cannot express my delight enough with the parallels between these scenes in Smallville and Arrow!!! I’m still freaking dying over it!!

And both scenes led to this:

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Chlollie shooting a bow & arrow = Olicity and the salmon ladder!!

I’m still flailing!! I don’t know if I’ll recover from this. I need some lovely, talented person to create a Chlollie/Olicity fanvid of these scenes!!

(images and gifs aren’t mine)

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