Be More Chill Gaming Headcanons

-now that Michael and Jeremy are officially friends with the drama squad they have mandatory gaming nights

-Michael and Jeremy have been gaming for years, everything from 8-bit classics like Apocalypse of the Damned and Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat and The Last of Us

-Jake likes videogames a lot, mostly movie ones like Resident Evil so when he is introduced to Apocalypse of the Damned he is hooked

-Rich is a dirty casual, the only videogame he plays being Call of Duty Black Ops and even then he sucks at that

-Jenna is into JRPGs and is huge into Final Fantasy and indie horror games like Misao and Ib

-Christine’s never played a game before in her life but she’s a natural at everything she plays

-on Mario Kart night everyone’s terrified of her because she is known to Blue Shell the shit out of anyone that gets in front of her

-Brooke likes TellTale games, they’re like playthrough movies and the game play isn’t too hard

-that being said she knows Chloe hasn’t played that many videogames before and she’s digging through Michael’s videogame collection game night when she finds Until Dawn

-Chloe doesn’t like horror movies or games and the entire time the squad is scaring her

-she actually have Rich a black eye when he did a wendigo shriek while touching her shoulder

-he acknowledges that he probably deserved it

-Mario Kart night: Michael’s Waluigi, Jeremy’s Wario, Jake’s Toad, Rich is Bowser, Jenna is Yoshi, Christine is Rosalina, Chloe is Princess Daisy and Brooke’s Princess Peach

-Christine has yet to loose

this is dead but i can’t stop (pt 1), (pt 2)

u’ve been drinking red bull with pixies in the middle of the woods nd the world is starting to look pink nd ur hands can’t stop shaking

it’s 4:50am nd ur sitting in the middle of a pumpkin patch smoking a pack of cigarettes nd ur starting to think that things r gonna get better

it’s 1947 nd ur at ur local jazz club cause u were hired to sing, but a mysterious nd beautiful woman keeps meeting ur eyes from across the room 

u nd ur gf r ghost hunting at ur local aquarium nd can’t stop holding hands nd smiling at fish nd it feels like ur floating

And with that the Matildas have now beaten Brazil 3 times

goals scored by one sammy kerr, caitlin foord and sammy again bc that kid just doesnt know when to quit

Brazil’s goals came off Fabiana and Marta 

forreal tho this game had it allllllll goals in the opening minute, ribbons, backflips, god-tier goalkeeping, yellows for everyone, flopping, the unceremonious dumping of foord to the floor multiple times and even an almost brawl!!!!

viajando-na-hellmanns  asked:

I miss "The times people presumed Chloe & Beca were a couple". Could you please write a part 3? They're great haha

Haha YES! Gosh I’d forgotten all about these and I absolutely loved writing them :) so here’s another one for you!

[pt.1 - ‘Lectures’ & pt.2 - ‘Ice cream’ can be found here]

The times people presumed Chloe & Beca were a couple.. - Money


It was only on a very rare occasion that Beca would ever be out and about with both her boyfriend Jesse, and one of her best friends Fat Amy. Yet here she was, queuing inside the movie theatre, ready to see yet another dumb sci-fi movie picked by her boyfriend (”Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be amazing though Beca! Said to be the best movie of 2014. Trust me, you’ll love it!”).

Beca’s only consolation was the popcorn that was served in huge portions and was always warm. Delicious. Plus Jesse always paid. Bonus. So there the three of them stood, patiently waiting their turn to be served at the snack kiosk.

Jesse reeled off their usual order (”Two large sweet popcorns and an extra large coke to share”) but just as he reached into his back pocket he froze, furrowing his brow. Beca, who was already somewhat moody to be spending a Friday evening partaking in her least favourite activity, rolled her eyes, “What are you doing, idiot? Just give the guy the money and lets go!”

But Jesse had begun feeling in his jacket pockets, his expression dropping, “Shit! I forgot my wallet!”

“Ha-ha very funny…” Beca said in an un-amused tone, but the young man continued to panic.

“I-I’m serious Beca! I left my wallet at home!”

“Wha-? How did you get the tickets if you forgot your wallet?” Fat Amy asked, clearly just as confused as Beca, who now had her arms crossed over her stomach impatiently.

“I picked them up this afternoon and just put them in my pocket!” Jesse said with a sigh, and motioned to Beca, “You’re gonna have to pay, babe.”

Beca grimaced at the nickname that he still insisted on calling her, despite her protests, but right now she was caught up in how annoyed she was with him. 

Great, so not only was she forced to come here, she now also had to pay for their snacks?! Beca rolled her eyes, sighed heavily, and pulled her phone out of her jeans pocket. She had no money on her, but she kept her cards in her phone case. Except, as Beca rifled through them, she couldn’t see her bank card.

“Ugh great. I don’t have my bank card on me.” she said, turning her back on the cashier on purpose. She saw Jesse furrowing his brow as he looked down at her collection of cards.

“What do you mean you don’t have your bank card on you?” He asked.

“I dunno, Chloe had it last night and must’ve forgotten to give it back to me.” Beca said with a shrug while she put the cards back in her phone case.

“What was Chloe doing with your bank card??” Jesse asked, his tone noticeably lower. More brooding. But before Beca could respond, Fat Amy interjected.

“They’re always borrowing each others bank cards.”

“They are?” Jesse asked in surprise, looking to Beca who didn’t really think it was such a big deal, “So Chloe knows your passcode?”

“Well yeah, how else is she going to use it?” Beca said with a furrowed brow and a small grin, wondering why Jesse was acting so weird. 

“Because…well I don’t even know your passcode! And I’m your boyfriend!” 

“Chill out dude, it’s just money.” Beca said, become somewhat defensive.

“Yeah but Beca it’s your money! Not Chloe’s! Why is she spending your money?”

“I spend her money all the time, it’s only fair she’s allowed to spend mine too!” Beca protested, and the couple hadn’t noticed the awkward glances from the people around them, Fat Amy included.

“Beca, friends don’t use other friends’ bank cards, only married couples do!” Jesse tried to reason, and while Beca could think of so many ways to answer, Fat Amy unfortunately got there first.

“Well they do kinda act like wives around each other in The Bellas house…” the Australian said before looking guiltily at the couple who turned to her. Jesse looked confused. Beca looked annoyed.

“What does that mean?” Jesse asked as he turned back to Beca. But in all honesty, she had no idea. Sure the Bellas had joked on many an occasion that Beca and Chloe spent a lot of time together. That they shared everything. That they bickered but in an odd affectionate sort of way. Just like they would if they were married. Chloe had even called Beca her ‘wife’ jokingly one day, and Beca had actually found it quite funny. But she never thought of it as an issue until she caught her boyfriend’s eyes.

“It doesn’t mean anything Jesse! You know what The Bellas are like!” she said defensively, but her boyfriend scoffed.

“Beca, you and Chloe are essentially sharing a bank account!” 

“No we’re not!”

Yes you are!”

“We have a bank account each, so no we’re not!” Beca yelled.

“You have two bank accounts between you that you both use! You’re in more of a relationship with her then you are with me!!” Jesse yelled finally, and suddenly their expressions dropped as they realised the lobby they were stood in had gone quiet. The couple cleared their throats. 

“Uhh…” Fat Amy began with a long high-pitched drawl, “Why don’t I pay for these and you two…take a seat in the theatre maybe…?” she suggested, stepping between them holding a $20 note and handing it to the cashier, who seemed to have turned pale due to the intensity of the quarrelling couple.

“You’re ridiculous.” Beca muttered under her breath to her boyfriend as they walked side-by-side into the movie theatre.

“Yeah well at least I’m not in denial about my feelings for my best friend.” he retorted in a grumpy tone and that was the last straw. Beca turned on the spot and made her way back out of the theatre, “Hey, where are you going?” Jesse called after her, but she didn’t turn to look at him, instead responding in a loud, angry, sarcastic voice:

“Home to my wife!”

And Beca stormed past Fat Amy who had a bucket of popcorn in each arm. The Australian turned back to Jesse who was rolling his eyes and she shrugged before making her way into the movie theatre and taking the seat next to the Trebles captain.


“When I was a kid, I genuinely didn’t think I’d get to be on TV without having blonde hair and blue eyes. When I first got to L.A. I was told I wasn’t “white enough to be the lead or Asian enough to be best friend.” And I thought that was true! It’s crazy, in hindsight, how racist that really was, and I accepted it and thought that it was normal and okay. The show has been so empowering for me in that way, to have young people of all different backgrounds come up to me and tell me they feel they can be an actor, because of me. It’s incredible to be that face.”