A few things

So I’m typing a letter to myself explaining why I am Transgender to…myself. It’s a odd process, but it makes me feel better. 
I recently had gender dysphoria explained tome in full by a new friend I found here on tumblr. I felt it would benefit me to map out how and where I’ve felt dysphoric. 
I came out publicly as Trans on facebook. Granted this isn’t much but it was a big step for me. My family (aside from my wife) has NO IDEA that Im really a girl. So coming out on facebook was risky but still something that had to be done. Luckily I don’t have alot of family on facebook. SO I’m working slowly on coming all the way out.
The next few steps are to get a job, get enough money to move out from renting from my grandparents. (family as landlords…failure idea) But get out, get the wife a job, then start on therapy and look into starting hormones. 
I really can’t wait. 

Transitioning is hard but IT’s damn worth it as I see myself living as a women for the rest of my life. It’s like a dream I feel it just out of reach. 

But I’m working on it.

No followers and not tagging

So the connection between not getting new followers and not tagging is now blatantly very apparent to me now. I stopped tagging things a month or so ago, and after a while I realized not only was I not gaining followers, but was losing one about every two days…
This saddens me

But then I remembered my boss called me ma'am this morning… Happy again.

Finding my own (and other things)

Being that I’m not new to Tumblr , I am still a “Noob” To this wonderful congregation . 

This is okay, I’m winging it figuring out as I go. 

But being as I’m here to try and be more open about my being a women and wanting to engage and interact with others (and those who aren’t) going through some of the same things I am. Being a Transgender (Or gender queer ) is something I came to live with, accept, and embrace. Now I’m just trying to come out with it, be open (although failing miserably) and find people to talk and joke around with or even ask for advice or just for comfort. 

This girl could kinda use some out side contact. It’s lonely in here //motions to own head//