BJD head sale.

1. 190$ (including worldwide shipping) - Fairyland Feeple65 Angela head + headback. Normal skin, with glass eyes, with CoA. No noticeable yellowing, no modifications. Might have some small dots from last face-up here and there. I can offer a face-up for additional 30$.

2.110$ (including worldwide shipping) - Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe (event) dreaming faceplate (NO headback!). Normal skin, no eyes, no CoA, with face-up as shown. I think she has some even yellowing; was from the very first Chloe release, so about five or six years old.

3. 150$ (including worldwide shipping) - Souldoll Zenith Stella head. Normal skin, with Iplehouse acrylic eyes (dark green), with CoA, with face-up as shown. Might have some light, even yellowing; head was color matched to old regular NS, since Souldoll is rather pale.

Send a PM for more details.

You guys are going to give Khloe Kardashian praise for publicly posting a picture of a girl at the beach who, unknowingly, had her bottoms pulled aside? The girl in the picture isn’t even Chloe Moretz, and I don’t even know if that makes it worse or better. Is this fucking acceptable to you people? I feel like I’m going to vomit…




Starring: Maxine Rockatansky, Pricerator Chloeosa, Kate the Fragile, Vic the Knowing and War-ren Boy.

After years of absence, Maxine (Max Caulfield) returns to the dusty outpost of Arcadia Bay and reunites with her long lost partner, Pricerator Chloeosa (Chloe Price), a rugged and daring warrior desert-punk princess. Together, the two search for a missing member of their convoy. With every clue uncovered, they begin to realise that there is something sinister happening beneath the sand …

Oh, and Max can control time lmao. And she causes an apocalyptic storm. She dun screwed up now, fam.

Everyone after Melania's speech

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And I look over and Elizabeth is just shivering, drenched, head to toe in this beautiful gown, and Chloe is right next to her, bent over just laughing hysterical. No sympathy whatsoever [x]

  • Adrien:the girl I like has dark hair and bright blue eyes. She's brave and strong. She stands up for anyone, but she seems like she hates Chloe.
  • Nino:so you're telling me..... you like Marinette?
  • Adrien:I was talking about Ladybug.
  • Adrien & Nino:*stares into camera like on the Office*

So… i saw Step Up 4, and this musicians AU came in my head.

 - Marinette, Alya, Nino, and the rest of the guys have an band, a different kind of band… They work like in a flashmob, going into places and starting doing shows, places like restaurants, parks, museums. 

 - They don’t have they real identity revealed, they paint their faces and use others names, the band is just known as Akumas, or, AK.

 - Adrien is just an rich boy who plays cello and meets Nino, a DJ. The band is a secret, but Nino sees potential in Adrien for a really good guitarist, and say that he can meet the crew.

 Adrien is not in the band yet, but i will post more drawings… if you all like this musicians AU.