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Okay I always get confused by this but in BMC Brooke is the blonde one, right? And is it Chloe or Brooke who's dressed like a baby at the Halloween party? The whole triangle thing with Jeremy is really confusing from only listening to the soundtrack akdjjdjd

yes brooke is the blonde one! chloe is the one who’s dressed as a baby at the party


RUBY RUBY RUBY - model: Ruby Campbell - photography: Camilla Armbrust - styling: Sean Knight - makeup: Lucy Halperin - Wonderland May 2017

  • featured: Haizhen Wang shirt. 69 Apron skirt -Sonia Rykiel shirt & trousers - Rodarte coat - Rejina Pyo dress. Drome gloves. Malone Soulless shoes. 3.1 Phillip Lim & Maria Black earrings - Miu Miu dress & coat - Drome jumpsuit. Paul Andrew shoes - Chloe dress - Chloe dress & coat - Acne Studios jacket, vest & trousers. Jim Sander shirt - NO21 sweater
A Ladybug Original

Written for @breeeliss​ as part of the @miraculousexchange​ Spring Exchange! Now that the authors have been revealed, I’ll go ahead and post this to my tumblr.

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“You want me to what?”

“You heard me,” Chloe snapped, tapping her foot impatiently as she stared Marinette down. “It’s in two months. That’s plenty of time.”

Marinette frowned, almost glaring back. “You want me to make a dress for you?”

“Yes,” Chloe answered as though the request was perfectly normal.

“Is this a joke?”

Chloe huffed and looked away. “No. Daddykins already offered to pay you.”

“Wait.” Marinette held up a hand. “Why would you ask me to design your dress?”

Chloe finally looked back at Marinette and sighed impatiently. “Well, you won that contest with Mr. Agreste, didn’t you? That must mean you’re good.”

“But, you could hire a professional. I don’t get it.” Marinette folded her arms over her chest. “Why come to me?”

“You’re my classmate. It’s convenient.”

“I don’t buy it,” Marinette answered, shaking her head.

“Plus, you’re an amateur, so Daddykins won’t have to pay you as much,” Chloe replied with a too-casual wave of her hand.

“You expect me to believe you care about saving money?” Marinette scoffed. “I heard you refused a picture frame because it was the wrong kind of gold.”

“I…” Chloe rolled her eyes and spat out the words like they were poison. “Fine. I happen to like some of your designs. Are you happy now?”

Marinette’s eyes widened. “You do?” It was certainly news to her, given how often Chloe teased her about her taste in clothes. “Since when?”

“Look, are you going to design something or not?”

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album of the year

request: Harry one where you have a little girl that looks just like you and he adores her just as much as you and shows her off but also loves daddy cuddles


“Chloe? Chloe, where are you, we have to go–” I walked in the bathroom to find Chloe sitting on the counter, Harry behind her with her hair in his fingers and an elastic in his mouth. “So you didn’t like how I did your hair, huh?” I smirked.

“Daddy braids better, mum, we didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

I laughed as Harry secured a braid in her hair, “You didn’t hurt my feelings, sweetie.”

“Alright,” Harry lifted Chloe down from the counter, “You’re ready for the red carpet, princess. Show me your walk and pose.“

Chloe walked a few steps, hand on hips as Harry narrated, "Walk, walk, walk, pose.” Chloe smiled at the hypothetical cameras. “Walk, walk, walk, pose.” Chloe blew a kiss to the camera. “Perfect! They’re gonna love you.”

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softe pinkberry headcanons bc there aren’t enough tbh

~their favorite dates are, of course, going out for frozen yogurt, but honestly they could both go for staying inside in their pajama pants with messy hair eating ice cream out of a tub while watching some old quentin tarantino film on tv (probs not even a good one,,,,,like one of his bad movies)
~chloe loves to randomly hug brooke from behind and pull her close and its Hella Cute
~chloe is ticklish, brooke uses it to her advantaage
~they’ve both made arrangements to go to the same college, and have requested that they share a dorm, most people think they’re Best Friends until they kiss in front of them or smth
~brooke loves to refer to chloe as “my girlfriend” or “my girlfriend chloe” just to clarify to whoever she’s talking to that She Has A Girlfriend
~for chloe’s birthday brooke surprises her with two tickets to see some obscure band that chloe loves. brooke almost cries at how chloe’s face lights up when she sees them
~they love cuddling probs more than sex. like,,,,ye,,,cuddling is so?? good??? and chloe is almost always the big spoon. they both hate the cold, so they keep each other warm.
~when they go to prom they get matching baby blue dresses, chloe is the one to pick brooke up (and they exchange those wrist flower things.) 
~also they’re uhhh massive nerds. like you can’t convince me that they’re both super intelligent and Pretty Good At School usually. brooke loves classic literature
~chloe gets her a signed copy of like,,,,an agatha christie book or smth (super rare, worth a heckload of money) and brooke cries 
~they’r hella cute bye

it’s monday night and i’m thinking about a deckerstar wedding

- chloe wears a black dress and lucifer wears a white tux. neither of them consulted the other about this and it’s perfect

- the way lucifer looks at chloe on any regular day times a MILLION. that’s how he looks at her when he sees her

- it’s on the beach where they first kissed and amenadiel officiates 

- lucifer has at least 7 melt downs before it actually happens and linda keeps having to talk him down so she’s double duty as bridesmaid and therapist. bless her

- lucifer tries to speed thru the vows bc it’s embarrassing, but later he gives chloe a whole speech in private and she cries tbh

- trixie is the flower girl (even if she is like at least 13 by this time) and lucifer actually hugs her back this time when she throws herself into his arms and then clears his throat and moves away

- dan is over chloe at this point and is a groomsman ???? wild

- ella claps the loudest when they get pronounced husband and wife tbh. our mascot!!!!

- amenadiel gets hammered off two (two) glasses of wine and makes a rly emotional speech about how much her loves his lil bro and how he is good, and lucifer legit hides behind chloe the whole time who is like sitting on his lap

- maze acts rly annoyed by the whole thing but when chloe throws the bouquet she catches it and she and linda look @ each other and maze blushes like crazy… gay

- lucifer and chloe only stay at the reception for like an hour but before they leave they slow dance to turning page by sleeping at last or smth and her head is resting on his chest bc he’s holding her shoes. i think about this a lot.

- it’s like a normal wedding but God is literally there


I finished the lineart for the Corpse Bride AU piece~ I’ve never drawn a cat skeleton before :’D I loved drawing Chloe in Emily’s dress, they’re both drop-dead gorgeous  ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

I made it transparent for anyone who wants to color it!! I probably won’t be able to before Halloween, unfortunately. All I ask is if you post it, that my url be left in the image and I’m credited in the description (also please tag me so I can see your masterpiece!) Happy Halloween everyone!

Bonus scenes: 

P.S. ….yeah I know the wedding ring is supposed to be on the left hand….