The worst part is that even though we haven’t spoken in months, even though she habitually ignored my texts so much that I just stopped trying, even though I know, deep down, that she doesn’t care about me anymore and that she probably has all new friends up in fucking Seattle…I still miss her. If she came back tomorrow and said “Hey Chloe, want to dress up like pirates and be stupid together?”, I would take her back in a heartbeat.

now i’m not saying that chloe isn’t a bully, but people love to make marinette into this weepy, shy, meek little girl who’s at the mercy of chloe’s taunting, is incapable of standing up for herself, and is portrayed as chloe’s poor defenseless victim. which i think happens a) to emphasize chloe’s awfulness and b) to show how much more insecure marinette is compared to ladybug (as if they aren’t the same person). 

and it’s funny that people do this because, in the show, every time chloe so much as opens her mouth, marinette barely bats a lash before she comes for her with like five times the sarcasm and ten times the finesse. 

chloe: ugh that dress design of yours looks like someone threw up all over it
marinette: yeah well your face looks like it caught on fire and you tried to put it out with a hammer, but you don’t see me being rude and pointing it out


OUT OF THE BOX: NOSTALGIA FOR NOW - model: Keiryel Mcfail - photography: Maxine Helfman - text: Véronique Hyland - location: Tecuacana & Wortham, Texas - New York Magazine April 2017

“Inspired by small-town American womens of the 50′s and 60′s photographer Maxime Helfman and her muse Keiryel Mcfail (a professional hair braider) created a cinematic take on today’s clothes.”

  • featured designers: J.Crew cardigan. DKNY bra. Valentino scarf - Chloe dress - Coach 1941 dress - Topshop Unique dress. Gucci scarf - Dries Van Noten coat. Adam Lippes dress -  Nasser Zadeh sandals. Calvin Klein eyeglasses - Brock Collection top & skirt. Bally loafers. Furl bag. L.G.R. cat’s eye glasses - Michael Kors Collection bikini. Christian Louboutin shoes - Adam Lippes dress

Last Memory 

Sim: Ryan and Chloe
♥ Top by @ooobsooo | Dress by @by2ol | Hair by @simiracle

♥ Top by @mauvemorn | Hair by @simiracle

♥ Top by @imadako | Dress by @jinglestartk | Hair by @bear-sims , @blahberry-pancake , @wingssims | Earring by @bedisfull 

♥ Hair by @wingssims , @elzascarlet-yan | Choker by @sclub-privee | Top by @black-le | Earring by @bedisfull

♥ Top by @cherry-sims | Hair by @mmsims | Bottom by @ooobsooo 

Thank to all CC Creators ♥


RUBY RUBY RUBY - model: Ruby Campbell - photography: Camilla Armbrust - styling: Sean Knight - makeup: Lucy Halperin - Wonderland May 2017

  • featured: Haizhen Wang shirt. 69 Apron skirt -Sonia Rykiel shirt & trousers - Rodarte coat - Rejina Pyo dress. Drome gloves. Malone Soulless shoes. 3.1 Phillip Lim & Maria Black earrings - Miu Miu dress & coat - Drome jumpsuit. Paul Andrew shoes - Chloe dress - Chloe dress & coat - Acne Studios jacket, vest & trousers. Jim Sander shirt - NO21 sweater