tfw your crush walks in while you’re interrogating your bully about the invisible akuma that’s after her and your tail feathers decide now’s the time to confess thanks a lot Peacock Miraculous

from A Declaration of Love by @imthepunchlord


Brett Dalton, Henry Simmons, Clark Gregg, Jason O’Mara, Jeffrey Bell, Jeph Loeb, Mallory Jansen, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain De Caestecker, Maurissa Tancharoen, Natalia Cordova Buckley and Jed Whedon attends the ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ press panel at day two of WonderCon 2017 the at Anaheim Convention Center on April 1, 2017 in Anaheim, California.

Happy Birthday!!!

So today is @tylertheinnovator ‘s birthday so I wanted to share a quick birthday drabble ^_^ I know you like Marichat and Coffee shop AUs so here you go. Hope you like it! 

(Not Gonna lie I got way more invested with this than I should have and am tempted to turn it into a short story) 

“Coffee for… Seriously? Ima Catch?  Really scraping the bottom of the barrel today aren’t we Chat?”

Marinette smile and she held out the large black coffee to her favorite regular customer as he smirked proudly from his place lounging against the pick-up counter.

“What can I say princess? Sometimes you gotta just go with the classics.” He took the coffee from her and immediately put it down on the counter, instead catching her hand and placing a delicate kiss on her fingertips. “So tell me Marinette, have you finally decided to take pity on this poor stray and agree to one, measly date?”

“Yes! Please, for the love of God yes!” Alya called out from the far side of the counter, much to the surprise of the customer she was assisting.

Marinette could feel her cheeks burning and Chat tried and failed to reign in his laughter.  

“It looks like someone is on my side at least,” he teased.

“And I told both of you, I don’t date guys who’s names I don’t know,” she replied, although her traitorous hand had yet to pull away from his. He had now begun rubbing his thumb in soft, delicious circle against her skin.

“I told you before, I promise- cat’s honor- I will tell you my name, address, hell my whole life history- at the end of our first date.”

“Why not just tell me now so that you actually have a shot at said date?” she asked for the dozenth time, wondering what absurd excuse he would give this time for the continued anonymity.

Instead of the teasing smile she was expecting, his whole demeanor drooped, his eyes dropping to their joined hands. “Because if I tell you, you are going to say no.”

Marinette gaped at him in surprise wondering what sort of secret could possibly be so terrible that it would make her instantly turn away a charming, good looking, and- if the number of coffees he had purchased over the last two months of their acquaintance where anything to go by- decently well off young man.

Before she could ask him something to that effect, a high pitched squeal echoed through the small café. Marinette could feel her entire body tense in loathing. She knew that squeal.

“OH MY GOD! ADRIKINS!!! IS THAT YOU!!” Shrieked Chloe Bourgeois, bounding into the shop with the same domineering arrogance that she had displayed all throughout their school years.

“Adrikins?” Marinette couldn’t help but snicker at the horrifying pet name, wondering what poor soul was being forced to suffer the affections of her long time enemy.

Chat when pale before literally face planting himself against the counter, his head buried under his arms as he muttered incoherently.


“Adrichou I haven’t seen you in- Oh my God it’s you.” Chloe’s cheerful façade dropped as she caught sight of Marinette.

“Hello Chloe.”

“Hello Marinette Dupain-Cheng.”

“Is it really necessary to use my entire name? We have literally known each other since we are five.”

“Adribear,” Chloe said pointedly ignoring Marintte, “what are you doing here of all places?”

The miserable lump on the counter didn’t reply, instead he just let out a low frustrated moan.

Marinette decided to take pity on her poor friend. If she had Chloe chancing her around making up embarrassing pet names she would probably have resorted to an alias too.

“Given how this is a coffee shop, I would assume he is here to get coffee.” Marinette said flatly, putting a hand protectively on Chat shoulder and holding back a smile when his hand clamped over hers like a life line.

“Adrien hates coffee.” Chloe replied, rolling her eyes at Marinette as if this was common knowledge.

“You do?” Marinette asked surprised, looking down at her still cowering friend. She tried to remember if she had ever actually seen him drink any of the dozens of coffees he had ordered. Unfortunately her brain was a little preoccupied screaming Adrien, Adrien, Adrien, over and over, as if she might forget his name if she didn’t drill it into her memory. Adrien. It suited him.

“Please don’t hate me,” he moaned, burying himself somehow even deeper into the protection of his arms.

“Adrien what are you…” Chloe began and then looked back and forth between him and Marinette with a look of mixed comprehension and horror. “Oh Adrien tell me you didn’t.”

“Please go away,” Chat… no Adrien, pleaded.

“Adrien Christophe Agreste I can’t believe that you are slumming it with some waitress!”

“Uh, the term is barista, and he is hardly slumming,” Alya introjected angrily having finally finished off the last of the customers and hurried over to observe the drama, “plus anything would be considered and upgrade after you.”

Chloe and Alya glared at each other, but Marinette was too distracted by Chloe’s latest statement to care.

“A-Agreste?” she stuttered, and felt Chat-Adrien- grasp her hand even tighter as if terrified she was going to disappear.

“Yeah, Adrien Agreste, son of fashion icon Gabriel Agreste, ring any bells?” Chloe spat. “And here I thought you wanted to be a fashion designer.”

Oh it rang plenty of bells.

Marinette was sure she was a brilliant shade of red as Adrien finally looked up at her apologetically.

Her mind flashed back to the first conversation she had ever had with “Chat Noir”, she had been in the middle of a long and very loud rant with Alya about… oh God…

“You said you don’t believe in dating co-workers,” Adrien muttered, his own face a brilliant scarlet. “So I figured…”

“Really Adrikins,” Chloe interrupted, not having listened to a word Adrien said, “what has gotten into you lately? I mean a couple months ago you were pining over some intern of your dad’s and now you’re mooning over Marinette of all people.”

Adrien dropped his head back to the counter as Marinette let out a long unintelligible shriek.

“Marinette, didn’t you start interning at Gabriel a few months ago?” Ayla asked slyly.

“Just kill me now.” Adrien groaned.

anonymous asked:

Was it intentional that you used the line "tale as old as time" just like Beauty and the Beast? If so, who's Beauty and who's the Beast (of Sam and Chloe, obviously)?

Okay, honestly, I keep forgetting that movie is a thing? I haven’t seen it and wrote the mini episode script a few months ago so didn’t realize the timing of it. “Tale as old as time” is just a thing that I say sometimes (for some reason, I never think of the song when I do). 

But anyway: Chloe is definitely Belle (earnest, loves everyone except classic White Guy Douche, frolics around town squares, reads to animals, seems like a cinnamon roll but could probably kill you) and Sam is definitely the Beast (wealthy, agoraphobic, Tragic Backstory™, will attack classic White Guy Douche, doesn’t like talking about her past). 


Some of the actresses of colour of Jewish descent suggested for Supergirl, made in accompaniment to the Jewish MOC Superman lineup.

Kat Graham
Sarah Barrable-Tishauer
Zoe Kravitz
Chloe Bennet
Meaghan Rath
Jurnee Smollett-Bell
Katalin Barsony
Demi Lovato
Michaela DePrince
Hailee Steinfeld
Raquel Castro
Yityish Titi Aynaw
Rebecca Naomi Jones
Gina Rodriguez

Zodiac Signs as TV Show Characters
  • Aries: Lexa the Commander
  • Taurus: Owen Hunt
  • Gemini: Rumplestiltskin
  • Cancer: Regina Mills
  • Leo: Christina Yang
  • Virgo: Chloe Decker
  • Libra: Meredith Grey
  • Scorpio: Lucifer Morningstar
  • Sagittarius: Emma Swan
  • Capricorn: Clarke Griffin
  • Aquarius: Amelia Shepherd
  • Pisces: Belle French

Aesthetics for the Life Is Strange Characters~

Maxine Caulfield - Alexandra Daddario
Chloe Price - Kristen Stewart
Rachel Amber - Jana Molder
Warren Graham - Steven McQueen
Nathan Prescott - Jamie Bell
Kate Marsh - Taylor Swift
Victoria Chase - Jennifer Lawrance

Mi piace che tu sia fragile e dura, timida e aggressiva allo stesso tempo. Dio, sei una delle persone più fantastiche che conosco, a prescindere dalla musica che ascolti o dal modo in cui ti vesti.
—  Gayle Forman - Resta Anche Domani
Ringing Chat Noir’s Little Bell

I love the difference between Chat’s reaction to someone ringing the little bell on his neck : 

He stops, looks at her and his facial expression reads “ Who the fuck are you? Trying to ring my bell like that??” 

Then when Lady Bug does it : 


I just love how different it is xD its adorable 

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Dream Cast for Life Is Strange

Max Caulfield- Grace Phipps
Kate Marsh- Taylor Swift
Chloe Price- Kristen Stewart
Warren Graham- Graham Phillips
Rachel Amber- Jana Molder
Nathan Prescott- Jamie Bell
Mark Jefferson- Ryan Reynolds
Victoria Chase- Jennifer Lawrence