Imagine Finding Out Jared Has Been Cheating On You

“What about Friday?” You ask your boyfriend as you slink your arms around his middle from behind and peak around his shoulder, standing up on your toes to kiss his cheek as he turns off his phone and slides it into his pocket. “Who ya talking to?” you ask before Jared has a chance to answer the first question. He turns around and kisses your forehead shaking his head. 

“No one but I think I’m going to be busy on Friday, cutie. There’s a lot of stuff I need to finish before the premiere.” He flashes you a smile and you feel his phone vibrate in his pocket. 

“I’m so mad I have to miss that, it’s not fair.” You whine and walk over to your bed falling back down onto it. Jared was getting ready to leave and you really didn’t want him to go, he’d been so busy lately that you’d barely gotten to see him. 

“I know, it really does, I wish you could come with us.” Jared says as he sits down on the bed and leans back up against the headboard, kicking off his boots again. He yawns and you climb back over to him straddling his legs to sit on his lap. 

“You slept like 10 hours you can’t still be tired,” you laugh, kissing his top lip. “You’ll just have to have fun without me.” you pout, rubbing your nose against his. 

“I’m tired!” he laughs, holding onto your hips as he kisses you again. 

“Old man,” you giggle as you continue to kiss him, bringing your hands up to cup his cheeks as you bite his bottom lip tugging away playfully, rolling your hips down against his. 

“You love me,” he chuckles softly as he slides his hands to your ass, squeezing slightly. You smile as you lean close to him again and press your lips to his, the two of you kissing each other deeply as you continue to grind your hips down against his. “Mm,” Jared groans slightly as his phone in his front pocket vibrates. You laugh slightly and stop your movements as you reach down pulling his phone out of his pocket looking at the screen and freezing as you see a name on the screen that you don’t recognize. Jared rubs his hands up and down your sides as you furrow your brow slightly. 

“Sienna says that she’s already at your place…who is Sienna?” You ask, looking at your boyfriend as you open up his phone and unlock it to his texts. You knew most everyone who worked with Jared, at least everyone who worked at his house this late on a Sunday. 

“She’s no one,” he starts, trying to grab his phone back, but you’re already going through the texts. You can’t believe what your reading. There’s no way that Jared was cheating on you, but all the evidence is right there. Sienna said shit about you constantly and even if Jared didn’t agree in the texts he didn’t say she was wrong either. You drop his phone down onto his chest and climb off of him and the bed quickly as you feel your stomach drop. 

“Get out,” you mumble, picking his boots up off the floor and throwing them at him. You turn to walk into your small living room then stop turning and quickly walking into the bathroom slamming the door behind you and locking it. 

“Babe,” Jared starts as he knocks on the door. “Can you open the door?”

“I don’t want to see you I said get out!” you yell at him from inside the small bathroom as you pace back and forth. Yelling is better than crying and you didn’t want to cry. 

“I- just let me explain-”

“Explain what?” You growl through your teeth. Jared tries the door handle again and you bang your fist against the door so he’ll stop. 

“It wasn’t- I’m sorry. I love you, more than anything.” He tries to keep his voice steady but you can hear it shaking slightly. 

“How can you say that? How long has this been going on?” You ask, trying your best not to let it show in your voice that you’re beginning to cry. 

“A-a couple w- like a month maybe a little more babe I don’t- it didn’t matter or anything I swear.” Jared tries the handle again, shaking it to see if you’ve unlocked the door. You quickly wipe your eyes and shake your head crying softly. “Sweetheart, open the door, please.” Jared continues. 

“Who is she?” You ask, causing yourself to sob before you cover your mouth to muffle the sound. You hear Jared sigh and feel as he rests his weight against the door. 

“She’s just- she’s one of Chloe’s friends…”

“Did she know? Jared we’ve hung out with her in the past month has she just been laughing at my being an idiot behind my back?” You start to cry harder as you finally unlock the door but leave it shut. 

“No I- she knew but not like that. She just knew Si and I had been hanging out.” Jared tries the door handle and opens it pushing with more effort than necessary, stumbling into the small bathroom. You step back and look up at him wiping your eyes quickly. 

“W-what did you guys do?” You sound like you’re whimpering and you hate how weak you sound. 

“Babe do you rea-”

“Did you have sex with her? Do you love her? H-how did this happen?” you interrupt him quickly. 

“Y-yeah we had sex, but no I don’t love her, it’s nothing like you and I have.” He mutters, running his fingers through his hair. He starts to talk and you shake your head, walking past him and grabbing his phone and boots off the bed. 

“Please just go,” you mumble softly, holding out his things for him. 

“Baby, please-" 

"I need time to think, I need to figure this all out. Please just go, Jared.” you interrupt and Jared finally takes his things from you, pulling his boots on quickly and stands there for a moment to see if you have anything to say. You don’t. Your mind is still trying to process everything that you’d just learned.

“J-just call me. Please. Or I-I’ll call you.” He stutters, you cross your arms over your chest and look down avoiding his eyes as he slowly heads out of your room. You hear the front door open and close as you collapse back onto your bed.  

anonymous asked:

I was just wondering, what do you Jared's relationship is with Anastasia, Annabelle, Chloe and even Emma and Shayla? Do you think he's dating any of them or are they just friends? And with Emma and Shayla, is it a purely professional relationship or do you think he likes them in a different way? Just wondering what you thought...

Okay well I’ll list ‘em.

Emma-(ugh I am obsessed with Emma, like she is my favorite person on the planet and I adore her but okay here we go) Emma and Jared have been working together for years and years. They’re clearly friends, you don’t work that long and that closely with someone without becoming friends. but any implications of romance in that relationship are going to be shot down immediately by me. I’ve met both of them and just from the short meeting I could tell they are both very professional but they are friends. I highly HIGHLY doubt anything romantic has ever happened between them. 

Shayla-(Sweetest girl ever) Hasn’t been around as long as Emma but same goes, she works so closely with Jared that there’s no way a type of friendship couldn’t form. If you follow Shayla on any of her social media things you can see she has her own friends and she often does her own thing so she’s not as tightly knit with Jared as say Emma is but they are still definitely friends in my book as well as professionals who work together. Also nothing romantic. 

As for the other three. 

Annabelle-Jared and her seem to have been friends for a while, I don’t really follow Annabelle anymore on anything but from what I’ve seen, she’s an intelligent woman and I could see why Jared would be friends with her. Also don’t think anything romantic is going on here. I just don’t. I don’t feel like photos of them would be posted as often if something was. 

Anastasia-I really could give a fuck, another HIGHLY doubt anything relationship wise other than maybe a hookup. Who the fuck knows. Jared is friends with other models too, or at least has been in the past. Maybe they were just introduced by chance somewhere down the road and became friends some how. like I said, I really don’t care. She’s a good model and seems nice enough. Nothing bad to say about her or any of the other girls on this list. 

Chloe-Another I really don’t give two shits. I just don’t. She’s so irrelevant in my book and I don’t mean that in a rude way. I’ve pretty much only ever heard bad things about her but I wouldn’t really know. She also for some reason has me blocked on instagram although I never remember even following her the first time(weird I know). And I don’t think her and Jared are together. let it just be noted this is not because I hate the idea of Jared dating someone. I fucking titaniced that boy and kat damm. don’t ask me why I just did. (get it. titanic. it’s a big ship. i hope you get this). I just have a feeling in my gut him and Chloe aren’t a thing. 

Hope that’s what you wanted to hear.