you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.

Odetta - Ain’t No Grave / Ibeyi - Oya / Cold Specks - Blank Maps / Chloe x Halle - Drop / Warsan Shire - For Women Who Are Difficult to Love / Mirel Wagner - Ellipsis / Elizabeth Cotten - Honey Babe Your Papa Cares for You / Valerie June - Trials, Troubles, Tribulations / Beyonce - Daddy Lessons

sticky notes

summary:  “I-I’ve been finding these sticky notes all day and I don’t know who they’re from!” He holds his hands up in defense. “I m-mean, they’re really nice and all but I don’t know anything–”
Alya took a quick look at her best friend before grabbing her wrist and dragging her away. “I’m not done with you, Agreste!”

word count: 1.2k 

author’s note:  so!! this is a thing that i’m starting!! it’s a drabble series called ‘can i put on my clothes first?’ following the prompts for ladrien june. i have been pumped since adrienette april ended so. i tried to do something different and i really liked it. i’ve got lots of plans for this universe and its going to be very fun. thanks to the wonderful @mellymiraculous on tumblr & ao3 for looking this over!! <3 hope you all enjoy!!

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The first one he finds is yellow.

A pale, creamy, cake-colored yellow sticky note.

Well, technically he didn’t find it. Nino’s rummaging through his bag when he plucks it out.

Nino hums, a satisfied smirk smoothing over his features. “‘Your hair shines like the sun’,” he snorts. “Which one of your crazed fangirls wrote you this?”

Adrien turns, grasping for the adhesive piece of paper. “Wh-what are you talking about!?” It couldn’t be, he thinks. How could the poem from last year be in my backpack?

Nino only laughs at Adrien’s deepening blush as he deciphers the message. “Of course, you have millions of admirers on Valentine’s Day. Didn’t this happen last year too?”

He doesn’t say anything, but the bell rings anyway while he’s following the patterns of the swirly handwriting. It’s almost identical to the original.

Your eyes are gorgeous green,’ the next one reads, wedged between his fencing bag and the back of his locker. It sticks out like a fluorescent green ruffled feather. Adrien stares at it in awe for a few minutes before fishing the yellow one out of his pocket.

They really were the exact lines from the poem he memorized ages ago.

“Do you really think those could have come from Lady–”

“Plagg, shh!” Adrien scolds his kwami. “Shhh, someone could come out any minute!”

“Back to the point,” Plagg shrugs, “Even if it didn’t come from Ladybug, it’s definitely from the poem last year.”

“Well, I knew that,” he murmurs. He sticks the green one on top of the yellow and secures them back in his pocket.

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