chloe x james


Hey guys! So, I finally uploaded a new video. This two are giving me so much inspiration! Hope you enjoy this creation of mine. 

The song is Certain Things by James Arthur. 

CBS Zoo Questions! (Part 3)

Reblog or respond with answers! Also, send me question numbers if you want me to answer any!

1.) Favorite male character?

2.) Favorite female character?

3.) Best ship?

4.) Favorite episode(s)?

5.) Season 1 or season 2?

6.) Have you ready the books?

7.) What would you like to see in the new season?

8.) When/where did you find out about Zoo?


*later that night*

Are you okay? You suddenly dissapeared during the movie, is everything okay?

Yes, yes it is. I felt bit dizzy, it’s happening now for a while, but I think it is going to be fine.

For a while? Why didn’t you tell me silly?

Because you are having your important exams in few days and I didn’t want you to worry because it’s going to be fine trust me.



What a wicked game to play,
to make me feel this way.

My heart is scattered on the floor after the last episode,that’s all I need to say.
Hope you like the video.