chloe x james


What a wicked game to play,
to make me feel this way.

My heart is scattered on the floor after the last episode,that’s all I need to say.
Hope you like the video.

Request: Bucky saving you when he was just a soldier in 1940

Bucky: *Saves you from falling* “You really need to be more careful *Smiles* 
Y/N: *Gets Up* “Woah..sorry! and thank you sir” 
Bucky: “You don’t need to call me sir…names Jame-Bucky. My names Bucky” 
Y/N: “Well then thank you Bucky. *Smiles* 
Bucky: “Now I have to go..promise you’ll stay out of trouble?” 
Y/n: “I’ll try”
Bucky: “Okay I’ll trust you!” *Winks and runs off* 



11. “A wedding?”

It was spring break, all of the girls have decided to visit me in Jacksonville they will stay around for couple days, but I wanted to be with Chloe alone one day because I wanted to do something I should have done long time ago. So I told Cora, Sarah and Sinead what I am planning tonight, they were so happy they were screaming and hugging me. I couldn’t wish for better friends, their support means everything to me. To us. We will have small date at my place and after that (If everything will be fine) we will go out and catch some pokemons. So I invited Chloe to my place, we were playing videogames I bought Plants vs. Zombies Gardens Warfare 2 few days ago so finally I got opportunity to try it out. “Have you played this one yet?” Of course I did, I work at gaming company remember?” We both were focused on the game. “Watch out !! There’s a trunk !!” she yelled, there were some plants going after me so I was shooting them. “No !! Babe, on that trunk It has huge life.” she was pointing on the screen and I nodded. “I was talking to Ben yesterday, he told me that he wants to propose Renesmee this weekend.” I looked at her and I was waiting for her response…

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