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//If I ever made a Captain Swan oc kid I would use Chloe Grace Moretz as the face claim. I mean just look at her 

though i’d probably never do that. But If I did I would use her..cause look at her

i was tagged by my fellow lily evans gal pal chloe @chovchang. thanks bby!

rules: list ten of your favorite people from ten different fandoms and then tag ten people!

1. fred weasley (hp) 
2. bruce wayne (dc, my problematic son. i love him so much)
3. blue sargent (TRC) 
4. eleven (stranger things) 
5. lily evans (hp, i had to tag my mom. she means so much to me) 
6. aragorn (tolkien)
7. clara (doctor who)
8.edmund (narnia)
9.  tessa gray (tid)
10. inej ghafa (soc)

this was hard man.

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tol-sam  asked:

Chloe bby! Congrats on your milestone! Could I maybe get an SPN ship? I'm 5'5 1/2, I have a dark blonde pixie cut, hazel-green eyes that are behind glasses, freckles everywhere, I'm a demigirl, have a chubby/curvy body type and two tattoos along with my nose pierced. I'm a big lover of books, movies and tv shows and I'm hoping to purse a career in screenwriting. I love mythology, traveling, music and I'm a huge lover of hot chocolate. Thank you sweetie! Love you!💖

Hellooo!!!!!! You’re so sweet, thank you! Haha i read this and was tempted to ship you with me :) lol

I ship you with…

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Sam is in love with your hair. That’s the excuse he uses to come talk to you in a library he sees you in. He loves that you have a haircut that not everyone is brave enough to go for(he doesnt know that this simple conversation will lead to the best relationship either of you have had, or ever will have). He adores freckles, and frequently counts them then attempts to kiss all of them. Oh and those tattoos and piercings? He’s obsessed them, just like everything else having to do with you. He’s always encouraging you to follow your dreams, and he’s your biggest cheerleader. Sam is oh so glad he decided to do his research in that library on that one fateful day. 

I’m dead because Lucifer lives :’)

Two episodes ago Lucifer tried to get himself killed because he was so upset about Uriel. 

Right after he got hugged by Chloe, he suddenly wants to live and it’s amazing. (despite the fact that he’s still upset, see grave scene)

In episode 6, he would have totally taken the opportunity to be smited, and now he was almost pleading with Dan to live. I am so incredibly happy for him. This proves what I have been saying all along – Lucifer needs to be hugged. Chloe hugged him, and he was already so excited about it when talking to Linda. And then Ella hugged him, and was all-round his cute lil’ sister, and he feels wanted and respected and he wants to live :D 

The morale of the story is: hug Lucifer, make the world a better place

(No, but seriously. He must love Chloe so much to regain his will to live just because their relationship is moving somewhere :’)