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Okay you know how everybody debates who will find out the other's true identity first, well what if Chloé finds out first. Not Marinette, Adrien, Alya or Nino, unlike most speculation. HOW DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD GO DOWN?! Because on one hand, that's "her" man. And she hates Marinette. BUT On the other hand, she loves ladybug....???!!!!!

Hey there!

So tbh, I’ve thought about this a few times before because I, too, wonder how Chloe will face the dilemma that she idolizes Ladybug and has been mean to Marinette the entire time. If her current pattern of behavior in the show is anything to go by, my feeling is that she would deny it hardcore at first.

(This ended up being a long meta about Chloe’s character so ready or not, here we go~)

Notice in Evillustrator, when Adrien tells her they think the akumatized villain is after her, she responds like this:

“No, everybody adores me!”

Then, in Antibug, when asked if she thinks someone might have a grudge on her, she responds the same way:

“Everybody loves me!”

At first glance, Chloe may seem like she’s just full of herself. I mean, so far, the show has depicted her as a rich, snobby, stuck-up brat, right?

But wait. Look closer at these moments.

She’s not simply just a ditsy girl with no brain. I think she knows. She’s aware that people don’t like her. In the first gif there from Dark Cupid, Sabrina gets hit by a dark!arrow and turns against her. Chloe doesn’t even retaliate. She groans in what I’d argue as unsurprised acceptance. In both Dark Cupid and Antibug, the behavior Chloe shows on the outside follows the haughty assumption that Sabrina worships her. She makes demands, claims “Impossible! Sabrina adores me!” – but ultimately, even when Sabrina does turn on her, she doesn’t show any surprise. It’s almost as if she knows deep down she deserves it.

There’s an interesting podcast I heard recently on This American Life about a Chinese girl who was forced to lie to her grandma about the doctor’s projected timeline of her life. (I promise this is related.) Her grandma’s sister was told the news that the grandma had 3 months left to live. As the closest relative, the sister was free to do whatever she wanted with that information so she chose to convince the entire family to keep it a secret. However, just in case she really ended up dying, they arranged for the narrator’s uncle to push his wedding up earlier. The entire time, the narrator was stressed because she wanted to tell her grandma something so important, and several times throughout the wedding, it felt very obvious that her grandma knew what they were up to. In the end, they managed to never bring it up or talk about it at all.

Her grandma ended up living much longer than 3 months. Why? Most likely, her grandma knew. She knew her time was short on Earth, but instead of being told straight up the 3 month estimate, she kept going on with her life as is.

There are also several stories out there as well about people who know they have some sort of sickness or disease, but just refuse and keep lying to themselves about it. Sometimes, it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. The point is, lying can often be used in a beneficial way, and I think Chloe understands and does this. She may put up a front and act like she thinks everyone likes her, but I’d argue that she knows the truth. Chloe isn’t out of touch with reality, but she denies and tell herself the things that help her remain strong (and powerful). As long as she believes people love her, despite what she knows the truth to be, she will remain happy, strong, and – who knows? maybe the lie will come true. In general, I think she’s a much stronger person internally and mentally than our first glance from the outside.

So back to how she’d react if she found out Ladybug’s identity first. I think she’d deny it in a similar vein she’s done previously, because the fact that she’s been an asshole to her idol, and that her idol probably hates her, isn’t going to sit well with her. She’ll lie to herself until she’s content with the idea that Mari/Ladybug doesn’t hate her as much as those annoyed groans and angry looks show she is. Everybody adores her! Chloe will cling onto these lies – at first.

But then, unlike the illness easing up for that narrator’s grandma from This American Life, Marinette isn’t going to forgive Chloe as easily. In Mari’s eyes, there’s no proof so far that Chloe has changed. But Chloe’s behavior in the shadow of these lies will soon catch up to her. Maybe her insecurity will leak out. Maybe she’ll push Ladybug’s nerves too far. Maybe she’ll do something incredibly nasty towards Marinette as a way of confirming her own lies. Either way, at some point, maybe Chloe will go too far (see @breeeliss‘s well thought out post on that here) and Mari will snap. It’ll be so terrible that Chloe herself can’t deny how badly she’s messed up. It will take a while, but eventually, I think Chloe will start to accept that she can’t lie to herself about this one. And from there, she’ll finally decide it’s time for a change.

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Do you ship cockles? (Misha/Jensen)

Short answer: I do and I don’t.

Long answer: I think there is definitely something there, especially on Misha’s end. While Jared and Jensen are brothers - real goddamn brothers - I feel like Misha’s relationship with Jensen is similar but sort of has a different timbre. They do a lot of the things Jensen and Jared do, but they’ve never advertised themselves as brothers (not that they would have to; they are under no obligation to define their relationship) nor do I really feel brother when I see the way they look at each other.

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Miraculous vs Civilian identities

So– okay. Most of us have seen a lot of the zagspoilers (and if you’re trying to avoid those, don’t read on) and so I guess I wanted to give my two cents. Primarily about Chloe and the bee miraculous, but especially about how all the miraculous identities compare to their civilian identities. 

Okay so first, Marinette: she has the ladybug miraculous, and her power set is all about luck. Good luck. This contrasts with Marinette’s civilian self, as she’s seen to be quite clumsy and unlucky. Cool. Great. Moving on. 

Onto Adrien: he has the cat miraculous, which is all about bad luck. Destruction, discord, etc. This contrasts with Adrien’s civilian self, since he’s much more stereotypically “lucky.” Even though he might not be the most satisfied with his situation, from an outside perspective he is quite “lucky.” Rich family, big house, famous model, etc. 

So in short, both Marinette and Adrien’s miraculouses (miraculous? miraculai? whatever) are the total opposite of their civilian personalities. 

ANYWAY, onto the new miraculous users, and this is where things get spoilery, so again don’t say I didn’t warn you: stop reading if you want to avoid zag spoilers. 

Alya. She gets the fox miraculous which, tbh, I’m in love with this concept. And here’s why: foxes are all about lying and manipulation, if we’re to go by what we saw in Volpina. And as we all know about our beloved Alya, she’s obsessed with the truth. She’s a reporter by nature and dedicated to getting the real story about Ladybug. Even her akumatized self was hell-bent on one thing: the truth. Which, in my opinion, is perfect. Foxes: lies. Alya: truth. So in the same way that Mari and Adrien’s civilian selves are the opposite of what their miraculouses are about, so is Alya’s. 

Still with me? Okay. Onto the point of this: Chloe. She gets the bee miraculous, and much of the fandom has adopted calling her “Queen Bee.” It’s clever, and matches Chloe’s personality pretty perfectly. But here’s the thing– it matches too well. The Queen Bee persona, the the most important thing, the center of attention, the ~queen~, is too much like Chloe’s actual personality. And, as we’ve seen with unlucky Marinette, lucky Adrien, and truth-hound Alya, the miraculous identities tend to contrast really strongly with civilian identities. 

So here’s my thought: if it’s true that Chloe does get the bee miraculous, maybe she’s not actually Queen Bee, but something more akin to “Worker Bee.” Dedicated to hard work in order to support someone other than herself. It would contrast really well with Chloe’s established personality, and maybe even help contribute to a redemption arc for her. We’ve already seen Chloe as the queen, and the center of attention, so maybe now, with bee!Chloe, we’ll get to see her as the hard, selfless worker. 

On Chloe

P.S.: They’re just kids. Let them live.

Today someone brought up two very valid points on @clabrice‘s post about Chloe and the vitriolic hatred that the fandom seems to have for her. The first was that most people seem to see their own bully reflected in her. The second is that, like Umbridge from Harry Potter, she’s more relatable to hate than a faraway magical villain like Hawkmoth or Voldemort.

For the most part, I understand this. However, I think there’s a definite part of this that we’re not talking about, and that has to do with two other very major issues I have seen in the ML fandom, both related to the tendency that adults have to project onto teenagers/teenage characters.

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Most of the information about the San Francisco timeline is spread over many text messages and photo’s seen when Max hands in her contest entry. I thought it’d be nice to put all that info in one tidy timeline for future reference.

Monday, October 7th:
- Max texts David about Jefferson and the darkroom. Hands her photo entry in for the Everyday Hero contest.
4:05PM - Prevents Chloe from being shot (rest of the day plays out the same as episode one).
- Kate thanks Max for talking to her class, says she feels much better now.
- David calls the police and leaves to go find the darkroom, he does not return home till late. Chloe and Max text each other throughout the evening.

Tuesday, October 8th:
-  Max and Chloe agree to meet at Two Whales for breakfast (rest of the day plays out the same as episode two until Max returns to Blackwell).
- Officer Berry and Partner raid the darkroom with David.
11am (ish)
- Jefferson and Nathan are arrested at Blackwell.
Afternoon (?)
- Rachel’s body is found.
- Warren texts Max in shock over Jefferson, says he never suspected him of being anything other than a teacher.
3:52pm -
Kate tells Max she is shocked about Jefferson and Nathan’s arrest and that she has to go make a statement with the police.
- Chloe asks Max to meet her at the lighthouse after just finding out what happened to Rachel.

Wednesday, October 9th:
11:02am - Chloe thanks Max for being withh her the previous evening, she is still upset about Rachel but Max continues to supports her.
12:32pm - Max’s mom texts her after hearing about Jefferson’s arrest.
12:42pm - Max’s dad tells her to answer her mom’s texts.
Evening - David apologies to Chloe for his behaviour and they have a talk. Chloe appreciates that he found Rachel and caught Jefferson, also admits he cares for Joyce and herself.

Thursday, October 10th:
9:38am - Chloe texts Max telling her about the conversation with David.
9: 45am - Dana tells Max she’s making a cheer about Max’s photography skills.
12:21pm - Max does homework while Chloe texts her. Chloe says she’s already done her paperwork for the Bay City College.
5:13pm - Max tells Chloe she won the Everyday hero contest.
6:56pm - Warren jokes about Max’s new found fame and congratulates her on winning the contest.
8:12pm - Max’s mom congratulates Max on winning the contest.
9:23pm - Kate congratulates Max on winning the contest, they agree to meet for tea once Max returns.
Evening - Chloe hangs out with Max in her dorm room while Max packs for San Francisco.

Friday, October 11th:
unknown time - Max takes a taxis to the airport in Portland (about an 1h 30m drive).
Flies from Portland with Principal Wells to San Francisco (2 hour flight).
Arrives at gallery.

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I've been thinking of this way too much lately after watching too much sid videos: is, uh, is tater supposed to be jack's geno or something?

I obviously can’t say for sure, but I feel like Tater is probably based in equal parts on Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin? They are both large, goofy, sweet Russian men who could probably accidentally crush you with their meaty paws. Like, Tater is totally the kind of guy to ask for the opposing goalie’s address so he can send him Christmas cards.

In terms of relationship with Jack, it makes sense that he’s being set up to be the Geno to Jack’s Sid. Each year the cast of characters gets larger, and narratively there will need to be someone to sort of represent the Falcs in Jack’s life and the overall arc of the story. That being said, a small part of me still fears that it could go the exact opposite way, but the larger part feels like Alexei Mashkov will be one of Jack’s confidants. He will probably be the first on the team to know about Bitty. And who are we kidding? Tater is going to be so fucking charmed by Bitty the second he meets him, like come on. Even if he doesn’t know they’re dating, he’ll be all like “Leetle winger! Move like lightning on ice and talk like Duke of the Hazzard!”

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Yup, same on Cas to be honest. I can understand him not being there in the final scene, since the emphasis was put on Mary reconnecting with her sons (although given how pronounced the 'Cas is family!' theme has been lately I would have loved to see him being included), but they honestly couldn't insert a single line to explain why he just randomly vanished in the end? I mean, he technically lives in the bunker now, doesn't he?

Yeaaaah now that I’ve had some time to think about it all I’m not letting bucklemming get away with this one. It’s sloppy writing, full stop.

They could’ve given us like 10 seconds where Cas excuses himself when they get back to the bunker and Dean protests, saying that Cas should join them for dinner. But Cas just sends him a Look and says that he doesn’t want to intrude on their reunion, and that he’ll join them tomorrow for breakfast, retreating to his room before Dean can protest and reiterate that they’re family.

I mean, it would still be kinda heartbreaking cause we know Cas is still struggling with his feelings of self-worth and just because Dean called him their brother doesn’t mean that his insecurity about his place with the Winchesters is just going to go away magically. It’s a process that will take time. But just by having a scene like that, it would 1) explain Cas’s absence, and 2) even get in some character development.

But the situation now is just…we don’t even know if Cas IS in the bunker? Or did he just randomly fuck off somewhere? And why? We know he wants to pursue Lucifer but I’m pretty sure there has to be SOME kind of conversation about that before he skips off. If we don’t get one in the next ep, or even the ep after that (cause I don’t think Cas IS in the next ep) I am going to be MIGHTY pissed.

The pursuit of Lucifer is a huge motivator for Cas this season. To think that we won’t even see 30 seconds of Dean and/or Mary and/or Sam discussing it with him is LUDICROUS and plain old shitty writing.

I think it was @elizabethrobertajones who said that buckemming simply don’t know what to do with Cas so they just….kinda ignore him and hope he goes away or something? Sorry I can’t find the post with your viewing notes anymore, Liz, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

In any case, that’s how I feel bucklemming treat Cas. Like he’s some kind of weird alien anomaly and they have no idea what to do with him. So if they can get away with giving him as little as possible to do (see also Cas standing in a bush and Cas waiting outside while the action is going on inside) they’ll do it.

*Sighs* You started off good, SPN, but bucklemming has put you on probation again (also because of their treatment of Sam). You better pull yourself together show, or we’re gonna have words *wags finger*

this is an update about ransom and holster but i just want to take a minute and point out that the fact this update is not told from bitty’s point of view makes the little snippets of jack and bitty we get in there all the more pointed

n’s said the guys don’t know what’s going on re: jack and bitty, and that when they see two guys hanging out like they are they don’t automatically assume something more than platonic is going on. this makes sense and is realistic, especially given ransom and holster’s own relationship (which is a whole separate post unto itself, really). bitty and jack themselves don’t even know, since it’s word of god canon that jack doesn’t know just how important bitty is to him yet

but even in an update about ransom and holster, this stuff is just happening in the background, seen but not contemplated by their teammates. which means that 1) it’s commonplace enough that they don’t really notice jack and bitty always gravitating toward one another and 2) when they all look back after they find out jack and bitty are together, everyone is going to do a collective facepalm and groan about how they didn’t figure it out sooner

it’s clear n is setting up a conflict where jack, bitty, or both of them have to choose between jack’s career and their relationship, probably at the end of this year or the beginning of next

jack will have to decide if everything he’s worked so hard for - a career playing hockey, being in the nhl - is worth losing bittle and/or worth staying in the closet for. n’s said this is the first time jack has been in love; it’s never been a question for him before, he’s never even remotely had to think about choosing a man over hockey because things with parse ended abruptly before it got to that point (love or choosing both)

bitty will have to decide if he loves jack enough to be a secret for an undetermined length of time. if they stay together, it could be decades. he came to samwell to be himself; is he really willing to give up on that so young, when he could be openly gay for most of his life instead of hiding?

the obvious (obvious meaning simply obvious, not trite or not worthwhile) narrative is that eventually bitty either lays down the ultimatum (not unkindly, i would imagine, even if he’s heartbroken and frustrated) or chooses to leave so that jack doesn’t have to make that decision. the solution is that jack decides to come out for the both of them

they may nearly break up or may end up breaking it off for a little while, but i think it will be jack that will make the decision to come out for the both of them and they will have their happy ending. it might be a little heartbreaking for everyone involved, but n has promised a happy ending and i believe her

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I have so many questions about Chloes academic progression too!! I suspect original timeline Chloe's grades started dropping from 2008 as that's when everything bad happened. I have so many questions about how 2008 Chloe turned into 2013 Chloe.

So many questions anon! But yeah I think you’re right about Chloe’s grades slipping after William and Max were gone. As for how 2008 Chloe became 2013 Chloe, I think the photo montage in ep 4 gives some hints.

Joyce mentions Chloe ‘running away’ and I think she likely did this when she was younger, maybe soon after Max left (Sad HC: she tries to go to Seattle to see Max). One of the first younger Alt-Chloe pictures is replaced is with one showing Chloe, sporting a backpack, sitting under a bridge somewhere. I’d say this probably happened around 2009 ish, when she’s 15.

Next we have the birthday! Alt-Chloe says she got a hybrid truck as a present for her sweet 16, which would have been in March of 2010. It is replaced with original timeline Chloe having a pretty tense birthday get together with David present. This would mean David had entered Chloe’s (and Joyce’s) life when she’s 16, just 2 years after her dad died. (side note: Chloe also starts dying her hair at this point, though not fully).

And finally the crash. This happens some time after Chloe’s 16th birthday when she gets the truck itself but still some time around 2010. The crash is replaced with Rachel and Chloe dancing near the beach. Since all the other photos seem to take place around the same time as the ones they replace, we can guess they became friends around the age of 16/17.

Meeting Rachel is obviously a huge turning point for Chloe as she claims Rachel ‘saved her life’. Whether Rachel influences on Chloe has ultimately been good or bad is likely something that’s left for the players to decide.

Anyway! Long story short, 2008-Chloe is a sad and angry kid that keeps making progressively worse decisions as a poor coping mechanisms for her grief and sucky home life. From this is born angry punk 2013-Chloe, who now has a life built around said poor decision making skills and the near idolisation and love for a single person.

i’m really glad for jack and bitty, that they have a circle where they can be themselves without worrying about censoring their behavior, where they can share their happiness

it really strikes me how calm jack was in all of this. bitty looked a little worried and i think that comes from 1) being the first time he’s ever announced a boyfriend to the group or anyone and 2) knowing that once it’s out, it’s out and jack’s career (in his mind) will be forever threatened

but jack, jack is a picture of calm. i can only imagine that he’s thought about this long and hard and really wants this, wants to openly love eric in the support structure of their friends who care about them. that little group will always have each other’s backs, and jack knows it. it was implied that coming out to the group was his idea, and it sure looks like he’s completely made his peace with it, even risking a little public pda in the process. he looks like he’s got no qualms, and that really says something about how much he truly loves bitty (as if driving in the rain at 5 AM didn’t say enough). 

it gives me hope for what their future is going to be like. i had already made a post about jack having to choose between a normal career that didn’t include bitty and one that might be tougher but where eric is by his side. in the wake of these last updates, i think it’s clear what he’s going to choose. i’m sure he’s going to struggle with it somewhat, since the last time he was truly in the spotlight he overdosed; it’s going to bring up bad memories and feelings. but i do think they’re going to come out the other side stronger for it.

i sort of really like the symbolism of cas’ new trenchcoat

it’s like a part of him wants to be as he was before. but while he can try to put the coat on again, it doesn’t cover him the same way as it did before. a trenchcoat is a trenchcoat and grace is grace, but castiel is fundamentally changed. the new coat is shorter; it covers less of him and is less of a shelter. he can’t hide behind the facade of ‘castiel: angelic soldier’ nearly as well as before.

there’s symbolism too in how he shucked the old trench yet wasn’t quite as ready to let it go as he perhaps thought. it’s a nod to the fence on which he sits now, part angel, part human, a strange new hybrid of the two with both immense power and immense compassion. the trenchcoat is a symbol of his angelic nature, yet in trying to replicate the comfort of having it he betrays so much humanity.

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Can I know these adult observations about Shitty? I'd love to hear them because I definitely think he has changed quite a bit at Harvard.

thanks for asking! so many people asked, so here are my thoughts. this got SUPER long, but i apparently had a lot to say!

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Thoughts on the Crypt Scene, Dean & Cas, and "I need you"

I was thinking about the “I need you” line from Goodbye Stranger and I felt the need to talk about it a little.

It’s a weird line, to be sure. I almost half believe Robbie Thompson, who I believe said that there was a scene in one of his episodes where he’d written an “I love you” that was cut. Whatever your proclivities concerning Destiel, it was an emotionally charged scene. It was a lot more direct emoting at an individual than we usually see with Dean. I think that’s partly due to character growth – the final scene of the finale with Sam was heart-rending and just as, if not more, explosive emotionally. But we already know how Dean feels about Sam, and if there’s anyone he’ll show his weakness to, it’s Sam. The reason the crypt scene is so important to Dean and Cas is because we don’t really know how Dean feels about Cas.

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