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What would everyone's squips be? Aside from Jeremy of course

Michael: Bob Marley
Rich: Jake
Jake: Andrew Rannells
Jared: Brendan Rodgers
Connor: Brendan Urie
Evan: Connor

Christine: it says it in the musical
Chloe: Herself
Brooke: Chloe
Jenna: Taylor Swift
Zoe: Lin Manuel Miranda

Wait but literally Kim Kardashian (the antiblack racist) literally E X P O S E D Taylor swift (the white feminist)

because of 2 lines & a phone call w her husband Kanye west (who consistently feeds into misogynoir)

& then because of this Selena Gomez (who exposed her self for “not giving 2 f’s” about black people & black lives matter AND has continuously appropriated several cultures) stuck her neck out & got herself draggeddddd

AND THEN Chloe grace Moretz (a fellow white feminist who has stuck her neck out b4 against Kim) stuck HER neck out for Taylor & got WRONGLY dragged by Khloe Kardashian (antiblack like her sister & has said the n word on numerous occasions)

Also Justin bieber (has been exposed as a racist & literally continues on w his racist antiblack behavior) randomly posted a video of him self saying “less hate more love” like okay…. & people are bringing him into this bc his song “All Bad” from Journals was about Taylor & basically he called her fake back then in 2013 lol

AND NOW Kat Von d (a fricking nazi sympathizer like are you kidding) just dragged Jeffree Star (HORRIFICALLY antiblack & racist , body shames & much more) & is boutta EXPOSE the heck out of him

> like idk y'all but this is so funny to me like how does one piece of garbage pick up another piece of garbage & throw it in the trash lol

AN: Hi guys! So by popular demand I made this a super short one shot! (<– that was me three hours ago. Now, it’s four pages. Sorry not sorry.) I didn’t give much context because I want your imaginations (and the possible storyline of PP3) to run wild! I hope you guys enjoy– this is my first time writing… This was inspired by a real life experience or two, so sorry if Beca seems nicer than usual. But you know how she gets with Chloe around… ANYWAYS, read on! //

“Well that was the longest night of my life.” Beca huffed, her exhaustion displayed in the way she spoke.

“Come on, you had fun.” Chloe tried, hoping to brighten the mood.


Well, you can’t win ‘em all, the redhead decided with a sigh.

“I have great news for you, Beca Mitchell. The bed awaits.” Chloe said, gesturing over to the full sized bed that took up most of the tiny room as she came in the doorway. Beca shuffled in the room, reaching the bed before her entire body went slack when she quite literally face planted onto the comforter, mumbling something into the duvet that was impossible for the redhead to make out.

Chloe shook her head, not bothering to interpret whatever sarcastic remark the brunette had thrown her way, and smiling as she searched for something suitable to wear to bed. //

“Oh, uh. Sorry,” Beca quickly apologized and snapped her head away when she saw Chloe in her bra and underwear, pulling on her pajama shorts. She hadn’t realized the ginger had begun changing during their conversation, and was afraid to look that direction again. But she found herself shifting as they began discussing the meaning of Taylor Swift’s new song, that was turning into a lengthy debate. Which is how she hadn’t realized she’d begun to look in Chloe’s direction again, this time with her gaze trained on her face and nothing else.

Er, mostly.

Beca was only a human. With eyes. And she couldn’t really help if she was curious about the other girl’s body.

She knew Chloe looked good in everything she wore, but she couldn’t possibly look that beautiful all the time; it had to be some stylistic magic that Beca had yet to discover. But there she was, in all her glory and almost completely unclothed. “Damn,” she looked good. Then came the realization of saying that out loud. Beca prayed to every god there was that the ginger hadn’t heard a word. Or rather, that particular word.

In the midst of all of her introspective rambling, Beca hadn’t noticed Chloe’s absence until she’d returned with a toothbrush in her mouth, still talking animatedly about one of the Taylors in the music video, despite the foam in her mouth that was threatening to spill over.  And for some unknown reason, Beca Mitchell actually smiled. Chloe smiled too, a big toothpaste grin finishing her point and then triumphantly walking back to the sink like she’d won the argument they hadn’t even been having.

Beca took this chance to drag herself away from the bed and decided to make her best attempt to return soon. “I’ll never let go Jack!” She said, faking her struggle with an imaginary force as she disappeared behind the doorway. It was probably more energy than she had in her at the moment, but it made Chloe laugh as she passed her, heading to bed. So somehow, it was worth it.

“Liar,” she muttered looking at herself in the mirror thinking about the awful quote she just rambled off, as she took one of Chloe’s makeup wipes and slid it across her face.

Soon enough, she was racing back to the bed, landing beside Chloe with a soft “oof” and digging into the covers as fast as she could. She got settled in four seconds flat, a record for the tiny brunette, but not before Chloe spoke up.

“What about your pajamas?” Chloe asked casually as soon as she knew the girl next to her was comfortable. She then heard a noise she didn’t know was possible to come out of such a tiny human, that resembled a groan.

“I’ll get them,” Chloe offered sweetly after a moment, when it was clear that the brunette was not moving.

“Thank,” Beca said, turning over and retrieving her book from the night stand.

“Welcome,” came the reply. She handed Beca a shirt.

“Where’s the rest?” Beca said, not caring about the answer.

“It’s where your motivation to move lies.”

“Cute,” Beca said, a sarcastic smile accompanying her voice. “It’s too hot in this bed anyways,” Beca said, acting like she was bothered by Chloe’s decision. In reality, she was halfway out of her top and shimmying her bottoms down so that she could properly put her shirt on, under the sheets, of course. Or so she thought.

The red head lifted up a corner of the sheets slightly, peering down at a shirtless Beca wiggling out of her pants.

Damn,” Chloe remarked mockingly, echoing what Beca had said previously.  

Dude!” exclaimed Beca when she became aware of Chloe’s eyes on her body from that comment, her face flushed with the embarrassment of earlier that night. Chloe only giggled, allowing Beca to rip the sheet away from her hands.

A good twenty minutes had passed between the two of them, Beca lost in her book all the while. Growing tired of her phone, Chloe set it down on the ground and continued to stare up at her best friend.

“What are you doing?” Beca asked, eyeing the redhead when she felt her gaze on her and then turning her attention back to her book to wait for a reply.

“Just lookin’,” Chloe drew out the ‘n’ with a smile.

“Looking at what?” Beca said, in a similar manner. “My double chin?” she added seriously.

“Among other things,” Chloe said, her voice sticky sweet.

“HEY!” Beca said, gently punching her bed mate in the arm.”You weren’t supposed to agree with me!” she exclaimed playfully, sliding her glasses off and setting them over with her book on the night stand.

“Well you asked,” Chloe pointed out, snuggling into the pillow beneath her head. Beca just let out a huff of breath and accepted her defeat as she rolled over to face the ginger.  

“For a girl who doesn’t like movies, you sure know how to make a movie quote work,” Chloe said suddenly, the flirtation obvious in her voice. It took a moment for Beca to remember earlier. “It’s one of my specialties,” she replied quickly, smile big and cheesy, for once. “One of?” the older girl pressed, raising her eyebrow like she was suppressing her surprise. Beca nodded, a soft, very uncharacteristic, smile on her face. “Yeah,” she breathed, suddenly feeling like she couldn’t stay awake for another moment, even if it meant falling asleep before she was done talking to the ginger. “Night Chlo. Love you,” she said as her eyelids grew heavy.

Reaching over to Beca’s side of the bed, Chloe reached over and turned the lamp off. “Goodnight,” she chirped, her return apparent to Beca when she felt warm lips brush against hers.

“What?” Beca said, in obvious surprise, suddenly more awake.

“I said good– ahh!” Chloe’s response was interrupted by an abrupt change in lighting as Beca turned the lamp on her bedside table on. Truth be told, she didn’t know a sleepy tiny human could move so fast.

“What was that?” Beca asked plainly.

“What was what?” Chloe said, feigning innocence, her eyes shining.

“You, acquainted your lips…” Beca said slowly, pausing for a beat. “With mine,” she finished softly.

“Yeah?” Chloe asked, as if she was just coming to terms with what she just did. “So I did.”

Dead silence.

“Would you like me to do it again?” was softly whispered into the dim light.

“Yes,” the answer breathed.

The shorter woman could feel a shift in the bed as more weight was added to her side, and her heart was racing. She felt like she was going to puke into Chloe’s mouth. And that would be quite a feat: puking upwards. But ever so gently, she felt soft lips touch her own.

Beca felt her body lean upwards on it’s own accord, automatically deepening the kiss as Chloe hovered over her. It felt… nice. It felt right. She wasn’t actually desperate to get away or overly nervous, for once. She felt Chloe’s head turn to capture her lips from a different angle and almost immediately Beca reached up to grasp the older woman’s neck, tentatively bringing her closer, until their bodies were flush against one another’s. Chloes moan brought Beca courage, and an opportunity to slip her tongue into the redhead’s mouth.

Chloe tried her hardest to stay concentrated, to not break the kiss, but she couldn’t resist smiling as she began to think about what was actually happening and how it felt so damn good.

“What?” Beca as shyly, a small grin on her face, hoping she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Is this another one of your specialties?” Chloe couldn’t help but ask, biting her lip as she traced Beca’s features with her eyes. Beca playfully shoved the extra weight off of her, setting her head back down on the pillow as she let out a breathy laugh.

“You are too much, Chloe Beale,” she said, happily turning her head to smile at the girl who was laying next to her. 

“Something about it felt like home somehow….”  

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This week has been fucking wild

- Taylor Swift got dragged
- I actually said the words"I agree with Kanye West"
- Khloé Kardashian posted a picture of some random girls asshole
- Chloe Mortez tried to be relevant
- Selena Gomez turned out to be a dumbass
- Jeffree Star got dragged
- Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama’s speech
- MCR rose from the dead