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“Maybe your mom is right, maybe you should go and stay with her at the Beijing institute for a while.” Alec didn’t look at Evie whilst he spoke and instead feigned interest in the map of New York spread out in front of him. He didn’t really want her to leave New York of course, she was one of the best shadowhunters they had at the institute, and was an invaluable member of the team. But with recent events, namely the death of Hodge Starkweather, he was worried about her. 

“You’re kidding right?” Evie questioned, twirling her stele expertly between her fingers as she spoke. “Valentine Morgenstern steals the soul sword, Izzy is addicted to Yin Fen, Clary and Jace are siblings…and you want me to take a vacation?”

Alec turned to look at her now and was met with a look of pure bemusement. “Okay, maybe you have a point.”

“You’re damn right I do.”

Arachnophobia (Snowbaz AU)

Simon’s terrified of spiders

– Simon –

I look around at the boxes stacked in the living room and kitchen of my new apartment. I just got finished with the bedroom and I’ve finished most of the living room, pulling out photos of me and Penny to put on my nightstand and unpacking some sheets for tonight. Penny helped me move the couch up and into place but she had to go meet Micah at the airport a couple of hours ago. I glance at my phone and decide to be done for the night, well morning I guess. It’s three a.m.

I tiredly shrug off my t-shirt and jeans and head into my new bathroom. I dig around in a few boxes before pulling out shampoo and soap and moving to turn on the shower.

It’s then that I see it. Big and black, skulking at the bottom of the tub. All eight eyes staring evilly at me. I let out an embarrassingly loud shriek of fear and scramble out of the bathroom. I fucking hate spiders. They have eight legs which is far too many. No one needs so many legs and the way they crawl sends shivers up my spine. I make it out of my apartment and slam the door behind me, breathing heavily. I cannot go back in there until that spider is dead and gone. But I left my phone inside so I can’t call Penny for backup. It’s either spend the night out here or find someone to kill that monster so I can take my shower and get some sleep.

I glance up at the door across the hall. This isn’t exactly how I planned to meet my new neighbor, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I need help. I push myself up off my door and walk across the hall, raising my hand to knock.

– Baz –

I wake up to loud bangs on my door and glance at my phone. Who the fuck is at my door at 3 in the fucking morning. I yawn and sit up, tiredly pulling on some pants. I comb my fingers through my hair and open my door.

A cute boy who I don’t recognize is standing in front of me. Practically naked. He’s wearing nothing but boxer briefs, which are cupcake print. His curly bronze hair is a mess, sticking up from his head in all directions and his eyes are wide. He has moles freckling his cheeks.

And shoulders.

And chest.


I pull my eyes back up to his face because Aleister fucking Crowley I don’t even know this guy’s name.

“Oh thank Merlin!” he says. “I just moved in and I’m sorry to wake you up like this but there is a spider in my bathtub but I need to shower and I’m really fucking terrified of spiders but I can’t call Penny and—” I can’t focus because I’m barely awake and this hot adorable boy is standing in front of me begging me to go back to his apartment and I need to stop thinking about this.

If this were anyone else I would just slam the door in their face, but I feel bad for the poor boy so I sigh and walk forward, shutting my door behind me. He turns and I follow him across the hall and into his apartment, trying not to stare at his ass.

His apartment is sparse. I can tell he’s just moved. Boxes are stacked everywhere and the only other thing in the living room is a couch. He heads through his bedroom (also pretty bare except a mattress with sheets on the floor and some pictures of him and a girl with purple cat-eye glasses) and into the bathroom. He turns to face me and points at the tub where I see I tiny spider.

I try not to laugh but can’t keep the small smirk off my face as I see what he is so terrified of.

“Hey,” he says, trying to act more upset than he actually is. “Don’t judge me. They’re creepy as fuck.”

I shrug, still smiling. “Do you have tissues?”

“I think so.” He says and turns, digging through a box before triumphantly pulling some out.

I grab one and squish the spider neatly, balling up the tissue and handing it to him. He takes it carefully, holding it by two fingers as if the spider will suddenly come back to life and crawl out.

He takes it to the kitchen and tosses it in the trash. I follow behind him and stop in his living room, leaning against the back of his couch.

“Right, thanks…”

“Baz,” I supply.

“Thanks, Baz.”

“and  you are?”

“oh, Simon! I’m Simon.” He smiles at me and Crowley his smile lights up his entire face.

I stare until I realize I’ve been staring and shake myself out of it.

“I should…” I gesture towards the door.

“Yeah. Right. Of course.” He says, following me to the door.

“Thanks again.” He says as I leave.

I turn and smile at him. “Anytime. See you around, Simon.”

“Night Baz.”

I head back into my apartment and toss and turn trying to get a freckled chest and sunny smile out of my head, finally falling asleep.

– Simon –

After the hot boy next door leaves I shower and try to get some sleep. I’m up again at six a.m. and can’t get his deep red gold skin and dark flowy hair out of my head. I get up off my bed and walk across the hall, not sure what I’m even going to say.

He opens the door almost immediately, this time wearing a shirt and jeans (and Merlin do they look good on him). He smirks at me and leans against the door frame.

“Simon.” He says, his steel eyes burning into me. “Long time no see.”

“I figured I should thank you for coming to my rescue last night. I mean, it was at an ungodly hour and you still decided to help a stranger in only his underwear kill a spider.” I say. I take a breath.

“What I mean to say, is: want to go get coffee with me?”

He smiles at that and pushes himself off the door frame, hands tucked into his pockets.

“Give me ten minutes.”

alright so about rachel’s scream

The way it was set up made me think, and made me think hard.

I think the end of episode 1 was the beginning of rachel’s end. what we got to see wasn’t the before the storm equivalent of max taking the butterfly photo- it was the equivalent of her ripping it apart. there are a few things that stood out to me in ep 1, mainly

1. rachel knows everything, somehow, even things she couldn’t have seen. chloe getting involved in the schoolyard fight despite being inside, chloe getting past the bouncer despite rachel clearly being pictured in the crowd just moments later when chloe talks to frank, knowing about the schoolyard fight despite being inside and always being with chloe afterwards, meaning she can’t have heard it from someone else.

2. rachel also takes photos. not as many as max, but they do exist and they’re mostly taken at key points where it could technically be possible for her to turn back time. I’ll come back to this.

3. judging from what we know about rachel in life is strange, it seems she’s almost two people at times, right? if her bond is this strong with chloe now, why would she tell frank he’s the only one who gets her?

4. frank supposedly changes at some point between ep1 of before the storm and ep 1 of life is strange. becomes softer somehow. 

5. the soundtrack in the ending of life is strange, especially the version where you sacrifice chloe. I recognized it from another show, but I’ll get back to that, too.

6. the play. I used sparknotes because I’m too impatient for anything else.

7. apparently the controller shakes when she screams if you play on console? thanks to @aggressivelybiisexual for blowing my mind and breaking my heart by telling me this. that definitely settles the question of a potential supernatural power for me- it’s clear that it is one, we just don’t know what and how.

now, onto the meta ramble.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race has been renewed for Season 10! I’m really excited, and I wanted to share my picks for the upcoming season. Even if they don’t get picked, you should still pay attention to them. 

1. Evah Destruction x
2. Soju Love x
3. Aquaria x
4. Citrus Pastel x
5. Art Simone x
6. Eva Young x
7. Monét X Change x
8. Chloe Knox x
9. Trannika Rex x
10. Skim Burley x
11. Mayhem Miller x
12. Anaol Fetale x
13. Blonde Benét Ramsey x
14. Miz Cracker x
15. Biblegirl666 x
16. Meth x


19 Asian Actresses on Major U.S. Cable Network Shows

Arden Cho (Korean) as Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf 

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Korean) as Lily Tucker-Pritchett on Modern Family

Archie Panjabi (Sindhi) as Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife

Chloe Bennet (Chinese and Jewish) as Skye on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grace Park (Korean) as Kono Kalakaua on Hawaii Five-0

Hannah Simone (Indian and German/Italian/Greek) as Cece Parekh on New Girl

Jamie Chung (Korean) as Mulan on Once Upon a Time

Jenna Ushkowitz (Korean) as Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee

Jessica Lu (Chinese and Japanese) as Ming Huang on Awkward.

Maggie Q (Vietnamese and Irish/Polish) as Nikita on Nikita

Michaela Conlin (Chinese and Irish) as Angela Montenegro on Bones

Mindy Kaling (Tamil and Bengali) as Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project

Ming-Na Wen (Chinese) as Melinda May on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Parminder Nagra (Indian) as Meera Malik on The Blacklist

Reshma Shetty (Indian) as Divya Katdare on Royal Pains

Sandra Oh (Korean) as Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy

Shay Mitchell (Filipina and Scottish/Irish) as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars

Tania Gunadi (Indonesian) as Private Park on Enlisted

Yunjin Kim (Korean) as Karen Kim on Mistresses 

This was made in response to an anon we recently got who asked,

(Image reads - anonymous asked wocinsolidarity: We all know Lucy Liu is an industry favorite but do you know of any other Eastern Asia (or Asia in general) woc actresses?)

So rather then do a laundry list, I thought it would be cool to compile a photoset of someof the Asian actresses currently on television shows that aren’t Lucy Liu (though we do love us some Joan Watson). I asked around, and made this list based on my own TV watching and suggestions from people I know. So A) I don’t actually know if all of these shows are good or not and B) if one of your faves is missing it wasn’t done maliciously. 

*Disclaimers: All images used were found on Google. We do not own or claim to own any of these photos. All information about ethnic identity was found from Wikipedia, so let us know if anything is incorrect! 

Also: Sorry for how bad the quality of the photoset is. 

Edit: also I’m so sorry I clearly can’t count, this is only 19! 


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