chloe simon


visionary: a shadowhunters fanfic

“So…you’re named after Nancy Drew the character?”  

“Yup.  We’re exactly alike.  Except, you know, I’m half-Chinese.  And gay.”  

As the child of a mystery enthusiast, Drew grew up wanting to solve crime.  That wish is (sort-of) fulfilled when her best friend Clary ditches her at a club for a blonde with a douchebag haircut, and she has a seizure.  And dreams about Clary holding a sword and Simon covered in blood.  And then, like a week later, the visions come true.  

Utterly perplexed by her new weird-ass powers, Drew agrees to accompany Clary on her mission to find her mother.  Of course, it doesn’t exactly hurt when it gives Drew an opportunity to get closer to Isabelle Lightwood.  

In, like, a completely platonic way.  


Chloe  ‘Easily Offended’  Tousignant

“ That bear has some kind of super thick skin. It took three tranquilizer darts to bring it down.