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Chloe & Nadine in “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - :30 Gameplay Trailer” [x]

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1. What poems/songs/scripts do you know by heart? 
Almost anything by owl city, the yugioh abridged songs, most of the dialogue from sonic adventure 2: battle??, and a bunch of assorted songs <:

2. What’s your favorite insect? Butterflies!

3. Which household chore do you hate the most? Doing the dishes D;

4. Is there a ‘gross’ food you actually like? Pineapple pizza |D

5. How well can you see the stars from your back porch? You can see the stars really well where I live ^^

6. Name an interest or hobby you’ve acquired from fandom. And tell something about it.
 Well, I haven’t done either of these things in awhile, but I used to write/read a lot of fanfiction a few years back!

7. If you could choose to be an animal, what would you want to be?  Definitely a kitty cat so I could lounge around all day, eat, be spoiled, etc

8. Name the very first movie that comes to mind when I say “space”.
  Space Jam :’D

9. What did/do you want to be when you grow up?
 When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian, but when I was 8 or 9 I decided I wanted to try and become a cartoonist, and I still want to have a career in art someday <:

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Chlollie Appreciation Week

Day 1 -  Chlollie + the moment or scene you started to ship them 

. 6.04 - Arrow:  “He’s a modern day Robin Hood.”
. 6.05 - Reunion: Chlollie first meeting. 


In which fake laughing doesn’t look so fake…

Life is Strange on Pandora
  • Chloe: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd--
  • Max: Don't you dare finish that sentence.
  • Chloe: Did you just use your rewind power to stop me from flirting?
  • Max: No, I just know what comes next.
  • Chloe: ...that I would put "M" and "C" together?
  • Max: ...huh? That's...okay, that's actually cute.
  • Chloe: "MC"...heh..."emcee"...
  • Max: What are you--
  • Chloe: You know, if we got space-married on the moon or something, we'd have to get the sickest MC to come to the wedding.
  • Max:
  • Chloe: We could even hire a space DJ! And the gravity would be lower--imagine how much fun we could have with that!
  • Max:
  • Max: Do you ever stick with one topic for more than five seconds?
  • Chloe: To be honest, not really.

you know what i love most of chloe? she always has hope. always. even after her father died, her friend bailed on her, rachel dissapeared, nathan drugged her, having a stepdouche, even after all of that she has hope. it seems like im wrong, but think about this

when max appears again in her life, it hasnt even been two days (after five years) that chloe is already saying stuff like: “i get my best friend back and she’s super-sized” “thats okay, we will, for ever”, “dont worry, im never leaving you”

what can assure chloe that max is not gonna bail on her again? how is it possible that she forgives her so easily?

i just love how after all the crap she is still standing there, trusting max, rachel, everybody.

lis fandom: chloe vs warren
  • chloe: pressures max into abusing her powers until she literally is unable to and is bleeding from the nose
  • chloe: pressures max into breaking into two different buildings at night
  • chloe: pressures max into stealing $5000 from the principal's office
  • chloe: goes all "no big deal" about stealing a gun and using it casually
  • chloe: regularly says stuff that clearly makes max uncomfortable
  • life is strange fandom: oh!!! they're the PERFECT ship... lesbian lovers ;333
  • warren: takes a punch to the face for max so she can get away from someone she mentioned she told the principal on
  • warren: buys tickets for a movie (if you choose to go with him)
  • warren: looks up max's powers on as many resources as possible so max can try to figure out what's going on
  • warren: is clearly invested as a friend and understands max's personal boundaries and needs
  • warren: looks through max's window once
  • life is strange fandom: WWWOOAAHHAHH!!!! WARREN.... ewww.... what a CREEPER. man hes like.... clearly tryin to get in her pants???? gROSS. CANT HAVE.

I don’t understand why some people decide that characters are automatically straight like god forbid there’s more representation of LGBT+ characters in games

Sooooo random thought… i dont know if this has gone around but, what if Bechloe ends up with a song? In each movie they had a song related to the love interest. PP=Forget About Me mixed into the Bellas final performance. Same with PP 2= We Belong. What if Becs mixes a song for Chloe!

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