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Re: To your post about JK Rowling making Harry look identical to James to escape theroies about Harry's true father. But what if Snape was Harry's father and to hide the truth Lily injected Harry with polyjuice potion (so it would stay in his bloodstream) and that's why he looked exactly like James.

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Okay yes cute BUT! What about the soon-to-be love/hate square with Alya and Chloe?!


  • Okay!!!! So now this time instead of Hero/Villain stuff let’s play with hero teamups
  • Alya is Volpina. Chloé is Queen Bee. Boom
  • Okay so for Alya and Chloé we already know that they don’t like each other. They do not. 
  • Volpina and Queen Bee are okay with each other. They’re not the best of friends, but they respect each other and trust each other. (If one day Chloé wakes up realizes that Volpina is really hot then… okay)
  • So for Volpina and Chloé: Volpina doesn’t really like Chloé, and Chloé being Chloé tends to order her around, so… there’s that. 
  • For Alya and Queen Bee: Alya tends to get shouty and stuff, but since she likes Queen Bee, she’d be really nice and compliment her. And Queen Bee, who really loves the attention, kind of eats it up and keeps going back to Alya because she loves being adored like that.
  • Alya/Chloé: no. Don’t like each other that much. 
  • Volpina/Queen Bee: they’re partners and they’re got each others backs. 
  • Volpina/Chloé: there’s not really many positive feelings here. Just sass and pettiness
  • Alya/Queen Bee: positive affections and vibes, good for everyone involved



Beyoncé’s protege’s Chloe and Halle have dropped their big single

Teens Chloe and Halle rose to fame singing some of Beyoncé’s biggest hits on YouTube. Then in May of last year the living legend came calling. Bey signed the singing sisters to her Parkwood Entertainment music label. This week they dropped the music video for “Drop” and took their first step to world domination.