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YouTuber playing Life is Strange, talking about Chloe Price

“To have friends like that, better not have them”

I strongly disagree…

…and I’ll explain why.

As a person who has had a lot of different friends, I find in Chloe a friend who I always wanted to have.

Chloe is a person with a difficult character. She is angry because she lost her father and her girlfriend. She feels lonely and she always tries to blame someone else when something doesn’t work out for her (this means that she is proud but insecure). She has her rage on, we all know it and maybe some of you hate that about her (I can’t include myself because I’d be hypocrite as I have my rage on too).


She will do whatever needs to be done for a friend.

Can’t we all agree that’s the most important thing when we have a friend?

Chloe owed a lot of money to Frank because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe tried to get money from Nathan because she wanted to go away with Rachel, just in case “she showed up”.

Chloe wanted to sacrifice herself for the town she hated. Moreover, she would sacrifice herself for Max, for her friend. She actually dies trying to find Rachel. She blames herself for not saving Max in the Dark Room. 

Now we can say that Chloe is not a selfish person. First reason to want her as a friend.

She is crazy

I love crazy and careless people. I love people who just don’t give a fuck about other’s opinion. Because they are the BEST people ever. They won’t listen to gossip about you, they won’t care about your hair, your clothes, your shoes… 

I love crazy people because they want to have fun and enjoy their life. I always say that Chloe is my spirit animal because I’d love to be so careless. I’d be happier for sure. Maybe, if I had a friend like her I would be happier because she’d try to do crazy things with me.

Midnight swim? Why the fuck not? I’m in. 

She is kind

I won’t say anything about this. Just see:

She is brave

Not everyone would defend you like Chloe defends Max. That’s something to think about.

I would write more and more about why I’d love having a friend like Chloe. But I think this is enough.

Keep calm and save Chloe Price




Episode one of Miraculous Ladybug’s long-awaited 2D-animated webisodes appeared on Youtube yesterday, as promised — and with an unexpected announcement.

“Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir,” as the show is called in the U.S., is moving to Netflix, an event hinted at by its Christmas special last month but finally confirmed at the end of the webisode.

Beginning February 14, all episodes from season one arrive on the streaming service, with season two episodes slated for summer 2017.

- Courtney ( @harmonicacave )




Chapter 2 is through Chloe’s eyes. Max and Chloe go to a cafe to get some grub and Chloe has to take care of Max, who is still falling apart from guilt. 

All Wounds is a fandom story project created by @destiny-smasher. It explores PriceField post-canon possibilities in a continuation of Life is Strange and the ending where Max chooses to save Chloe and sacrifices Arcadia Bay.  

Want to play through the visual novel yourself? Download it here! It’s free!

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