Yesssssss Christi. Here is an insert from an interview from 2012 where she supports her claim.

“Well, there was a casting put out – you know a casting company in LA that was looking for dance moms across the country; and I think that their concept was that they were going to have a few dance moms across the country that all came together at nationals and competed. And so, I answered the casting call and sent a photograph of myself and my daughter and I sent some flip videos in. You know I was sitting on my front porch and I was talking about how crazy my dance studio was — you know the moms and said that our little kids were really talented. So the producer kept calling me back and asked me could I send in anymore videos. And I said “sure!” I have a friend named Kelly, so I sent in videos of Kelly; and they said can you send in your daughter; I sent in videos of Chloe auditioning. Then he called me back a few days later and said could you ask your dance teacher to do something on film – can we see her? And I sent in a video of Abby approaching Chloe. Like I was part of “Dance Moms” from the very beginning.”

But Abby swears up and down that she created the show to make maddie a star. Abby is so ungrateful.

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