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My Top 3 Broadchurch Supporting Characters
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Goodbye, my friend | Jocelyn & Chloe

This was no decision Jocelyn had made out of an impulse. She had thought a lot about it, while mourning the death of Ava and so many other demigods. It was not only the fact that James was gone again - maybe dead as well - it was also, that she couldn’t really feel save anymore. War, death, the fog…. it was just too much for the fragile Demeter girl.

She had been talking to her parents about returning back home. She would take a break and then study at the local university, maybe. But there was still Chloe. Jocelyn had once promised not to leave the other girl without a word. A girl she was considering her best friend now.

And that was the problem. Jocelyn knew Chloe was mourning Juno’s death still, and she felt horrible and selfish and sick in her stomach when thinking about leaving now. But she also felt anxious when thinking about staying here.

So Jocelyn pulled her guts together and showed up in the Iris cabin this morning with a few gifts and things she wanted Chloe to get from her.


Make-over | Jocelyn & Chloe


Jocelyn felt odd this day after waking up. Not in a bad way, though. It was more that something had made her heart lighter for whatever reason. And Jocelyn was determined to finally do a few things while it lasted.

She had packed up the make-up things Ava had given her for her birthday, along with a few clothes, and was now on her way over to Chloe, hoping the other girl would be able to help her here. 


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