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The Permanent Rain Press at the 2017 Whitecaps FC Charity Alumni Match.

Stay tuned as we chat with this year’s participants - Sean Maguire, Bob Morley, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Rob Raco, Charles Melton, KJ Apa, Davide Chiumiento and Colin O’Donoghue - about their soccer skills, recent projects, and taking part in the game in support of BC Children’s Hospital.

Here is The new Queen bee ( bee holder ), Named Honey bee ( I read a trivia that miraculous holder can choose their names)

NEXT IS: The New Volpina

FULL NAME: Soleil Duprac


HERO NAME: Honey bee

KWAMI: bee kwami

WEAPON: trompo

PARTNER: Ladybug ( Ciel )

AGE: 14

GENDER: female

PERSONALITY: Polite, generous, honest, social and creative

HERO PERSONALITY: Energetic, scheming, smart, social and loyal

HAIR: brown ( Civilian ) and blond ( honey bee )

EYES: brown ( civilian) and blue ( honey bee )


FATHER: Jean Duprac

MOTHER: Chloe Bourgeois

SIBLINGS: Jayden Duprac Bourgeois ( twin older brother)

P.GRANDPARENTS: mr and Mrs: Duprac ( grandparents, jean’s parents)

M.GRANDPARENTS: Mayor bourgeois ( grandfather) and Mrs. Bourgeois ( grandmother


BEST FRIENDS: Ciel Marie Agreste Dupain

DREAM JOB: Fashion Designer and Model

Soleil Duprac bourgeois belongs to me @miraculous-ladybug-news / @smileprettycure

Parents and grandparents belongs to Thomas astruc/ @officialmiraculousladybug

Inspired by @toriitorii

The x sessions: part 2

1) rogue and mark, when someone finally knows tfw. The entire institute got depowered that day.

2) Chloe and jean grey in cerebro

3) Caleb playing mutant ball!

Most of this is based on x men evolution btw.

Spells - A Hogwarts AU

Part 2

Fic title: Spells
Part title: Damn Gryffindors
Part: 2/?
Rating: T
Fandom/s: Miraculous Ladybug, Harry Potter
Pairings: *slams fist on table* you’ll have to wait and see
Summary: Quidditch training, last-minute studying and tiring fights over who-gets-what-training-time leads to sleep deprivation. And if there’s anything that makes Marinette’s mouth less filtered, it’s sleep deprivation.

And that’s why she’s in the stupidest situation she’s ever been in in her life.

Part 1

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If there was one thing Marinette and Chloe agreed on, it was that Quidditch was ten times more important that grades.

“You have a Charms essay due and you’re still going to go train?” Sabrina’s face had never looked so incredulous.
“Our first game is this Saturday, and you actually expect us to write about spells?” Marinette swung her broom over her shoulder. “That’s crazy.”
“We have our O.W.Ls this year!” Sabrina snapped. “They’re the most important exams we’ll ever take in our life!”
“Sabrina, think about yourself for two seconds, and just stop talking,” Chloe flipped upside-down, combing her hair into a ponytail. “Because if you say one more thing Marinette will hit you over the head with her broom.”
“A stylish way to go out, Sabrina, feel lucky. The Firebolt 3000 would make a fabulous murder weapon,” Marinette winked.

“Okay, let’s go,” Chloe tightened her hair elastic and picked up her broom. “Hopefully Gryffindor isn’t down there.”
“Priorities, Chloe, priorities. We’re playing on Saturday, not them, so surely we’ll get the pitch.”
“I just heard Alix talking about how she wanted to train today.” Chloe pushed open the door and they headed down to the pitch.
“What are you going to do if Gryffindor is there?” Sabrina hurried after them, trailing behind.
“Tell ‘em what I just told Chloe,” Marinette tucked her ponytails behind her neck. “And if they still refuse to leave, then we’ll get permission from Slughorn.”
“And if the Hufflepuff team is there?” Sabrina almost tripped over the hem of her robes trying to keep up with the jogging girls.
“They’ll hurry out when we get there, they don’t like trouble,” Chloe replied. “Adrien’s not one to argue about priorities, but he knows we will. He’ll leave pretty quickly.”

The light was fading quickly from the sky; pink and orange streaked the azure, cloudless atmosphere. Marinette flung the doors to the Quidditch pitch open with flair, scanning to see if any rivaling teams were already there.
“Damn Gryffindors,” Marinette growled. Gryffindor’s red-and-gold robes stood out brightly against the sunset.

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Lascivious Chapter Five

Parings: Royai and Havolina

Rating: T

Summary:  If alchemists live by the concept of Equivalent Exchange, it seems only natural that Roy Mustang must replace what he has destroyed. Lust!Roy

A/N: Hey everyone! Anyone remember this fic? No, maybe not and that’s probably fair. The good news is that during this long hiatus a lot of exciting (and busy) things have been going on behind the scenes. If you follow me on Tumblr, you’re probably semi aware of me graduating high school and completing my first year of college. The other good news (Yep! Two of them!) is that this fic is now completely written. Yeah, you heard that right; for the first time in my life (No, actually. For the first time) I have finished a multi chapter work, so the long waits are over and this will be updating probably on a weekly (Maybe biweekly? We’ll see) basis. Of course, the equivalent exchange paid for that was this incredibly long wait you all sat through. Hopefully you still find this fic something to be worth reading and I really hope you all enjoy the future installments of Lascivious.
And, as always, a special thanks to Kate @rizascupcakes for beta-ing this.


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