chloe is so whipped

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Max gets Victoria to help at Kate’s bake sale. Chloe volunteers for the chance to spend time with Kate. But Victoria’s never had to make a meal for herself, and Chloe keeps eating the mixture. So it doesn't work out too well.

“I can’t believe you got her to come help us bake the cookies,” Chloe said in astonishment. Max just shrugged, a smile on her face. Her girlfriend was currently wearing sweats and an old t-shirt under an apron. “And wearing non-fashion designer clothes too. She is so whipped.” Max blushed, lightly shoving Chloe before turning her attention to Kate, who had just come into the large kitchen with a load of boxes. She placed them down and looked at Chloe.

“Do you mind helping me carry some boxes in?” Kate asked, pushing up the sleeves to her sweatshirt.

“yeah, of course!” Chloe said, moving quickly to follow Kate out of the kitchen.

“You say I’m whipped, but you’re so whipped and you aren’t in a relationship yet, Price!” Victoria called, scoffing when Chloe just gave her the middle finger without even turning around. 

Max kissed Victoria on the cheek before turning her attention to the counter stacked with ingredients. “You ready to make some cookies?”

“Uh.Yeah, sure.” Victoria responded, uncertain. She had never baked cookies, or made anything for that matter, in her life. It had always been up to butlers, or in rare cases, her parents. 

“Don’t be nervous. It’s easy,” Max said with a small smile, picking up one of the boxes and reading the instructions out loud.


“Alright, so the cookie dough should be set and cool by now. We can take it out, roll them into little balls and put them into the oven.” Max said to Victoria as the entered the kitchen. 

“Oh my god. You have got to be kidding me.” Chloe was standing at the counter, her jacket laying on the counter and a spoonful of cookie dough in her hand. The bowl was next to her, cut in half like she had already eaten half of the mixture. She looked up at the two of them and paled. 

“Shit.” Chloe said, not sure of what to do. Victoria clenched her hands and took a step towards Chloe. 

“Did you seriously eat half of the cookie dough!?” Victoria yelled.

“Well, it wasn’t very good. It had like, egg shells in it and shit.” Chloe defended, throwing the spoon in the sink.

“Then why did you eat half of it?!” 

“Chloe, you’re going to get sick!” Max exclaimed, worried for her best friend.

“What’s wrong?” Kate asked from the doorway of the kitchen, dropping the final box on the ground. She was obviously confused, wondering why everyone was yelling at each other.

“Chloe ate half of the goddamn cookie dough!”

“I didn’t mean to! It just happened!”

“Oh my god.”

Kate just stood there, stunned. Then, she started to laugh. She laughed so much that she had to take deep breaths in order to get air into her lungs.

“Kate?” The three of them asked at once, all concerned for their friend.

“I already made the cookies. When you guys said you were making cookies, I thought you were doing it for yourselves. Why did you think I had so many boxes?” Kate wiped a tear from her eye as she looke at the three of them with a smile. “I appreciate the sentimentality, but I already made them with Dana yesterday.”

“Oh my god.”

“So you’re saying I didn’t have to make cookies?”

“Oh my god, the cookies are coming back up. I’m gonna throw up.”