chloe finds her people

I headcanon that Chloe is really bad with the secret identity thing.

Life is Strange is not queerbaiting


So from what I’ve gathered so far by looking at spoilers:

Max once again breaks time and space to go back and save Chloe’s life/keep her from dying.

Max has a nightmare sequence about Chloe kissing other people and not ending up with her or finding her good enough.

Max writes in her journal about how she cares about Chloe as more then a friend and doesn’t regret their kiss. Says she’ll find out whether what she feels is friendship or love.

Heart wrenching confession from Max about how this is all her fault and how she caused this. But despite that she refuses to let Chloe die again and wants desperately for her to live.

Option to keep Chloe alive in which case Max loves her friend so much that she literally LET’S AN ENTIRE TOWN BE DESTROYED thus killing at least a few people if not everyone.

Promises again that they’ll be together forever.

Chloe and Max all but drive off into a literal sunset together, leaving Arcadia Bay to start a new life together and heal emotionally from the fact that a lot of people they knew and cared about are dead forever because of a choice Max made to save Chloe.

Max literally breaks time and space to save Chloe not once but multiple times even creating and breaking alternate realities for her because she loves her too much to let her go.

Fandom: But they didn’t kiss or confess their love for each other! You only get that if you let Chloe die! This is queerbaiting!!!

I mean… am I the ONLY one who see’s just a tiny bit of a disconnect happening here?

I mean I totally understand being upset that the ending wasn’t longer or calling it a cliche tragic lesbians trope, even if DONTNOD has been pointing electric neon signs at this outcome from Episode One, but calling it queerbaiting feels totally inaccurate to me and ignores what Max and Chloe DID do and say together in favor of what they didn’t or in favor of what some in the fandom would have preferred.

I mean Max breaks time and space and traverses alternate realities, nearly kills herself, saves Chloe multiple times and drives off with her to heal and start a new life and people still say that’s queerbaiting? This whole game has revolved around them and their growing friendship together and love for each other. Max cared so much about Chloe that she LITERALLY REWOUND TIME AND CREATED ALTERNATE REALITIES IN ORDER TO TRY AND SAVE CHLOE OR JUST MAKE HER HAPPY AND GIVE HER THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE. I mean, I really just don’t know what else to say here.