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The Permanent Rain Press Interview with Hayley Kiyoko. (Watch in HD)

We chat with Hayley Kiyoko ahead of her sold-out show in Vancouver on the One Bad Night Tour. Watch as Hayley speaks about her process as a music video director, having a human connection with fans, and portraying Stella in the 2011 Disney Channel Original Movie, Lemonade Mouth.


A pic I rustled up quick the day before I went to MCM Expo in London this past weekend! ^^; I had so much fun inking her hair - Manga Studio’s line-smoothing tool is a lifesaver when you’re trying to draw quickly!

While I had a lovely time at MCM, it sure is nice to be home with my cat and not have to worry about it again until 2015! Hope that everyone who also went had a lovely time and got home safely. x

I wanted to draw something quick for Ace Visibility Day ( before it’s tooooo late (I’m aware that this is already late, shhh). It’s something I’m open about - I always tell people I’m very happy being single and that I’m not looking for a relationship - but I never say outright that I’m ace.

All I know is that when I learned about asexuality, read other people’s experiences and realised how strongly I identified with it, I felt a great sense of peace. It felt like in my life I’d been shuffling through the whole deck of cards and finally, I had found the one I needed. I hope others find their card… And that other days of visibility can let people know that there are others out there like you and that you’re not alone. x

(She’s also transparent!)