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This is legitimately Tangled Ribbons by demistories/@sadrien I can’t???? But ngl the animation looks beautiful in this and I’m really wanting to see it!


This outstanding dancer with the amazing feet is Kenedy Kallas from Center Stage Performing Arts Studio.

The truth shall set you free: What you need to stop thinking about Dance Moms
  1. That Chloe is an extremely talented ballerina. Chloe has a wonderful body for ballet, however she has been very poorly trained. Much of what we see demonstrated from her is very “fake” ballet technique. The Joffrey auditions were not just looking at ballet, so you can stop falling back on that two-year-old audition as proof that she’s an amazing ballet dancer. Chloe has many technical issues such as sickled feet, poorly controlled arms, weak supporting legs and piking her tilts, which show more as she grows and have gotten worse since she stopped attending regular classes.
  2. That Chloe’s turns are amazing. Chloe was, at one time, a very good natural turner. However, her form has not improved over the years and she usually turns with crooked hips, poor arms and wobbly ankles. She also travels very far on fouettes and sometimes doesn’t connect her retirée. Additionally, she presses her hands into one another on her turns, a very irritating habit.
  3. That Maddie’s technique is flawless. Her technique is the best of the group, but she has some things to work on which I worry that Abby doesn’t correct. She always leaps with her hips open instead of square, showing that her ballet privates haven’t really been paying off much. She also throws her arms up/back too much and has a heck of a swayback. Her flaws aren’t the end of the world but the bigger concern is that she’s still making mistakes she was making three years ago. Abby’s idea of “improving” is learning new moves, but it really means doing the moves you used to do but better.
  4. That Mackenzie is improving significantly. While she’s learned new tricks, she still has next to no performance quality and very little maturity. She does not sustain movements or commit to things like arm movements or emotions at all. It’s not as visible in her solos, because all Abby gives her is one-dimensional sassy pieces,  but if you look in group numbers she is basically a limp noodle. She drags down the group pieces.
  5. That Brooke and Paige will ever come back. They are happier gone. And if you think they should come back to endure what Abby put them through just for the sake of your entertainment, then you are selfish.
  6. That Brooke and Paige need to continue dancing in order to be happy. Kids fall out of love with hobbies all the time. And sometimes they fall back in love with dance, and sometimes they don’t. If Brooke and Paige don’t want to dance anymore, stop moping around about how they’re wasting their “god-given talent” (there are plenty of kids more talented) and start being happy for them that they are living happy, healthy lives, making friends and actually caring for themselves again instead of having their crap dragged out on TV for everyone to CONSTANTLY see.
  7. That Christi has a point 90% of the time. She is doing Chloe no favours the way she constantly convinces Chloe that she is the poor, hapless victim. A few weeks ago when Christi started a fight with Abby simply because she THOUGHT Abby was going to say something about Chloe accidentally running into Maddie during rehearsal, Christi caused more shit than anyone else. And “SHE ALWAYS SAYS SHE’S SORRY!” is just another example of how Christi (and the producers) try to paint Chloe as a meek little puppy. Christi also shit-stirs with the new moms way too much. The episode where Chloe was moved to the select ensemble, literally all of the drama that episode was caused by Christi.
  8. That Cathy just woke up one day and decided to be evil. If you still sincerely believe that Cathy just decides to stir shit and be a total villain and no one wants her around, why are there camera crews in her studio?
  9. That “select ensembles,” mid-season replacements and last-minute competition changes happen in the real world. Most dance competitions won’t allow day-of entries. A lot don’t even let you enter a number with the title “TBA” (i.e. “I have a number I just don’t know what it is yet”). No real dance competition would let you enter two dancers doing the exact same routine (and funny how Abby thought that the three girls doing the same solo would look ridiculous this season, but not last season when she did that with M&C). And dance teams are not like the NFL — people do not fly across the country to join a new team. You go with what’s in your district.
  10. That any of Abby’s kids’ accomplishments (besides the Sia video) are a big deal. Being a national champion isn’t really a big deal (like, it’s a big accomplishment, but there are a lot of kids who are national champions). Getting a featured part in a music video that was designed for your TV show is not a big deal. Going to auditions isn’t a big deal. Getting a scholarship to study at a dance school in the summer isn’t a big deal. I say these not because the girls shouldn’t be proud of these accomplishments (they should, very much)! I’m saying this because we need to stop kidding ourselves into thinking they are special and are doing things that other dancers don’t do every single day.
  11. That Nia ever really did all that badly at competitions. Nia has won overalls before — just not on TV. She even placed as top junior soloist for DEA Pittsburgh shortly around the time Season One began filming. While it’s true that Nia may not have the most natural dance body of everyone and is a different kind of dancer, it’s not like she barely made the competition team and started from the bottom (OMG, Nia is Drake)! The narrative that they’ve built for Nia is nice, and she does face a lot of obstacles being the only black girl on the team (it’s hard to be black in dance), but it’s also disingenuous. She was never a bottom-feeder.
  12. That these kids will (and should) all want to be professional dancers by the time they’re 17. The vast majority of children in North America who dance competitively have no interest — especially in their teenage years — of becoming professional dancers. It’s normal to not want to be a professional dancer even if dance is your life and you don’t ever see yourself quitting. I was like that. These kids are now getting to the age where they have to start thinking about other things, but because of the show they will likely still be pushed down the dance path. It’s a good thing to have a back-up, because even if you are as technically amazing as Maddie, even if you are as driven as Nia, even if you are as beautiful as Kendall, as charismatic as Chloe and as good at gymnastics as Mackenzie, all of those things put together. Even if you are (somehow) a quantitatively perfect dancer, your chances are still slim. I know professional dancers who go back to college at 30. I know So You Think You Can Dance Canada alumni whom I’ve had to buy lunch after ballet class because it was either eat or take the bus home. Even dancers with jobs usually work multiple jobs, crazy hours, have a very deprived lifestyle and still end up scrounging. And Abby has nixed any chance the kids have of getting jobs with ballet or modern companies because their training in those genres is too poor, so the only chances they have are dancing in music videos their whole lives or doing musical theatre productions. It’s okay for kids to love dance with all their hearts and not want to go through that kind of life when they’re older. It doesn’t make you love dance any less. It doesn’t make you less amazing.
I'm so proud of chloe right now

I can’t believe my baby won after being told constantly she was worthless she showed them wrong. I FEEL LIKE A PROUD MUM she is so beautiful I’m in aww. Chloe is a credit to us all she is sweet kind and crazy talented. I’m also so proud of my Maddie she has done so much recently and her talent can’t go a miss. Maddie is so poised and graceful she is a princess. I’m so proud of Both of them, they are both achieving amazing Things I love Chloe and
Maddie they both inspire me. I’ve never got the whole Maddie vs Chloe thing as they are both amazing and they are both so sweet. How can you
Compare them I have loved the since day one and I still do #teamcladdie