chloe and michelle

  • Chloe: Do you live with Beca Mitchell?
  • Fat Amy: Yeah.
  • Chloe: I just figured she’d be married to Jesse by now.
  • Fat Amy: Jesse Swanson?
  • Chloe: Yes, Jesse Swanson! He could barely contain his to toner every time she walked by! Why do you think he always carried around that huge notebook?
  • Fat Amy: Jesse and Beca… I’m sure! Besides, didn’t *you* have a thing for Beca in college?
  • Chloe: I did not have a THING! I did not have a thing, I did NOT have a THING! I was VERY much in love with her! VERY much in love and there’s a difference!
  • Chloe: [to customer behind her] There’s a difference!
  • Chloe: [to Amy] There’s a difference! I have to go now!
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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) starring Ludi Lin, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, Kaori Kawabuchi, Harry Shum Jr. and Chloe Bennet (with thanks to ladiesonlyfancasts)

Bechloe Zombie Apocalypse AU
  • Chloe: hey Becs... You look really hot with that knife... How can you look beautiful with blood on your clothes.
  • Beca: *facepalms* we don't have time for this Chloe..
  • Chloe: I'm just flirting with you.
  • Beca: thanks ... At least I can say I flirted with my crush and I have a blush before I get eaten alive. *Holds up the knife to kill a zombie*
  • Chloe: wait what? You have a crush on me?!!
  • Beca: SHHHHH CHLOE FOCUS!! *whispers loudly before killing another zombie behind Chloe*
  • Chloe: fine but just you know. I'm definitely gonna kiss you later.
  • Beca: * is caught off guard and almost gets bitten* CHLOE! Stop distracting me.
  • Chloe: *laughs* fine... * Turns serious then kills 5 zombie on one go*
  • Beca: huh...
  • Chloe: you impressed? Are you gonna kiss me now?
  • Beca: Maybe... Maybe...
  • Chloe: OH COME ON!!
  • Beca: *laughs before pulling Chloe for a kiss*
Insanity - Nathan Prescott x Reader (2/?)

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Fandom- Life is Strange

Characters- Nathan Prescott, Warren Graham, Kate Marsh, Max Caulfield, Chloe Price, Mark Jefferson, Victoria Chase, Taylor Christensen, Courtney Wagner, Hayden Jones, Daniel DaCosta, Brooke Scott, David Madsen (And probably more later on)


InSaNiTy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein.

You are Warren’s twin sister and are also a student at Blackwell Academy. You’re caught between two sides- family or love.

Words- 1544 Words 

Warnings- Drugs. Alcohol. Abuse. Sexual themes. This is a Life is Strange oneshot and we all know how messed up that game is so.


Read Part One here! 

Set in Episode One - Chrysalis 

You walked to the front of the classroom and watch Miss Grant bring Nathan Prescott into the classroom after everyone else has left. 

“I need you two to get on, Mr Jefferson has asked me to tell you both that he wants you to work on a joint photography project,” Miss Grant says and you throw a glare at the Prescott, “He wants to see you both in your next lesson, which I believe is photography right?” 

“Yeah,” You say and she nods. 

“Right, you two, off you go, and behave!” Miss Grant says and you nod. 

Nathan stalks out the classroom using his long legs while you trail behind and follow him to your photography lesson with Mr Jefferson. 

Nathan however, heads in another direction, towards the bathrooms. 

“Tell Jefferson I’m going to be late,” He says and you just nod. 

You roll your eyes and head into lesson. 

“You’re late…Is Nathan not with you?” Mr Jefferson says and you shake your head. 

“He told me to tell you he’ll be late,” You say and you head to your seat at the back, where Max sat in her lessons. 

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So I’m not saying we need a “soft spoken boy from an RPG Maker Game with Creepy Elements who has blue eyes and shaggy blond hair from Probably Europe^tm who is barely a (fancily dressed) teenager, whose tragic past has led to misfortune for not only him but several people around him (because of death and forces beyond his control), and it falls to him to deal with its consequences in the present” support group…