Ghost Fanfic - Things We Lost - 11


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            “That was the single most idiotic thing you could have done.”

            The boy crouched in the paddock, his face in his hands. He didn’t dare peek between his fingers to see the damage, there was more than enough to account for within. Five had shrunk to two with the expenditure of magic, and it had been for nothing. The jewel was still bonded to her. He could sense it just as much as he could sense his own.

            “You can’t be rid of your bonds,” the voice crooned by his ear. A talon trailed down his scalp from the top of his head to the base of his neck. “And you can’t get rid of hers either.” The talons dug into the base of his neck and he caught his lip between his teeth to silence himself. He would not scream for the creature.

            “And now three of the shells are dead. You have decreased my harvest. Quite a shame, she could have had a few more years before I incorporated her.”

            “Sh-she’s worthless to you now, you can’t–”

            Talons slashed across his fingers, dragging them from his face.

            A human child lay splayed on the grass, skin still glowing from the aftereffects of the spell. Spun gold curls cushioned her head, and one wound forward from her forehead a few inches.

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