Can you feel the love tonight
  • *Adrien and Marinette making eyes at each other the day after The Umbrella Incident™*
  • Chloe:I can see what's happening
  • Sabrina:What?
  • Chloe:And they don't have a clue
  • Sabrina:Who?
  • Chloe:They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line...
  • Chloe:Our trio's down to two!
  • Sabrina:Oh.
  • Chloe:Ze sweet caress of twilight
  • C:There's magic everywhere
  • C:And with all this romantic atmosphere...
  • C:Disaster's in the air!!!

I’m almost positive this is the exact same artwork with a different background.

The image on the left is from a 2015 illustration while the middle image is from 2016 SDCC. They could have easily masked the character for the illustration. 

There are some differences but one has lighting effects specific to the illustration while the other is a picture someone took of a screen (it’s probably at an angle and low-res). I also had trouble finding the exact size and angle. Either way there were enough similarities to make me suspicious. Even the top of the SDCC image is cropped at a position and angle that would hide the lock of hair.

If that’s the case then I doubt it can be denied the character looks like Chloe. Sure the hair is different but so is Chat’s. It’s also possible that both these images are just old concepts that are subject to change for the final product. Like the peacock kwami.

Of course there’s always the possibility of a new character. If nothing changed then it’s also possible the wielder is another character from old concept art, and that their coloring changes after transforming. Then again it would be odd to show her miraculous coloring in civilian clothes.

This is just something I found curious and decided to put out there. We won’t officially know anything until we see the final product ourselves. I can’t wait to discover the facts!


Colorado Dogblr Meetup July 23rd 2016!

Had a wonderful time in Southern Colorado meeting some fellow dogblrs and their dogs! All the dogs were wonderful and well behaved and all had a blast! What a great day with a great group of people!

I have a ton more photos of individual dogs and such that I will put in my queue, but here are the group photos I got!

@theshiredog @pekoodat @loki-lo


And thus his secret identity was revealed.

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