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here, take my hand by Jen
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Some new boots came today that fit Fern perfectly, and I just think they’re super cool. Oh yeah, Beatrix Fern will be Fern from now on. Hopefully within the next couple weeks I’ll be able to restring her. She jerks all around in a weird way like there is something wrong with the way she’s strung.

She has a new, rich boyfriend. While still married. But evidently that doesn’t matter in Georgia. That’s how she won though. Evidently it’s all still temporary and my stepdad gets her every other weekend until the final hearing. Basically, he has until then to get through the thick skulls in the Georgia judicial system. the date for the final hearing is yet to be determined. I should have seen this shit coming. This is exactly what happened with my older sister. Georgia doesn’t give a fuck who’s the better parent, it’s all about traditional family values. The mother is always right. Even if she is a deadbeat, alcoholic, piece of shit.


I’ve been awake now for 40 hours straight. I’m going to fucking sleep. I sure hope if any of you ever become anything judicial, attorney, prosecutor, judge, social worker, any thing that could possibly stand in the way of a child being dragged through some bullshit like this, you do it because you sincerely want to fucking help someone. Not because you like a lot of zeros on your paychecks.

Bechloe - One-shot

//Decided to have a go at one-shots and post it here. I don’t even have a title for this but hope you guys like it!//

Beca huffed in relief as she slumped down into a vacant seat. Finally. The tiny brunette had been standing up for most of the subway ride, sandwiched between people, heads taller than her, in the train. She had been hit in the face by boobs, sweaty pits, bags, and a myriad of other things, leaving the girl cursing her height and her luck. As soon as an old lady got up from her seat to alight, Beca used her small size to her advantage, maneuvering through the warm bodies as quickly as she could, getting to the seat first before anyone else could. She looked up with a satisfied smirk, seeing stares of disapproval from the crowd. In typical Beca fashion, she threw them an equally dirty look before pulling up her headphones to drown out the noise.

The journey to work was no joke. She was an apprentice DJ at Barden, a hot, up and coming club in the heart of Manhattan. It sounds cool and all but in reality it sucked. Don’t get her wrong, Beca loved her job, she loved that she was given an opportunity to show her stuff. She was lucky enough to have spilled her redbull all over some random dude, who just happened to be the club manager, the first day she was strolling down the streets of Manhattan looking for a job. The dude turned out to be pretty cool; she apologized profusely, they got to talking, he liked her and immediately offered her a job when he heard that she could spin.

The thing is, being an apprentice meant having to come into the club way earlier to practice her sets, before the house DJ claimed her own practice slot. It wasn’t like she had to come out really early but Beca was not a morning person, or an afternoon person really. Waking up in general gets her really grumpy and it takes her hours before she’s even ready to function. The subway ride was a long one. Being broke as fuck, Beca could only afford a small apartment in some shady-ass neighborhood up in the Bronx, the whole journey to work taking her about an hour.

She was tapping her feet to the beat of David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’, arms crossed, looking straight ahead minding her own business, when suddenly a face popped up into her line of view. Her stormy blue eyes met large cerulean pools. To say that she was stunned was an understatement but for some reason, she couldn’t will herself to tear her eyes away from the pair in front of her. It was like looking into the Caribbean ocean, not that Beca had ever been to the Caribbean but- so mesmerizing.

Beca didn’t know how long she was staring for but she realized the girl was wearing a large grin, apparently saying something. Her brows scrunched as she pulled down her headphones to hear the girl better. Beca didn’t know why she was responding to the girl, in normal circumstances she would be annoyed at the disturbance, but how could she be when the girl looked like that. Ginger hair, killer smile, and her eyes.. God damn, her eyes. Beca realized she was staring again, and even after taking off her headphones, she still had not heard a word the redhead said. Clearing her throat, snapping out of her reverie, she said, “I’m sorry what?” Her voice cracking slightly at the end. Smooth Beca.

“I said that’s my jam!” The redhead repeated excitedly. Beca thought she looked adorable, before she continued, wiggling her eyebrows playfully as she made a small hip roll on her seat next to Beca, “My lady jam.”

Beca instantly turned red at the comment, averting her eyes from the girl beside her. She ducked even more when she saw the looks of distaste from the commuters around her, the redhead though, thoroughly oblivious to the looks that they were getting. She could feel her face getting hot before she mumbled a quick, “Eh good to know.”

The redhead just giggled as she continued the conversation as if she had not just told a complete stranger she got off to David Guetta.

“I’m Chloe by the way,” she said as she held her hand out confidently for the small brunette to shake.

“Uh, Beca.”

She shook the redhead’s hand hesitantly wondering what the fuck was going on.

“So… David Guetta huh,” the redhead wiggled her eyebrows playfully again, giggling before she continued, “Do you sing?”

The brunette just shook her head timidly as the redhead piped up again, “Aw everybody can sing!” Her eyes lit up, as if getting an idea, “Here, sing with me!”

Beca stared irrediculously at the redhead, “Dude what?”

“I’m serious, sing with me Beca!”

“Right here? You’re kidding right?” The brunette paused. “I don’t even know you.”

The redhead did not falter as she kept her eyes trained on the tiny brunette.

“Dude, stop looking at me like that.”

The redhead let out a dramatic sigh as she continued to wait for the brunette. Seconds felt like minutes. Don’t look. Just don’t. Well fuck.

As soon as her eyes met the redhead’s she knew she fucked. The redhead was looking at her with pleading eyes now, and Beca could feel her resolve crumbling. As soon as the redhead started to pout, Beca knew she was a goner.

“Ugh okay fine!” She whisper-screamed exasperatedly.

The redhead did a complete one-eighty, clapping in glee as she waited for the brunette to start.

Beca looked around consciously, checking that all the other commuters were doing their own thing, before she started to sing the first lines to the chorus of 'Titanium’ as softly as she could.

“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose.. Fire away, fire away.. Ricochet, you take your aim…”

“Fire away, fire away…”

Beca was pleasantly surprised when the redhead joined her, their voices harmonizing together perfectly. She cracked a smile, as she kept her eyes trained on the redhead this time, actually enjoying how well they sounded together.

“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall… I am titanium.. You shoot me down, but I won’t fall… I am titanium..”

The chorus ended organically as both girls looked at each other with wide smiles. The redhead looked like a child on Christmas Day, eyes sparkling, as she wore a goofy grin. Beca, realizing how wide she was smiling, tried to cover it up but to no avail.

The redhead was the one to break the silence first. “You can sing!” Was all she said as she took the smaller brunette’s hand excitedly, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Beca was shocked at the gesture but let her hand stay there anyway. She wasn’t used to people touching her, especially not strangers, but weirdly so, she didn’t mind it one bit when the redhead took her hand in hers.

Beca just shrugged it off before admitting, “We sounded good though.”

The redhead let out a hearty laugh, nodding her head, agreeing with the smaller brunette.

“We sounded aca-awesome!”

“Aca-awesome?” Beca asked, confused.

“Yeah! I’m in an acapella group down at NYU. We’re called the Bella’s. We say that all the time. You should come watch us sometime, regionals are around the corner-”

The redhead was starting to ramble now, and Beca couldn’t help but notice how cute the redhead looked when she was lost in thought, talking about the things she loved. But being Beca, she quickly cut the girl off with a smirk, “Sounds aca-lame.”

Beca had half expected the girl to get insulted but when the girl laughed again, she was pleasantly surprised. The redhead was full of surprises, and Beca was intrigued.

“You’re aca-lame for thinking it’s aca-lame.”

This time Beca let out a genuine laugh, “Okay that’s too much aca-talk for me. You’re passing me your nerd germs,” she said with mock disgust. The redhead feigned shock as she slapped Beca’s arm playfully.

The whole journey continued like this. The both of them exchanging playful banter and sharing parts of their lives. The redhead was telling Beca all about college life, her best friends, and how she was finally in her second year and was able to rent her own apartment outside of campus grounds. Beca on the other hand was shocked, at her own self, when she found herself sharing bits and pieces of herself with this stranger. Even if the only thing that she had shared with the redhead was that she was an aspiring DJ, and she that played at Barden, that was more than expected of from Beca. She wasn’t the most open person to begin with. She even let the redhead listen to some of her own mixes from her iPod, which the redhead declared she loved instantaneously. Beca chuckled coolly, but her heart swelled with pride. It always did when someone complimented her mixes.

She was so into watching the redhead bob her head to her songs when she heard the subway doors beeping signaling that the doors were closing.

Looking out she realized that this was her stop.

“Oh shit!” She screamed as she rushed for the door. She barely made it out of the subway in time, letting out a sigh of relief as she did. As soon as the door closed, she felt like she was missing something. Instantly her hands snapped up to her neck, cursing as she felt bare skin. Her headphones. And her iPod.

She whipped around just before the train moved away, catching sight of the redhead through the windows. The redhead looked equally panicked, but calmed down once she locked eyes with Beca. She waved the headphones at the smaller brunette, as if indicating, “I’ll see you tomorrow,” shaking her head slightly as she laughed, and Beca swore she could almost hear the sound of her soft laughter. The thought made Beca smile, filling her up with warmth as she watched the train move away, the redhead getting smaller and smaller, till she could no see her.

Snapping out of it, Beca decided to make her way through the crowd to get to work. There wasn’t much she could do now, but that didn’t stop her mind from going back to a certain redhead who had lifted her mood so significantly today. As soon as she exited the subway station, she hugged her leather jacket tighter around her body as a slight chill hit her.

Beca couldn’t understand what was going on. She knew she should be feeling all sorts of panic, she knew she should have thought that her prized possessions were as good as gone now, but she didn’t. Strangely, she felt calm. She was even wearing a small smile at the thought of the bubbly redhead. She doesn’t even know the redhead but a part of her trusted her enough make her believe that they would meet again tomorrow.