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Hi! It's my birthday today (yeah I have the same birthday as Park Jimin aint it cool), so I wanted to request something with Jimin. Maybe an assassin au? Or a random fantasy au, like a dragonshifter au, where a person can switch between dragon and human form? Idk it doesnt have to come out today, I just wanted to treat myself to a request today cause I dont normally do this. Thanks so much!

happy birthday kiddo!!! here’s dragon!jimin ~

  • your entire village knows about jimin
  • they know that he’s locked up within the cave at the upper east side of the mountain that casts a long, dark shadow over your village
  • and they all whisper,,,,,what a hideous boy he must be,,,,,,part dragon
  • and because your village knows jimin, they know you
  • the keeper of the dragon, the poor child that has to go up there and feed the ‘monster’ that has brought so much terror to the hearts of villagers
  • and you know - that all of this hatred for jimin is baseless bullshit
  • yes, he’s a dragon - but his form is mostly human and his personality is docile and shy
  • lore had lead people to believe he was malicious, ten feet tall, and grew horns on his spine,,,,,,but he was nothing like that
  • it took you three weeks,,,,,three entire weeks,,,,,to get him to show himself to you when you finally decided that fine, if no one else was going to take care of a poor boy banished to live in a cave, then you were going to be the one to do it
  • at first, you were a bit frightened too, but you trudged up there with clenched teeth and a bag of food to offer whatever was waiting in that cave
  • upon entering it, the dark and musky place echoed your footsteps. you didn’t hear anything else, but yourself - the dragon must be hiding
  • you were sure it was a little bizarre, but you started calling out. you introduced yourself, waited for an answer, and then went on to repeat what you said
  • finally, after three weeks of telling aimless stories of the village and waiting for replies you got one
  • in a hushed, gentle voice you heard a simple greeting. the dragon had said your name. he had been listening
  • “you remembered! im thankful. here, i brought more food. ill leave it at the entrance unless,,,,,,,,you want to come and get it?”
  • for a moment it was silent and maybe,,,,you thought,,,you were asking for too much
  • but then  -  footsteps, human footsteps
  • and the “dragon” emerged
  • blonde hair littered with tangles and overgrown bangs, eyes ringed with red from insomnia, and pale almost sickly looking skin - which you imagined came from his living conditions
  • looking up at you, his eyes were a brilliantly deep brown, that you were sure at one point glowed in the sunlight
  • but now, he looked weak and tired. this was the evil dragon everyone else seemed to fear
  • but in reality he was a thin, starving boy
  • you realized too, that the bags of meat you had been bringing were not going to benefit him at all. you made a mental note to bring fruits and vegetables next time, maybe something sweet
  • “may i?” 
  • he asked, quietly. eyes looking at the bag in your hands desperately.
  • “here, but also -”
  • you pulled the bottle of water which you brought up the mountain with you and handed it to jimin
  • he stared at it, but with shaky hands and a bow of his head accepted it
  • watching him eat, bare hands and crouched down like a frightened animal, made your heart ache
  • was jimin even a dragon? he just looked like a poor orphan, someone in need of a warm home and good meal
  • he seemed aware of your looks and slowed down, closing the bag and wiping at his mouth with the back of his hand “t-thank you”
  • you wanted to say something, but just as he appeared from the dark, he disappeared back inside
  • after that, you visited jimin even more often. you brought better food, hauled blankets up the mountain for him, at one point you even attempted to gift him a comb to tame his hair
  • but he had looked at it, tried to bite it, and said he didn’t know what to do
  • you had giggled, telling him that if he wanted - you could help
  • he looked like a chlld, with wide eyes, watching carefully as you ran the comb through his long bangs
  • not to hurt him, you tried to get through the knots with small, precise movements
  • at some point, jimin had closed his eyes. entrusting himself to you completely
  • your relationship with him only got better, you’d never even seen his dragon form, just the human boy who awaited your arrival everyday with eagerness
  • a friend of yours had made a joke that the dragon was becoming your boyfriend - you spent hours up there with him
  • but you blushed,,,,,jimin?,,,,,,boyfriend?,,,,,
  • well there was no opposing it, after getting his hair unmatted and the sparkle returning to his eyes, jimin was handsome
  • and, most of the time he had his chest exposed. some kind of healed scars ran down his back, but other than that he was lean. getting more toned with the better diet
  • you tried to shake the thought, but when you saw him the next time,,,,,,, smiling, innocent eyes and soft voice,,,,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,,,he was kinda like totally your type
  • you were humming happily up your climb to see jimin one sunny afternoon, usually you had hated the hike but now it made you happy
  • you didn’t notice the other villager following you up, your lovestruck neighbor since you were kids who had taken unkindly to your job as ‘keeper of the dragon’
  • once you got to the entrance of the cave, you set down the bag with you and opened your mouth to call out jimin’s name
  • that is until,,,,,,a hand clasped around your mouth and you let out a muffled sound of surprise 
  • turning you around, the neighbor told you not to scream it was only him
  • letting go you caught your breath and asked “what are you doing here?”
  • he snorted, eyes averting to the mouth of the cave “i wanna see that demonic thing you’ve been taking care of. running up here like you’re married to it.”
  • you winced at the disgust in his tone, who was he to talk - he knew nothing about jimin
  • but without even letting you retort, he took a hold of your waist and smiled with wicked intent; “how about this? i kill that thing and you come down to the village and start taking care of me. a human, not whatever creature-”
  • your hand came up on its own, slapping across his face with a sound that scared some of the birds in the surrounding trees
  • “you better not lay a hand on him. if you even dare -”
  • “you’ll what? what will you do, you’re weak and no one in the village understands your obsession with a dragon. you’re crazy, the villagers won’t even notice you if you’re gone -”
  • and with that he pulled the dagger he’d brought with him, holding it dangerously close to the skin of your throat
  • closing your eyes, you tried to wrench his hand off of you, but even if something happened in the back of your head you prayed he wouldn’t find jimin
  • you didn’t have to worry though, because with a roar that rumbled like thunder and a body three times the size of any person
  • the dragon finally showed it’s true form
  • emerging from the cave was jimin, but he had transformed into a large, brightly scaled dragon, with a tail ten feet long and a wingspan as wide as the mountain
  • his eyes locked on those of your neighbor, who began to shake - dropping the dagger in his hand
  • in a deep, unrecognizable voice jimin hissed out “let them go”
  • your neighbor obeyed, letting his grip loosen as you pushed out of it and backed yourself into the shadow of the cave
  • jimin flee above the opening, diving down to unleash another sound that made the world feel like it was shaking
  • your neighbor needed no more convincing, he was running and tumbling his way through the brush to get away from the dragon
  • and you watched, protected by jimin who landed himself in front of you and blew wind from his nose that practically barreled your neighbor right to the bottom
  • after he was gone, jimin turned his head to look at you
  • his eyes were a shimmering yellow, long teeth visible through his partially open mouth. his scales were a mix of burnt orange and gold, beautiful
  • you took a step closer to him, hand out to touch the scales of his skin
  • he didn’t flinch, but let you comfortably take in this side of him. the side your village had learned to hate.
  • once you were close enough, jimin muttered something in a language you were sure died out years ago and in an instant his form was shrunken, the wings disappearing and left in the small mist was jimin, human jimin
  • his teeth were still barred in anger, the fangs retracting slowly into his mouth
  • a line of scales still visible on his cheekbones and the yellow of his eyes just made him all the more handsome
  • and before you could stop yourself, you ran into his arms, pulling him close
  • jimin was shocked, slightly weak from suddenly transforming, but after a moment he lifted his hands to embrace you back tightly
  • you buried your head in his neck and thanked him for saving you
  • you could feel him slightly relax when he realized you weren’t afraid of his dragon form, you didn’t think he was horrid, you were actually nothing but happy to be in his arms in that moment
  • “nothing will hurt you ever again, i will forever be by your side.”
  • his voice was still gentle as he spoke, but the sense of urgency was real. 
  • you weren’t the dragons keeper anymore, you were jimin’s most beloved treasure and he was going to protect you till the end of time - he vowed it 
All Along the Watchtower - 12x23 (and 12x22) and Circular Narrative Structure

An entity with yellow eyes enters a nursery:

1x01(Azaezel Prince of Hell over Sam’s crib)

and 12x23 (Jack the Nephilim, son of Lucifer and Kelly)

A woman dies in a nursery:

1x01 (Mary Winchester burns on the ceiling)

and 12x23 (Kelly Kline dies in a blaze of light giving birth to Jack)

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“Soft beds” is an acquired taste

My bed doesn’t have a mattress. It’s got cardboards and a blanket on top of wooden boards. I use to sleep on hard bunk in China, and I grew up sleeping on hard beds my entire life. 

When I sleep on a soft bed at hotels, I wake up sore all over, because my body is used to sleeping on a hard bed. 

So when fics describe some poor abused chlld or war-weary vegabond sleeping on soft bed for the first time and sleeping like a baby… THAT’S FAKE MAN, SO FAKE. 

Okay same with pizza. I can personally attest that pizza is an acquired taste. I have read a fic where characters tried pizza for the first time and thought it was the most amazing heavenly food and the narrative just instantly lost all credibility to me. Clearly the fic was written by someone who grew up eating pizza and cannot imagine it being an acquired taste. 

The first three times I tried pizza at the age of 9, I thought it was disgusting. My other Chinese-Canadian friends (who grew to like pizza) had the same experience. Because our Chinese-food palates weren’t prepared for the intensity of flavour or the heavy amount of cheese. 

Basically, what I’m saying is, yes, we live in a first world country, and a lot of common things we enjoy would be considered luxuries. That doesn’t mean they’re superior, or even desirable, to people that lived without them. 


Nyanko-sensei (as Natsume): Seconds!

Natsume: NO SECONDS!

Touko: Oh my! That’s rare!


Nyanko-sensei: Will ya? (Souka.) (Actually technically “okay” or “I understand”)

Natsume: Will YOU! (Sou DESUka!)


Nyanko-sensei (wants to start eating)


(he waits the entire time frozen in that position)


Nyanko-sensei: Gotcha! (As iris-best told me, what he actually said is “ou”, which means yes but is something a seventy year old man, or ancient demon cat, is more likely to say than a teenager. Also less polite and appropriate for the situation than “hai”)


Nyanko-sensei: I mean yes! (hai~)

More of Nyanko-sensei struggling to be the pinnacle of polite chlld that is Natsume Takashi.

NATSUME. SWEETIE. It’s perfectly okay to ask for seconds. It’s not a horrible or presumptious thing to want more food. IT’S YOUR HOUSE, SHE MADE THE MEAL FOR YOU. Please notice how she wasn’t offended at all and actually seemed pretty pleased!

Touko and Shigeru actually take Natsume’s shift in attitude in stride, presumably happy enough he’s happy and seemingly more comfortable than usual to ignore the weird speech stumbles.

However, Natsume talking like he’s way older than he actually is does genuinely weird Touko out.

Definitely interesting to contrast Natsume’s polite way of speaking with how Nyanko- talks though, even as someone who knows pretty much nothing about the Japanese language.

Saturday night....

Hung out at Dante Culpepper’s old house today in Bear path…it was great :) i got to see my gals and play with some little girls…btw i miss playing imaginary…Things were so much easier when you could just imagine that things felt better…when we were younger..or at least when i was younger…your heart was incapable of being broken….and your family life didn’t touch you the way it does now..innocence guarded everything…it makes me not want to be 20 years old… i want to be the kid that would use side walk chalk to draw parking spots for mine and my little guys friends’ bikes. I want to run through the sprinklers without giving a damn who is watching or what i look like. I want to close my eyes and swing on a swing higher than i ever have before…i started feeling these things when i was in love…but then when my heart broke…it is like it sucked all of the innocence back out of me. I don’t need a man to make me happy…but the love i had made me feel secure. Safe…kind of like i did when i was a kid. Like no matter what happened i could still count on playing imaginary James Bond at the end of the day and going to sleep happy. This ONE love made me feel young at heart again…but now that i have lost it i have realized that what if i had gotten what i wanted? What if i was still with him? I have been playing a lot of solitaire lately and it has taught me something…nothing is worth having if it is easy to get. Why would people want to play solitaire if they could win easily? No…it is the challenges and the time that makes the reward worth the while. So as much as i think i deserve that happiness i felt now…maybe i need to work harder for it…maybe what i think i deserve is just an easy route….

Always Honest, 


messiestobject  asked:

did i read correctly that you are trans? if so, or if your followers want to weigh in: do you wish your early childhood had been different and if so how? to assume that a child is cis cos they cant express anything else or even speak seems quite shitty and its what we always do. as a childcare worker i have many things to say on enforcing kids gender roles (it always sucks). like idk what pronouns to use about my future babies. i dont want to erase anyones identity.

I’m in the camp that says assign your babies a gender at birth but treat the gender assignment as a tentative assignment that is subject to change if your child decides to. Teach your kid(s) about trans people early on. Teach them gender expression and hobbies and other things do not equal gender that they can express themselves how they want and play with the toys they want and have the jobs/hobbies they want. Listen to them if they tell you they are trans/are a different gender than they were assigned. Learn about trans people and their experiences as children and some common signs your child may be trans, but understand that not all trans people have that experience and that if your child later asserts they are a different gender than they were assigned, do not disbelieve them if they don’t fit this model. Also do not discount the possibility that no matter how much you educate your child and support them, they may not come out as trans until much later in life for lots of different reasons (someone can reveal themselves to be trans at any time).

If they do tell you they are a different gender than assigned when they are a minor, get a gender therapist who is PRO-TRANS better yet trans themselves, and help your child work through this because the society they live in will likely make things difficult for them, ESPECIALLY if they are amab and trans. Although understand that being trans is not a bad thing that causes unhappiness, it’s society that can make being trans difficult. Also a therapist will know things you don’t and be able to help your child in ways you may not be able to (and will be able to give your child access to hormones/medication/surgery if they need it later). Whether or not your child comes out as trans, allow them to express their gender how they see fit. If they want to live as a different gender than the one they were assigned, support them in that. fight people who fight that, give your child support at their school which may be against this. Be vigilant when/if school faculty are complacent about bullying your child faces. Complain about transphobic/misogynist faculty. Educate yourself about transphobia and transmisogyny and trans identities. If your child was assigned male and identifies as a girl, for example, that’s who they are: a girl. Allow them to live as a girl. There is medication that can postpone puberty, a gender therapist will know about this and will know the appropriate age to use the medication. This medication is very important to many trans people who may become dysphoric if puberty sets in (it depends on the person). You should educate yourself more and more about trans people already, but it’s important to stay updated on trans issues, current events, laws, your child’s rights, and the proper language/terminology as these often change, and to give your child access to this information, especially if they have come out as trans. be supportive if they want hormone treatment/surgery once they hit their teenage years. I would also connect your child to trans community/organization/websites/other trans youth and people.

Expose your child to positive media and information about trans people from an early age. Talk to them about gender and sexual orientation from an early age. Tell them about nonbinary genders and about pronouns. When they are too young to choose a pronoun, use ones that correspond to their gender assignment. When they get older and you educate them about pronouns, use the pronouns they choose and, with the child’s permission, correct others to use the right pronouns.

Encourage and give positive affirmation to children under your care in your profession who express themselves in ways that are gender-nonconforming, because they will learn as they get older (or may have been told) what they’re doing is bad and wrong. If other children make fun of gender nonconforming children it’s important to educate those children and if necessary discipline them (if they continue to bully the child/ridicule the child). It’s important to show children that bullying and gender coercion are not acceptable and are hurtful. If possible, you might want to have activities around gender: tell kids about pronouns and ask what pronouns they prefer and encourage other children to use the right ones. Or do an exercise/game where you ask kids what clothes/jobs/hobbies/activities/etc are “girl” ones and which ones are “boy” ones and challenge those ideas or encourage children to and teach them there isn’t such a thing as “girl things” or “boy things” (giving examples of people you know and celebrities and famous characters who break these norms). Stuff like that. I wouldn’t push kids out of their comfort zone, like don’t force a child who was assigned male to wear a dress or do something they think girls do, if they don’t want to, for example, because this can be traumatic or negative for some people—and coercing gender expression in anyway is wrong (plus for all you know the child could be trans and for this reason be nervous or not ready to tell others or to realize it yet), but try to open up possibilities for kids regarding gender expression and free them up if they WANT to try these things.

It’s also important to, if you can, call out parents and teachers and other childcare professionals and adults if you see them punish, discourage, reprimand, mock or insult their children for being gender nonconforming (or talk about doing so, or speak to other adults about this or these attitudes). So many of these actions solidify sexism, cissexism, and transphobia. Their child may be trans and this is damaging. Their child may be cis, and it will help solidify negative ideas in the child’s mind about trans people. The child may be a boy and it will also solidify negative ideas about women/girls and feminine things, i.e. things associated with women and girls. Or if girls are present it will solidify the idea girl things are lesser. (Or if it’s done to a girl, that boy things are out of bounds or make them “unladylike”). It’s also important to call out anyone period for saying anything transphobic about anyone, but hopefully that goes without saying.

Those are the ideas that come to mind for me, if others want to make suggestions or think I got anything wrong, let me know