AOS 4x20 Through a Child’s Eyes

Okay for better or worse here we go!

·         MOMMY!!!! I’m NOT READY!

·         10 Day Ago

o   10 days


o   PIPER!!!!

·         Zephyr

o   Does someone die?

o   Oh no they are out of gas.

o   Yeah talk to Talbot.

o   No killing anyone I like

o   NO don’t turn off the cloaking….no bad idea BAD IDEA

o   I said that’s a bad idea

·         Playground

o   Oh no is Ward dead

o   Not now Burrows, you can have her and get Fitz back


o   Jemma is sad

o   Yeah hug him lots and lots

o   Bad AIDA bad


o   NO!

o   NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   You have to save FITZ!

o   Yeah Jemma’s not down with that mom

o   Aww Hope.

o   NO!

o   You tell him Hope.

o   Nice guilt trip, I love this kid!  She gets to come back too!

o   Mom this is wonderful

o   Yeah Mack you have to say yes.

o   OH Daisy, don’t lie to him

o   MAY! COULSON! TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   Smooth Coulson

o   Soap!  I love the soap mommy

o   I love May

·         Darth Fitz


o   Dadcliffe!

o   This is all your fault Radcliffe

o   Did he say he would stand in front of a train for Fitz?

o   Radcliffe has lost it

o   Oh no!

o   Crap

o   Don’t be the Darkhold don’t be the darkhold

o   NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   I hate that book!

o   Don’t do it!

o   CRAP!  Pick a side Radcliffe

·         May/Jemma

o   Awwww


o   Mama May stop, be nice to your ducklings its been a crummy 10 Days for her


o   INSEPARABLE! LIKE HE AND JEMMA were!  AIDA!  AIDA you horrible person!   She took Jemma from him and put herself and his horrible father in her place.  

§  The Ranting went on for a bit

·         Papa Fitz

o   That’s our GIRL!

o   Get him JEMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·         Daisy/Trip

o   Trip!

o   Yeah Jemma told him everything

o   Nope I wish

o   Nope Jemma is with Fitz

o   Nope May is kinda with Coulson

o   Ooops you lost Jemma really

·         Papa Fitz

o   Kill him! (not sure about this with my kid but going with it)

o   You are NOT a good Father

o   Trying to appeal to his father side

o   This isn’t going to end well is it mommy

o   Ew icky picure

o   Oh no why is he doing this


o   NO


o   MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   I’m not sad about that one.

·         Philinda

o   Can you two just kiss already

o   Yeah mom and dad weren’t watching her

o   No he’s not helping

o   No everything IS NOT FINE, it hasn’t been fine for a long time

·         Papa Fitz

o   Oh Fitz

o   Yes she does love you, HE didn’t HE used you AIDA is using you

o   He tried to kill her

o   MOMMY!!!!

o   I just want our Fitz back!  Why can’t we have Fitz back!

·         Zephyr

o   Poor Yoyo

o   He needs you yes he does

o   I love Piper

o   Oh no please don’t be the Superior


o   You think!

o   Yeah called it

·         Quin Jet

o   She needs a hug

o   Give her a hug


·         Madame Hydra

o   BOOO HISSS!!!!!

o   Darn right Simmons

o   No Jemma needs to see Fitz

·         Darth Zephyr

o   Yeah he ain’t going to listen

o   Good Job Fitz

o   Stinking AIDA again

·         Scary Place

o   NOOO

o   He can’t leave


o   Wait is Ward alive?  Where on earth has he been?

o   Yes you would look nice in the suit or alive


o   This is going to be bad

o   Mack isn’t down with this


o   Yeah Jemma’s on it

o   Oh this isn’t going over well with Mack

o   Stupid AIDA!

o   Its called farewell cruel world, they are supposed to get out of here this episode. They need to go home!  

o   Someone get a bottle of water and poor on it

·         Madame Hydra

o   Ugh

o   Oh she’s scared of Jemma be scared of Jemma

o   No don’t proceed

o   Oh no!

o   NO!

o   Ew put a robe on!


·         Scary Place

o   Science not magic

o   Family fight

o   Oh poor Mack

o   Plan B…more like D or E


o   Quake it!

o   AHHHHHHH!!!!

o   There goes the red shirts

o   YEAH DAISY!!!!!


o   MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!

o   GET OUT!


o   JUMP!

o   Yeah Coulson!






o   KISS


o   COULSON!!! IS OUT!!!!!!

o   What is happening?

o   COULSON!!!!!

o   YES!!!!




o   MAY

o   MAY

o   HUGS

o   HUGS!!!! PHILINDA HUGS!!! BEAUTIFUL PHILIDA HUGS!!!  Its been forever and they are back together!  FINALLY!!!!!

o   Get her guys

o   Get her

o   Now

o   Yeah go Coulson

o   Get her!

o   NOOOOOOO!!!!! Kill her fast Coulson she’s growing a body!

o   Poor Mack


o   Just Drag him in Jemma!


o   She is in the fetal position now

o   Good Job Radcliffe!





o   GO!

o   OH Radcliffe you saved him

o   Good Job Dadcliffe


o   AHHH NO!

o   Mommy….what is he doing

o   Oh no

o   Mommy why are you crying

o   Mommy he’s going to stay isn’t he

o   Come on Daisy get him out

o   Just push him in

o   NO


·         Zephyr

o   Oh Yoyo

·         Lair

o   Fitz poor Fitz

o   Someone hold him

o   Wait

o   What’s going on


o   NOT HER!







o   MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o   What did she do

o   Where did she take him

o   What is going on

o   How did she do that


·         Hope

o   Oh Trip is a good new uncle

o   Mack…..

·         Don’t end there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

·         What just happened

·         How did she learn how to do that

·         What just happened

·         Where did she take him

·         What just happened

·         Was it the darkhold, I hate the darkhold

·         What just happened

·         Is she in human

·         What just happened

·         How is she teleporting

·         What just happened

·         Why did she take Fitz

·         What just happened

·         Jemma’s going to be so sad…and mad

·         What just happened!

·         Is tumblr okay?

Tip for writing characters with PTSD (from someone that has it)

The one that seems to get passed over is the FEAR of sleeping. Everyone tends to get the lack of sleep right and trust me, sleep is precious and coveted. But there is a huge fear of it too. No matter how much your mind is under control during the day, when you sleep you surrender it.

It’s the bone-tired feeling of not sleeping deeply for days because you know what could be lurking. As time moves closer to AM instead of PM, the anxiety bubbles away in your gut till you’re on the edge of vomiting. Your body is hot and cold and you’re so tired but so scared.

You try to trick your brain into calming down. See, we’re not going to sleep, we’re watching a tv episode we’ve seen a hundred times. We’re just listening to a nice peaceful rain loop, not waiting for our mind to betray us.

The nightmares aren’t always exact repeats though they can be. Sometimes you’re a chlid again or an adult, trapped in the same hell because a part of you believes you will never be free of it. The powerlessness is a slash of neon in the dark. The helplessness at the core.

You know what’s happening. you know the signs and the symptoms and you still can’t get to sleep. You’re experiencing emotional shock and your hands and feet feel burning hot but your chest and guts are ice. Your heart is beating too quickly and it feels like someone’s knee is on your sternum. Your stomach is drawn tight.

It’s a whole body experience. 

Cuffs (Raphael Santiago x reader Drabble)

Hey guys! I’m new and this is my first imagine! I hope you like it!

x x x

“Hold your tongue, vampire,” (Y/n) said, handcuffs in her hands. “You won’t do it,” Raphael mentioned without hesitation. (Y/n) looked at him with fascination, “and why not? Please, do enlighten me,” She mocked. “Because apparently,” he started, “The accords doesn’t allow shadowhunters to harm innocent vampires.” (Y/n) laughed and pushed him back to his seat. She got on his lap and straddled his hips. Raphael smiled in amusement. (Y/n) bit his ear and purred, “innocent? Is that what you are?” Raphael kissed her neck, “darling, are you?” He bit her neck, his dulled fangs tugging on her skin, which made her gasp. Raphael laughed. “For an angel’s chlid, you’re not afraid to sin.” She kissed him passionately, their lips moving in sync. “Darling, I am not afraid of anything,” she whispered. She kissed him again, catching him off-guard. She took advantage of that moment and slid his wrists in the handcuffs she brought. She got off, grinning. Raphael groaned in frustration. “I got you in those cuffs,” she flirted, “now it’s time to get you to bed.”

Shout-out to everyone whose childhood was hell.

Shout out to everyone who can’t remember back to an idyllic childhood, because that time never existed for abused children.

Shout out to everyone for whom childhood was a never-ending hell with no refuge, anywhere, in sight.

Shout out to everyone who never experienced freedom until adulthood, or until becoming an emancipated minor.

Shout out to everyone whose ‘freedom’ in adulthood may have involved starving, living in filth, living under a bridge, but was still beautiful and still freedom and still ours because by all the gods, it was not the hell that is childhood.

Shout out to everyone who don’t have the option of moving back in with their families, no matter how bad it gets, because that would be worse.

Shout out to everyone who is making their own idyllic time of their life now, in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties.  Even if it’s really hard, and far from what everyone else would call idyllic, it’s idyllic to us, because it’s not like being an abused child with nowhere to turn.

Shout out to everyone who had to turn down at least some family support because it came with so many toxic strings attached that it would’ve eventually, literally, killed us.

Shout out to everyone who feels like working three jobs and barely making it is the most amazing feeling in the world, compared to being a child with no refuge in the world.  Because at least we’re making our own refuge.

Shout out to everyone who’s on SSI, welfare, or disability, and feels like they’re in paradise because this is our life, not someone else’s, even if we can’t eat at the end of the month and have to endure HUD inspections, social worker visits, and other indignities.

Shout out, in short, to everyone who never had an idyllic childhood and is doing their best to carve out a place for themselves in adulthood.  And for whom, no matter how hard it gets, it’s still light years beyond the utter and total hell that was childhood.

This is me.  This is my friends.  This is so many people I know.  I love you.  I care about you.  I’m proud of everything you’ve done, even if nobody else sees it as an achievement.  I wish our child selves could see our adult selves.  I wish they could see that even with the struggles, we are in general so much happier just for not being children anymore.  

More, I wish I could take my child self and put hir in a situation where sie could grow up without all the problems sie encountered.  But I can’t see an easy way to do that.  By the time the damage was done, it was self-perpetuating, and I lashed out even in good situations.  Perhaps especially, because I didn’t trust them.  I’m so lucky Laura took me under her wing, I’d be dead without her.  My parents meant well but they didn’t have the skills to parent the teenager I became.

But seriously.  Adulthood is the true refuge for so many abused and neglected children.  Adulthood with all its responsibilities is downright idyllic compared to never being safe anywhere.  You can still be an abused adult, unfortunately.  But lots of abused kids manage to make adulthood their place of refuge and I am no exception.  I have spent my entire adult life trying to create a life where I can be a happy person, a contributing person, a person who helps more than I hurt.  And I think I’m getting there.  And I watch my friends trying to do the same things, and getting too little credit for any of it.

So this is for all of us.

We’re doing really damn well.  Especially where we came from.

When you don’t know what safety is… creating safety for yourself can be a daunting task.  

So everyone trying to create safety, refuge, beauty, everything we didn’t have, or didn’t have enough of as kids:  You’re doing an amazing job, no matter what anyone says.  You’re doing one of the hardest things you can do, and you’re doing it with less support than you probably need.

Seriously I love you all.  I care about you more than I can say.  I watch you trying to do the same things I am trying to do.  And I hope you succeed.  Because if you succeed even a little, even hanging by the skin of your teeth, what you’re doing is amazing and probably much better than your childhood.  

I love you all so much.

Here’s 7th Year Scorpius (aka the punkest Head Boy since Teddy Lupin) just for fun!

I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that's how we both got kicked out of the quirky community bookstore. AU Kylo Ren x Reader

There I was in the bookstore yet again. Oversized sweater hanging off my hands, skinny jeans tucked into my boots. It was the third time this week, or maybe it was the fourth. That isn’t really the point. As I browsed the shelves looking for anything I hadn’t read yet, but it seemed that I had outread my preferred section of books in our little town’s quirky little bookstore. Until I saw it. On the top shelf was the Holy Grail of discoveries. The one book I had been looking for since forever. It was perfect I had been waiting for this book to come out since I finished it predecessor last year. I stood on my tip toes, and stretched my arm as far as it would go hoping to grasp the book firmly in my hands. Already feeling the cover in my hands, already smelling the pages, and ready to fill my head with it’s story.

There was one problem. I could not reach it. I fell short. Literally. I barely even touched the edge of the shelf, it seemed like fate had decided that it hated me and would love to torture me. The one thing I want is just out of my reach. I look around hoping that maybe there is a stepping stool, an employee, or even a casual bystander. My luck seemed to turn around because low and behold a tall dark haired stranger happened to be making his way passed me to what looked to be a table with nonfiction best-sellers

“Hey. Excuse me, but can you help me?” I asked reaching my hand out before he made his way completely passed me stopping him right in front of the table. He looked down at me craning his head down so he could look me in the eye before speaking.

“Does it look like I work here, small fry?” The small fry comment making my blood boil ever so slightly, because unlike him not all of us are born to become 6 foot something giants with perfect cheekbones and a jawline from heaven.

“No, it doesn’t look like you work here Paul Bunyan. But you are what I need. I will take like five seconds of your time. I just need you to get a book off the top shelf then you can do whatever else you were doing. Please I really need this book.” I did my best to pull of the pleading desperate eyes hoping he would give and once I saw his eyebrow twitch I knew I had him.

“Fine what book is it?

“The Legend of the Jedi, it’s right over ther-,”I was interrupted by him laughing, be that it was a beautiful sound deep and warm not that I would say that out loud, but the dude had just started laughing out of nowhere, “May I be inclined to ask what you find so fucking amusing,” his laughter got even worse at my comment.

“I should probably say sorry, but you actually read those,” he speaks between laughs, “I mean they’re for like twelve year olds. Like what are you some kind of nerd who can’t let go of bedtime stories?”

At the end of his little speech, though it had been interrupted by his own laughter almost every other word, he looked down at me only to realize that the look on my face could probably make grown men cry. At the moment he must have realized just how much he down screwed up. I craned my neck up to look him in the eyes and before he could even blink I pushed him into the table of nonfiction best-sellers. Books flew everywhere, he might have flipped backwards and one disgruntled employee showed up with a look of pure terror on his face before he ran to get the owner. So he left me and the Paul Bunyan alone. Him staring at me in shock and me with a defiant, at least I hope it looked defiant, smirk on my face.

The owner arrived not even a minute after eyes going wide looking at both of us in shock. Before he raised his voice and let out a bellow


With the owner’s words both me and Paul Bunyan were thrown out of the store and onto the sidewalk outside. Paul Bunyan looked at me then the store, before he started laughing yet again.

“Why is this so funny to you?! We’ve just been kicked out of the only book store in town! What am I going to do now?!”

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you flipped me over a table, small fry,” an arrogant smirk making its way across his lips.

“My name isn’t small fry, okay Paul Bunyan,” my fist balling up ready to punch his perfect face.

“Well my name isn’t Paul Bunyan either, so can I be inclined to ask my attacker her name? In exchange for mine of course.”

“It’s (Y/n), yours?”

“Kylo Ren, and about your book I might know of somewhere else you could aquire it, but I will cost you.”

“How much,” I said while reaching for my wallet.

“It won’t cost you any money, just you have coffee with me at the cafe.”

“I just flipped you over a table, and now you want to have coffee?” Confusion filling my voice.

“What can I say I like living on the dark side of life. Now come on they close at five.” He grabbed my hand pulling me along. Dark hair flowing gently behind him, and all I could only think of two things. One: why did I let myself get into this mess. Two: this is probably the best worst decision I’ve ever made.

I came up with something..

So I came up with an idea.

Satch builds a machine where two people put in a sample of their DNA and it creates a mini doll of what their love child would looks like, with different results every time.

PBG and Jeff test it for fun and they have the most beautiful child ever and they fight over who gets it.

Mai somehow gets a sample off Jared and uses it to make a doll.

Shane and Jon give it a go and they have a pretty ugly child doll.

Continue put in their DNA and create the cutest chlid and they all take care of the child doll like a real child.

A Jimmy/Ian doll is so cute it puts all of the other dolls to shame.

Luke is the fangirl that will do anything to get samples to make love children of all of his otps.

In an attempt to make Caddy and Ian closer, Hana surprises Caddy and Ian by bringing them to the machine and making them a doll child. BUT the machine malfunctions and it makes a real child and everyone flips the fuck out.  The child is like 5 and walks up to Ian and goes “Ian!!” and then the kid goes up to Caddy and goes “Daddy!!” and Caddy is like “My name is Caddy.” and then the child goes “But Ian calls you Daddy” and Caddy and Ian turn red and Hana is too pure and doesn’t understand. The two nerds have to look after the kid and Luke is the babysitter.The kid calls Luke ‘Lukey’ and it’s the cutest thing.

 My sister ( @kirigiriart ) made the Caddy/Ian headcannon!!