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Holby City Ladies ~ Current cast with some Louise Delamere & Niamh Walsh action, because who didn’t love Colette and Cara??

Many thanks to all these talented actresses for giving us a plethora of women to admire - all  so very glorious and powerful in their own way. 

  • Mo: Jac, we need to talk.
  • Jac: You're not going to Sweden, you want your job back, you want to start next week.
  • Mo: Yeah, how'd you know?
  • Jac: I'm all-seeing and all-powerful.
  • Mo: Yeah, alright, no, seriously. Have you got cameras all around us or something?
  • Jac: See you next week Mo.
  • Mo: Damn! That's some spooky witch shenanigans Jac. Girl, you're messed up.