Michael: “G'day fellas, do you blokes reckon I should go up wop wop with me old mate cobber and have a good old chin wag to put up on the old TAI TV idiot box? He’s going over to our mate Roger’s for a fair chip off the old front, back, and sides and as we all know, nothing beats a true blue yarn, and the digger’s getting the whole kit and caboodle. What do you sheilas say?”

Shit Storm Giveaway.

Because I want to make you and me feel better and giving presents makes me feel better.

What You Get

- A name necklace of your choosing. (Must be a MMFD character: Finn/Archie/Rae/Chop, etc. or an OTP/BROTP Chizzy/Rinn/Finchie

- A prompt of your choosing written in a slinky journal by me. So basically, a story and like a new journal with my ramblings marring the first few pages.

-Candy. CANDY.

- A picture of Finnley the Puppy.

- And whatever cool shit I find to put in it (could be some cool notecards, could be a bracelet, idk, I buy a lot of cute shit)

What You Need To Do To Win

- follow me? Yeah, do that.

- reblog or like. IDC how many times you reblog, but don’t like annoy your followers cause that’s not cool.

- be a nice person. I’m serious. Don’t trash anyone. Everyone’s feelings are super precious and fragile at the moment. Don’t be a dick.

- Yeah, that’s it.

Winner will be chosen, erm, March 31st. Yeah.