Masahiko knelt and snatched Chizuri up in his arms as soon as that quirky nickname came. He buried his face in her hair in that embrace. Horn to horn, cheek to cheek as much as it could be. Holding a breath felt like fire on his lungs, yet the lightness of air had his breaths shallow and lurching. “… It’s… … it’s… al…right… now-… .. Chiz–..uri…. …!” His hug held tighter, “… you’re-…. ….. you’re-…safe….n..ow….!”

White spilled from the doors and into a room. Walls, windows and a ceiling were all fading from an existence. Dainty hands clutched at a warmer body as she too held him as tightly as she could, with no intention to let go. Her heart ached in so many ways and a gentle nod of her head had her nuzzling into him. “.. I… I am…” Chizuri choked with those words, the relief of being able to say she no longer had to wait for death’s door.. but at what cost? Her fingers tugged at cloth harder.

 "… I… sang…. for you–… I-I promised… I would…“ Spirits it was hard to speak with how emotions wrecked at her core. ”… A-As you promised you would…. keep me safe… Masabi-chan….“

A smile finally cracked at those lips. ”.. And how– ..h-how could I not come running– to such a bea-…beautiful voice… ?“ Every lurch of Masahiko’s frame was a refrain from a choking cough. Spirits, damn it all, don’t let this short reunion be painful-… ”… And here-~… …Here, I’ll sing with you ♪ One–.. One last time~  ♪  Destined to beyond~… 

♪And I’ll think of you~… ♪  so warm and bright as Dawn~♪  Just-… one .. last time…~♪"

I’ll never, not ever, feel what it’s like to lose you,

   Even if I have to forget, 

      Who I Am,

and Restart.

Name: Chizuri Inoue

Race: Raen Au Ra.

Sex: Female

Occupation: Blade for hire and help, deliverywoman and messenger.

Personality Type: Chizuri is calm and compassionate with a strong sense of diligence. While not a leader, she will stand firm in what she believes in and upholds the need for harmony and peace. In light of her friends, she is highly empathetic and cares very much about the company she keeps. However she does tend to be timid in the face of the super excitable and it isn’t difficult at all to embarrass the poor girl.

What does your character look like?: While on the taller side of her race and gender, Chizuri is rather delicate and small boned as a bird with plum colored skin. She favors cloth over metal or leather, preferring flexibility in combat as she is lacking in physical strength. Beneath her front bangs is an intricate design of scales. A half flower of sorts, perfect and pale. Scales around her neck and shoulder blades conform to what almost appears like a necklace, and two delicate pieces sit just below her throat.

Favorite Hobby: Cooking has a special place in Chizuri’s heart, all the more if she gets to cook for others. Doman desserts are her speciality and she is always willing to learn about new recipehs.

Motto they live by: “Keep light, hopeful dreams, no matter how bleak the realm may seem.”

Favorite type of Environment: She adores nature and finds it most comforting when she is by a waterfall.

Friends: Chizuri is happy to make friends, always. Although shy and a little socially awkward, her trust does come easy as long as first impressions do not place her on alert.

Who They Admire: The kind-hearted and those who base their actions with good will. Bubbly and straightforward natures do have her attention too, and she secretly wishes she could express herself just as well as they do.

What do they hope to do 10 years from now: To rebuild her home in Doma and continue walking in her father’s footsteps as a protector of the peace.

Are they single? If not, who is their spouse/partner/life mate?: She is single.

What do they look for in friends?: Honesty and understanding is all she asks for. Chizuri meshes with most individuals who do not outwardly seek to harm others.

If they walked into a bar and saw a talking slug, what would their reaction be?: Fright and sheer panic. She does not do well with anything slimy and grimy, particularly slugs… and most especially talking slugs.


Usual Playtime: AEDT - Very hectic and random! Although I am online from morning until late afternoons, I always have work to do on the side.

Server: Balmung

Looking for (friends, ships, hate ships, shady connections, etc.): Anything and everything! (Except romance as she guards her heart very well) Having more friends for Chizuri is just as wondrous as having rivals and enemies. I enjoy the personal growth and development of characters through all sorts of funsie RP, whether it be thrilling adventures or just your everyday slice-of-life. 

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anonymous asked:

I have been telling people who use chizuri as faceclaim for their ocs to take down your art but one user in particular wont take hers down. Even got your latest art of chizuri :(

Hi again anon! I have contacted the user who has been using my art of Chizuri as a faceclaim whiles ago, and it really is sad to see that they won’t respect my wishes. I would like to thank you so much for trying to protect my work and it actually means a lot to me! <3 This is just too common a thing for artists and the internet. The best I can do is to contact Twitter and see what happens from there. Otherwise please don’t worry about them and continue RPing to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, you can’t beat a dead horse.

anonymous asked:

Same Anon about the OC Faceclaim, thanks for the response! I actually had to ask as I'm part of an RP Circle on twitter and saw a user using art of Chizuri for their OC. I have absolutely no idea of approaching them without being mad about it.

Hello again anon! That is very unfortunate to hear and it does dishearten me to know, but I really am grateful that you brought this to my attention! I couldn’t ask that you speak on my behalf and would be thankful if you could provide me with the username of said person. I’d like to approach them myself if I can. ^^ If not, there is pointing them in the direction of the post I made regarding the use of my art for their OCs. I can only hope their integrity will kick in after reading it.