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Blue Exorcist: Home Sweet Home (part 2)

BAM another part! (It’s gonna slow way down after this, I only have this one done because I was working on it at the same time as part 1).

Come marvel at how Aya Yajima can write an adorable little scene except every time you let your guard down for EVEN A SECOND she stabs you DIRECTLY IN THE HEART and then goes right back to the adorable little scene.

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Nightmare In The Masterpiece

Pairing: Lucifer x Female Reader
Sub-Pairing: Daimu Honda x Female Reader
Warnings: Mentions of Character Death, OCs for the sake of the plot, creepy fucks
Setting: Demon Mates
Length: 1, 511
Summary: Although, the world of exorcists has broadly accepted half-demons among their ranks, some are not happy with that decision. A small group of them has made it their aim to kill anyone with ties to demon, putting your fiancé on the list. This incident sets off a number of events, driving you right into the arms of the Illuminati where you’re meant to start a new life; a life that ends entirely too soon.
A/N: Thanks to @themarchinghare for commissioning this story and allowing me to post it on my blogs, too. Also, thanks to @great-ophidian for beta-ing this story for me! 

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  • Mephy is definitely calm 
  • doesn’t do anything suspicious
  • at all
  • BUT smirked at you
  • placed his hand on your thigh and rubbed it  “in a calming manner”
  • his hand could travel in more sensitive place…
  •  …only to tease you even more
  • enjoyed how you were trying not to moan
  • his whispering probs didn’t help you 
  • “Someone’s got naughty, hmm?”
  •  is it only me that he took you to a bathroom and just fucked you?
  • like
  • it’s Mephisto, right?
  • After everything, he walked you home hand in hand with you like nothing happened ;)

me: oh this anime looks cool maybe i’ll watch a couple episodes…

*binge watches the whole season in a day*

me: well then……time for season two!