chizu: knb

  • [Aomine looks at Kuroko]
  • Aomine: I can get any girl that walks though that door to date me.
  • Kuroko: Good luck.
  • [Riko walks in with the rest of the Seirin in tow]
  • Aomine [turns back to Kuroko]: The next girl.
  • [Momoi walks in]
  • Aomine: No way in hell I am dating her, the next one.
  • [Kimura’s girlfriend walks in with Midorima and Takao]
  • Aomine: Yeah, let’s get going.
  • [Aomine tries to hit on her, dodges two punches from Midorima and Takao and gets kneed by Kimura’s girlfriend]
  • Aomine: This is not my day.
  • Kuroko: [nods]

It’s been a while since I posted some art :-/ so here have this cropped wip of my contribution for the KnB Limitless Fanzine. *whisper* I’m participating with aoki hehe

I’ve been busy with some projects and also some important stuff that is going on in my life right now but I am diligently working on the things that are on my tumblr-to-do list (which include open prompts, stuff I promised a long time ago (haha pls kill me now) and so on)

I’ve always liked GoM as a whole, you know, a group of friends. I know, not everyone includes Kuroko, Kagami, Momoi and Nigou to members, but I literally adore the idea of all them being brought together thanks to outstanding skills in their favorite sport. A dream squad, for me at least. Which is why I envy them incredibly. Being a part of a particular, unique group that has been formed out of pure coincidence (or destiny, who knows) has been one of my greatest goals. But honestly, they have already become a vital part of my life. I owe them too much not to feel somewhat bonded with them. That’s why I decided to draw it. Thank you, KnB, for bringing me back to life.

If a sport anime does not have a character that has a tragic past in their life that result to them having an injury that ends their career early, It’s not an sports anime.