chizu: knb

  • [Watching Free!] : Swimming is beautiful!
  • [Watching Haikyuu!] : Volleyball is stupendous!
  • [Watching Diamond No Ace] : Baseball is awesome!
  • [Watching Prince of Stride] : Stride is incredible!
  • [Watching Kuroko No Basuke] : Basketball is badass!
  • Someone : Why not try any of the above sports then?
  • Me : ...
  • Me : Where did I put my bag of potato chips again?

The days when playing basketball with them was fun ^^

“Kuroko-cchi!! Pass it to me!” Kise shouted, his hands waving in the air waiting for the ball to come.

“Noo! Tetsu, pass the ball to me!!” Aomine yelled, running over to Kuroko.

“Um.. Who should i throw this to?” Kuroko asked, confused.

“MEEEE TETSU/KUROKO-CCHI!!” Aomine and Kise both shouted at the same time waving their arms in the air.

“Well, I guess..” Kuroko decided, “I’ll just throw it myself.” As the ball flew into the air, Aomine and Kise gaped in shock. The ball spun, flew, andddddddd hit the rim of the basketball hoop.

*sweatdrop* (-_-;) (-_-;)



“OUCH.” A sudden voice shouted. The three basketball players turned to see Midorima standing by the door, rubbing his head in pain. But most importantly, Midorima was staring the the glass bear on the ground. Which had just broken in pieces. “WHO THE HELL JUST THREW THAT BALL?!” Midorima shouted, completely pissed.

“It was him.” Two fingers pointed at Kuroko.

Kuroko pointed at the two of them. “It wasnt me Midorima-kun. It was them.”

“Kkkkkkuuuurroookooo! YOUR DEAD.” Midorima glared.

“what’s all this fuss about Mido-chin?” Murasakibara walked in with 4 family size chips in his hand.


“Is that something to get mad about, Shintaro?” Akashi walked in, smirking.

“Shut up! Kurokoooooo… Your gonna pay for that!” Midorima mumbled as he chased Kuroko around the gym.

“Wahhh!~ Don’t hurt Kuroko-cchi!” Kise started to chase after Midorima.

“Oi Kise! I’m gonna save Tetsu first!” Aomine smirked.

“No I will!!” Kise sped up.

“When will you guys grow up?” Akashi laughed. As he and Murasakibara watched the funny scene.

  • Generation of Miracles: Where did you get Nigou??
  • Kuroko: Actually, I found him on the streets. I saw myself in him; he was alone and abandoned and in a box.
  • Generation of Miracles: ?!?!?!?!?
  • Kuroko: That served as a metaphysical allegory for my middle school years of basketball. I might have had some good company once, but then I was abandoned and left to be alone and friendless by you miserable people. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was trapped in this metaphorical box full of nothing but self-loathing and emptiness. I was lost and famished both physically and emotionally, until I eventually discovered Seirin and they accepted me as part of the family.
  • Generation of Miracles: ……
  • Aomine: So… cute dog, Tetsu.
  • Kuroko: Yes, he is better company than all of you, Aomine-kun.

KnB 30-Day Challenge  | 08. favorite special move ? 

Emperor Eye - “It’s not because he’s fast. It’s just that he sees it. Aka-chin’s eyes can detect even the slightest movements. Breathing, heartbeat, sweat, muscle contractions… everything. Those eyes can read any movement beforehand. All techniques are useless. And no defense is permitted to stand before him. Akashi Seijūrō can see the future of his opponent’s moves.”