A Few Thoughts on ‘LA LA LAND’ (D. Chazelle, 2016)

1. So much raves for this movie - the record-breaking 14 Oscars nominations, the numerous awards it has received, and the generally positive reviews from critics and viewers. I have been listening repeatedly on its soundtrack long before I have seen the movie and when I finally saw it, it dawned on me - everything good that they say is legit. 

2. We’ve seen the familiar story on Once (2006) and Begin Again (2013) - two lost souls passionate in their own craft met and fell in love despite of the circumstance, with the beauty and power of music perfectly intertwining with the narrative. But there is more to this than the usual - the songs, the screenplay, the jaw-dropping cinematography, the direction, the actors, the musical score, and the musical numbers. Simply put, it’s like everything good wrapped into one, excellent masterpiece.

3. I became a fan of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone (sorry, Andrew Garfield) after I saw their movie ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ (2011). What amazed me more, aside from Emma Stone’s natural humor and convincing performance was how Ryan Gosling prepared for his role - he actually learned how to play the piano. Wait, not just piano but Jazz music which is considered as one of the most difficult to learn and play. (Trust me, I’m a Music teacher.)

4. Speaking of music, I think what made this excel above other movies of the same type was the use of Jazz. Jazz music relies on improvisation, that is, musicians are required to be inventive and create music on the spot. The beautiful music reflects on the story and vice versa - beautiful, sophisticated, improvised, and natural.

5. I thought the “Expectations versus Reality” montage in '500 Days of Summer’ (2009) was the most heart-wrenching and depressing scene in a romantic/love story that I have seen. I was wrong. Screw that “What could have been” (or some critics say, “A typical Hollywood ending”) montage towards the end of the movie! The melancholic beauty of those last minutes. Why do you have to break my heart?

(5 Stars for the City of Stars!)

Chizel you were the bestest guppy anyone could’ve ever asked for and I’m sorry that the demon spawn bent your spine and all but you lived more than half your life like that. I’ll always love you even if I get another fish. <3 It’s been about 6 years since your passing, so I think it’s time that I get another fish. Okay? Okay. I’m glad you understand. <3

Love, Gina

Outlaw Queen

Don’t ask me why but I made these

I’m Snow White! *I’ll destract him Regina so you can check him out*

He is so gorgeous, with his chizeled manliness and beautiful blue eyes and-

What’s up with the color of your text? I’d have thought you’d have a darker color than that…

This is the color of the Pixie Dust Tink used to show me who my soulmate was way back before I killed your father

Thanks for that reminder…

And the color of Robin’s eyes is too dark to use for this scene

He does have some nice dark blues…

They’re dreamy

Robin’s so hot Don’t let him see you checkin him out Green never looked so good

Belle and Neal look so fabulous I’m such a genius It’s a shame Rumpel had to go and sacrifice himself or he’d be eating out of Belle’s hand

*no body no proof*

He’s hot, right? With the hair And the eyes And the hands That accent is really hot right? This is my first crush since you got Daniel killed, so I’d like a little feed back here

*busy writing Outlaw Queen fanfiction

I don’t think she’s listening to me *switch tactics That coat does nothing to hide your baby bump It looks great on you though

I should probably get Regina’s opinion on Robin before I ship them I mean this isn’t Tumblr

Baby Bump!!

*Ok Snow be subtle you can do this it’s not like keeping a secret Robin’s really hot tho what do you think of him? *nailed it

*so she wasn’t listening He’s totally hot right up there next to Jefferson a Jefferson that wears earthy colors and uses a bow instead of a portal crossing hat We’re actually soul mates believe it or not but I’m not supposed to put that together till I see his lion tattoo I swear if you say ‘you found each other’ i will punch you in the throat you’re not pregnant in-show yet so I can do that

*They found each other!!

I totally ship you two! Invite me to your wedding! I promise I won’t threaten to destroy your happiness

Fine, but you’re not gonna be my maid of honor Tink will

He smells of forest *And forest never smelled so good

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