On to my next new figure, Roronoa Zoro Ul-Tora Gari 2016!! His box is bigger than Sanji’s, he has such masculinity issues gawd! @curlysword @legitimateluffy @roomshxmbles @madame-austere @auspizien @cyriusli @sakatoirumi @f0xjaw @zosanlaw Here’s some shots below!

The song playing is sung by Zoro himself, called “Katana” and I bought the CD from Tokyo One Piece Tower!!

themadandthebroken  asked:

Time wrapping his arms around her and nuzzled into the crook of her neck as his hand found its way into her hair, stroking it lovingly. "You know I find you utter beautiful, right meine liebling?"

          The tired queen’s muscles relaxed into him, releasing with such force they pratically ached. A quiet sigh slipped from her lips as she reached her own arm up to stroke at his chizeled cheek.

                      “Oh darling…” A quiet, only slightly disbelieving smile came across her lips. “I do. I don’t know why, but I do.” She turned in his arms to lean up against his chest. His ticking created a comforting rhythm for her own heart to sync with, eyes fluttering shut.

Chizel you were the bestest guppy anyone could’ve ever asked for and I’m sorry that the demon spawn bent your spine and all but you lived more than half your life like that. I’ll always love you even if I get another fish. <3 It’s been about 6 years since your passing, so I think it’s time that I get another fish. Okay? Okay. I’m glad you understand. <3

Love, Gina