chiyuki's art


I made a fan-Plane owo

on this plane every main race is missing the sense of hearing, so they’re all effectively deaf. Sound still exists, but none of them have the organs to sense it.

The races so far are:

Vampires - Blue main, probably Black secondary. They have ear-like organs that act like a viper’s heat pits. They expel coloured and temperature-fluctuating gas from their mouths and from holes on their hands in order to communicate. Psychic vampires, they don’t really eat blood, but memories and thoughts.

Elves - White main, probably Green secondary? They speak with sign language. They have horns similar to Lorwyn elves, but smaller, and have ridges going over the top of their heads.

Dragonoids - Red main, probably Blue secondary. Like aven but dragony instead of bird-y. They have frills of scales (not feathers, though I realize my drawing looks like feathers) on their head, arms, and tail and use those to communicate.

Slug people - Black main. They speak via pheremones and slime trails. Their slime is toxic to anybody that’s not a slug person or has learned how to resist the toxin.

Centipede-taurs (Centitaurs? Cen-taurs?) - Green main. They’re bioluminescent and use that to communicate.

@bace-jeleren idk if you wanna hear about my elves?? they’re…quite different from usual elves, but I know you like elves…. ;a;