chiyuki's art


Notes and concept art for a reversestuck!AU;  Kids colours are the complement; Trolls are reverse-sign (I put the signs on a 12-hour clock and drew lines across it ;a;); Everyone is reverse Aspect and Class. ;a;


honestly I don’t even know. 
I couldn’t think of anything for him to sing, so maybe reply or tag some song suggestions? 

mavkakiss said:
decim x chiyuki in a Doctor/companion AU ;v;
Okay so, I have extremely rudimentary knowledge of Doctor Who, however I don’t think the two would be much different clothing wise (except Chiyuki would totally wear her homebody clothes more), and instead of the sonic screwdriver, I placed the arbiting tool in Decim’s hand. Also, I think their version of a Tardis would look like an elevator instead of a phonebox!

Sorry for the uncreative picture ; u ;
Anyways, please send me more AU and drawing ideas! and I may draw them and write a little story for it, who knows!