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“Some things are destined to be—it just takes a couple of tries to get there.” J.R. Ward, Lover Mine


credit to @bakvbabe, for letting me use the goblin au!!!

Shouto’s mother had loved the beach.

She often took Shouto out on walks along the shoreline after meeting with “Grandma” Chiyo at the bridge, where the old woman would sell all kinds of greens—his mother, of course, got the best discounts, as she was the favourite customer and Chiyo’s main source of income. Shouto had known Grandma Chiyo all his life, up until he was nine years old, at least. Chiyo wasn’t his grandparent by blood, but she was fond enough of the pair that blood significance didn’t really matter.

The feeling was mutual.

Near the deck, they would talk about nothing and everything, about the grains of sand underneath their feet and the honking boats several meters away. She would laugh when Shouto made the most obvious observations, but not in a demeaning manner—her laugh was proud, as though she were glad for Shouto’s questioning nature.

“If we were still with his father,” His mother had once uttered to Grandma Chiyo, at the bridge, when she had thought that Shouto was fast asleep on her shoulder. “He wouldn’t be nearly as openly inquisitive.”

Shouto hadn’t understood what she meant—not until his mother died and he was forced back into the custody of his father, where questions were invalid and responses were tailored to Enji’s fit.

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this isnt really an ask or maybe it is i like to think of it under the "replies" tab but who do you think out of all the naruto characters has double eyelids i like to think of out of the whole naruto world theres diversity

Before I say anything, I’d like to point out to everyone who may not realize that, except in the case of Seinen or other adult manga where really-real-real-realism is aimed for in depiction of characters, Japanese characters are typically drawn in what outsiders or critics would call “white”, i.e. colorful hair, eyes of different colors, and rarely any indication that they possess monolids like those of East Asian (though if you look up the “epicanthic fold”, which is its scientific name, you’ll find that people other than ‘Asians” can possess it). Funnily enough, it isn’t uncommon for Chinese characters to be depicted with slit eyes or the epicanthic fold, though slitted eyes are found in certain Japanese characters to denote craftiness like a fox. 

Then again, sometimes the only thing that is denoting that a character in a manga is Chinese is their name and clothing, because otherwise their eyes look fairly much the same. Honestly, it boils down to the art style.

 I’ll just list some characters that have different eye types just to give an idea. Keep in mind that some of these could be debatable and open to interpretation, and I ain’t doing every character LOL. Oh, and of course the typical “wide anime eyes” is very common in pretty much every female character of the series so whether you interpret that as “these character just have large eyes” or “these are an exaggeration of an eye type” is up to you, fam. Aah, I talk too much. Now these are just headcanons because in manga it’s hard to tell what is being depicted as having monolids and what is “this character is just tired as fuck/has naturally lazy eyes”, so these are just MY thoughts.

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Thank you Dr. Eggman for taking over Sonic’s Twitter account