Chiyoda Subway Line, between Nishi-Nippori and Shin-Ochanomizu stations

Nikon F6 with 35mm f2 AF Nikkor lens and SB-300 flash

Photographer: Kotori Kawashima  website 

This is the third time I’ve run into Kawashima in Tokyo. I wrote a bit about him and his photography back in 2012- there’s a set of his Mirai-chan photos floating around on Tumblr- with over 184,569 notes, chances are you’ve seen his photos already. A tumblr search for his name will bring up a lot of stuff- including images from his newest book Morning Star.  

Note the small bird charm on his Nikon-  “Kotori” in Japanese is written as「小鳥」which, in English, is “small bird”. 


Since 2011 I post many pictures about everyday’s life in Japan every day. For all of you who plan to travel to Japan I would like to create a platform called Japan Guide.

Now I’ll add new text post about things which could be helpful or informative if you want to visit Japan every now and then.

My idea is to collect different websites for a specific topic or suggest some interesting places all over Japan. Most information are based on guide books I used for planning my own trips to Japan and my own experience. To show you places I’ll like to add pictures from Flickr.

Anyone who like can submit own posts or tell additional information which I forgot.

positive: everything 2015

This project is a tribute to an inspiring man from Switzerland, Thomas Köhler. Just some days after the big earthquake in 2011 he decided to start his own project called “Walking through Japan” to show that Japan is actually save and there are a lot of reasons to keep on going. The goal was to walking all the way from Northern to Southern Japan out of solidarity. He started his walk on August 1st 2011 at Cape Soya and finished the project after 5 months and 2900 kilometres on December 31st at Cape Sata.

In 2015 Sandra (aloneinueno) from Switzerland and I want to experience the magic of Thomas Köhlers journey on our own. Our goal is to travel the 2,900 kilometres by train, bus and on foot within a month. 

In April 2014 we will do a preview of their project, called the »Pre-“positive: everything 2015”«. Within 2 weeks we are traveling around Japan together, sum up their daily adventures into little text posts with some pictures and put it on this blog.

During the next 16 weeks Sandra and I are going to choose one day of our previous trips alternately every weekend, recall the day with pictures and a short report and explain why this day is special to them as a conclusion in the end.